Fluctuation in Trap Net Catches in the Upper Mississippi River

Beginning on May 15 , one trap net was set at each of the stations . Each net was lifted daily between 8 and 11 A.M. , the catch removed and the net immediately reset . Fishing in this manner was continued for 10 days after which the ...


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An Experimental Trap Net Fishery Lake Oahe South Dakota 1965

Although trap nets with the 7.0 - cm panel were fished slightly longer than those with the 12.7 - cm panel , the catch per trap net lift ( CPE ) was used to show the effects of panel mesh size on catch rates . During the fishing period ...


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Large trap nets were evaluated as a commercial gear for capturing buffalo fish during July-September 1965. During the 72-day bigmouth buffalo dominated the catch (78.2% by weight). Eight sport species accounted for 3.6% of the total catch. Both 7.0-cm and 12.7-cm mesh (extended measure) were used in the back of the bailing crib of the nets to determine the effect of the 12.7-cm mesh in reducing the catch of sport species and nonmarketable size groups of commercial species.

Species and Age Composition of Trap Net Catches in Lake Oahe South Dakota 1963 67

SPECIES AND AGE COMPOSITION OF TRAP NET CATCHES IN LAKE OAHE , SOUTH DAKOTA , 1963-67 by James A. Gabell U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service North Central Reservoir Investigations Mobridge , South Dakota 57601 ABSTRACT Twenty - seven fish ...


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Twenty-seven fish species were captured in Lake Oahe with trap nets in 1963-67. The catch was dominated by eight species in order of abundance: black crappie, bigmouth buffalo, white crappie, carp, river carpsucker, freshwater drum, smallmouth buffalo, and goldeye. Catch per unit of effort did not reflect changes in abundance of some of the species because of variation in environmental conditions. Frequency and strength of postimpoundment year classes were considered the best indicators of the ability of a species to adapt to reservoir conditions.

The Network Trap

This chapter has sought to outline the nature of the network trap women face, its causes and its implications for ... The first is whether female boardroom aspirants are indeed trapped into poor quality networks that yield little by way ...


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As we begin the third decade of the twenty-first century, women have entered the workplace in unprecedented numbers, are now outperforming men in terms of educational qualifications, and are excelling across a range of professional fields. Yet men continue to occupy the positions of real power in large corporations. This book draws on unique, unprecedented access to Chairs of FTSE 350 Chairs, boardroom aspirants and executive head-hunters, to explain why this is the case. The analysis it presents establishes that the relative absence of women in boardroom roles is not explained by their lack of relevant skills, experience or ambition, but instead by their exclusion from the powerful male-dominated networks of key organisational decision-makers. It is from within these networks that candidates are sourced, endorsed, sponsored, and championed. Yet women’s efforts to penetrate these networks are instead likely to trap them into network relationships that will be of little value in helping them to fulfil their career aspirations. The analysis also identifies why women struggle to gain access to these networks, and in doing so, it demonstrates that the network trap in which women find themselves will not be overcome simply by encouraging them to change their networking behaviours. Instead, there is a need for a fundamental reconsideration of how boardroom recruitment and selection is conducted and regulated, to ensure the development of a more open, transparent and equitable process.

Trapped by the NET


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Mosquito Ecology

In the net collections 162 Aedes africanus, 38 Aedes aegypti and 17 other Aedes mosquitoes were trapped, whereas outside the net 234 Aedes africanus, 10 Aedes aegypti and 23 other Aedes were caught. This emphasises that there may be ...


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The Third Edition of this popular reference work describes the methods and rationale for sampling mosquitoes. Originally written by Professor M. W. Service, the book has been updated by John B Silver. More than 1,000 new references have been added and out-of-date material has been removed. The book emphasizes the ecology and behavior of those species that play a role as vectors of human and animal diseases and infections. Designed to serve as a practical reference for field entomologists and mosquito control specialists, it describes sampling methods and trapping technologies and tools for the collection of mosquitoes from egg to adult.

Woodcock Status Report 1965

Improvements to the cannon net trap . Branch of Wildlife Refuges , Wildlife Management Series , No. 12 , 26 p . SAGE GROUSE Centrocercus urophasianus Ligon ( 1946 ) called the sage grouse the " most temperamental and unpredictable of ...


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Banding is one of the most important elements in the study of migratory game bird populations. Over 3,100 woodcock were banded in North America during 1965, with major programs conducted in Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, and West Virginia.

The Century Dictionary The Century dictionary

A trap - door so made as to give way beneath the feet , and cause a person to fall through . For on Bridge he custometh to fight , Which is but ... A kind of fish - hook which works with a spring or snap . trap - net ( trap'net ) , n .


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The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia Atlas

A kind of fish - hook which works with a spring or snap . trap - net ( trap'net ) , n . Same as trap1 , 3 . trappean ( trap'e - an ) , a . [ < trap3 ( trapp ) + -e - an . ] Pertaining to or of the nature of trap or trap - rock .





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