Trouble Came to the Turnip

Trouble Came to the Turnip confirms her originality as she strikes out again in new directions, taking nothing for granted. Her poems are ferociously vital, fantastical, sometimes violent, almost always savagely humorous and self-mocking.


Author: Caroline Bird

Publisher: Carcanet

ISBN: 9781847778758

Category: Poetry

Page: 112

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Following Looking Through Letterboxes, her first collection (2002), Caroline Bird was acclaimed as a vivid and precocious new talent. Trouble Came to the Turnip confirms her originality as she strikes out again in new directions, taking nothing for granted. Her poems are ferociously vital, fantastical, sometimes violent, almost always savagely humorous and self-mocking. Caroline Bird's world is inhabited by failed and (less often) successful relationships, by the dizzying crisis of early adulthood, by leprechauns and spells and Miss Pringle's seven lovely daughters waiting to spring out of a cardboard cake. And the turnip.

Midnight Feasts Tasty poems chosen by A F Harrold

Trouble Came to the Turnip When trouble came to the village I put my love in the cabbage-cart and we rode, wrapped in cabbage to the capital.


Author: A.F. Harrold

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472944061

Category: Education

Page: 120

View: 131

One thing that unites us all – across time, nations and peoples – is food. From chocolate, rice pudding and sandwiches to breakfast in bed, banana phones and the fruit of a mythical jelabi tree, A.F. Harrold has brought together a wonderful and diverse collection of poems on the topic of food. Beautifully illustrated in full colour by rising star Katy Riddell (daughter of former Children's Laureate, Chris Riddell), this rich and delicious anthology brings together work from a broad range of poets, including the magically observant William Carlos Williams, award-winning Joseph Coelho and the inspiring Sabrina Mahfouz. Whether you're in the mood for a perfect bowl of yoghurt or a pomegranate omelette, these poems will satisfy any food craving. The perfect gift for any poetry or food lover!

The Hat Stand Union

Playful in earnest, Caroline Bird in her fourth book of poems turns familiar stories on their heads. Bird's protagonists declaim Chekhov in supermarkets, purchase mail-order tears, sing love-songs to hat-stands.


Author: Caroline Bird

Publisher: Carcanet

ISBN: 9781847777638

Category: Poetry

Page: 93

View: 198

Playful in earnest, Caroline Bird in her fourth book of poems turns familiar stories on their heads. Bird's protagonists declaim Chekhov in supermarkets, purchase mail-order tears, sing love-songs to hat-stands. Her characters and voices are at once savvy and vulnerable; underlying the exuberance is empathy with those who have lost themselves somewhere along the way. The everyday world of The Hat-Stand Union is beautiful, ominous and full of surprise.

In These Days of Prohibition

In These Days of Prohibition is Caroline Bird's fifth Carcanet collection.


Author: Caroline Bird

Publisher: Carcanet Press

ISBN: 1784104787


Page: 64

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In These Days of Prohibition is Caroline Bird's fifth Carcanet collection. As always, she is a poet of dark hilarity and telling social comment. Shifting between poetic and vulgar registers, the surreal imagery of her early work is re-deployed to venture into the badlands of the human psyche. Her poems hold their subjects in an unflinching grip, addressing faces behind the veneer, asking what it is that keeps us alive. These days of prohibition are days of intoxication and inebriation, rehab in a desert and adultery for atheists, until finally Bird edges us out of danger, 'revving on a wish'.

Watering Can

She was shortlisted forthe Dylan Thomas Prize forYoung Writers forher second collection,Trouble Came to the Turnip(Carcanet 2006).


Author: Caroline Bird

Publisher: Carcanet

ISBN: 9781847777898

Category: Poetry

Page: 96

View: 442

Caroline Bird's two earlier collections were acclaimed for their exuberant energy, surreal imagination and passion - 'a bit of a Howl for a new generation', wrote the Hudson Review. Watering Can celebrates life as an early twenty-something. The poems, writes Caroline Bird, 'contain prophetic videos, a moon colonised by bullies, weeping scholars, laughing ducks, silent weddings - all the fertiliser that pours on top of your head.' The extraordinary verve and compassion of her verse propels us into the anxiety of new responsibilities. Raw but never hopeless, Watering Can has comedy, wordplay and bright self-deprecation.

Adapting Translation for the Stage

She has four collections of poetry published with Carcanet: Looking Through Letterboxes, Trouble Came to the Turnip, Watering Can and The Hat-Stand Union.


Author: Geraldine Brodie

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315436791

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 298

View: 465

Translating for performance is a difficult – and hotly contested – activity. Adapting Translation for the Stage presents a sustained dialogue between scholars, actors, directors, writers, and those working across these boundaries, exploring common themes and issues encountered when writing, staging, and researching translated works. It is organised into four parts, each reflecting on a theatrical genre where translation is regularly practised: The Role of Translation in Rewriting Naturalist Theatre Adapting Classical Drama at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century Translocating Political Activism in Contemporary Theatre Modernist Narratives of Translation in Performance A range of case studies from the National Theatre’s Medea to The Gate Theatre’s Dances of Death and Emily Mann’s The House of Bernarda Alba shed new light on the creative processes inherent in translating for the theatre, destabilising the literal/performable binary to suggest that adaptation and translation can – and do – coexist on stage. Chronicling the many possible intersections between translation theory and practice, Adapting Translation for the Stage offers a unique exploration of the processes of translating, adapting, and relocating work for the theatre.

Youth s Companion

But his trouble came back to him vividly when Again the steel fork plunged into the turnips , John Parker spelt 6-1 - r - n - i - p - s in the spelling- but ...




ISBN: UTEXAS:059171109431594



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The Trojan Women

A modern-day version of Euripides' anti-war play, The Trojan Women has been rewritten and is set in a mother-and-baby unit of a prison.


Author: Euripides,

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781849437127

Category: Social Science

Page: 96

View: 852

A modern-day version of Euripides' anti-war play, The Trojan Women has been rewritten and is set in a mother-and-baby unit of a prison. The war is over. Beyond the prison walls, Troy and its people burn. Inside the prison, the city's captive women await their fate. Stalking the antiseptic confines of its mother and baby unit is Hecuba, the fallen Trojan queen, whilst the pregnant Chorus is shackled to her bed. But their grief at what has been before will soon be drowned out by the horror of what is to come, as the Greek lust for vengeance consumes everything – man, woman and baby – in its path. This caustic and radical new version of Euripides' classic tragedy comes from one of the UK's most exciting young poets, Caroline Bird. It is an intense, gripping look at what happens when the world collapses.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

An angry orphan escapes a grey town on the back of a hurricane.


Author: Caroline Bird

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781783199839

Category: Drama

Page: 104

View: 542

An angry orphan escapes a grey town on the back of a hurricane. She lands in a mysterious country of tiny people and wicked witches, where the trees carry bazookas, the crows recite slam poetry, and a mouse can blow your head off. In just one day, this little girl revolutionizes an entire nation. She brings freedom, and colour. Her name is DOROTHY.

Vol 7th July to December MDCCCXXXVII

... having got se- short time and with little trouble . cond premium in turnips , came forward and stated , The premiums for best rape were next read out ...


Author: The Farmer's Magazine


ISBN: LOC:00026910882



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Buttermilk Cornbread and Turnip Greens

I'm not got sure how that hole got there in the first place. ... Mama even told me I didn't cause any trouble until I went to college. It's all coming back ...


Author: Sheila Johnson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781499028997

Category: Poetry

Page: 62

View: 827

Buttermilk Cornbread and Turnip Greens is a collection of poems and short stories chronicling the life experiences of a "nonconformist" daughter, and her traditional, Southern-bred mother. When the mother succumbs to cancer, the daughter discovers the things her mother saved tell a unique story of their own.

Prisoner of the Turnip Heads

One evening as we neared his sentry box Gian came out holding up his hand to stop ... Hamilton, the Government Auditor, got stomach trouble and landed up in ...


Author: George Wright-Nooth

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9780850524154

Category: History

Page: 288

View: 293

As a police officer in pre-war colonial Hong Kong, George Wright-Nooth was studying for his Chinese language exams when the Japanese invaded on Christmas Day, 1941. He spent the next four years incarcerated in the Japanese Military Internment Camp at Stanley. Daily life became marked by hunger and appalling suffering at the hands of the guards. He regularly witnessed death and torture, and his account of a multiple execution by sword is as moving and horrific as anything one is ever likely to read. While many of his fellow prisoners cracked beneath the terror of such atrocities, the author repaid such treatment with subversive activities, such as the running of secret radios, and the smuggling of food and messages to and from some of those held by the dreaded Japanese Gendarmerie. Perhaps most remarkably of all, the author kept a diary throughout his incarceration which, miraculously, was never discovered by his captors.

The Essential Celtic Folklore Collection

He took the turnip in his hands and passed his fingers over it. ... My Grief and my Trouble! what came over you to hatch out at all when this is only my ...


Author: Lady Gregory


ISBN: 9781456613594

Category: Fiction

Page: 1496

View: 742

Compiled in one book, the essential collection of Celtic folklore: Legends and Stories of Ireland- Samuel Lover Glossary King O'Toole and St Kevin Lough Corrib A Legend of Lough Mask The White Trout The Battle of the Berrins; or, the Double Funeral Father Roach The Priest's Story The King and the Bishop Jimmy the Fool The Catastrophe The Devil's Mill The Gridiron; or Paddy Mullowney's Travels in France Paddy the Piper The Priest's Ghost New Potatoes Paddy the Sport The White Horse of the Peppers The Legend of the Little Weaver of Duleek Gate Conclusion of the White Horse of the Peppers The Curse of Kishogue The Fairy Finder Cuchulain of Muirthemne- Lady Gregory Preface by W. B. Yeats I. Birth of Cuchulain II. Boy Deeds of Cuchulain III. Courting of Emer IV. Bricrius Feast V. The Championship of Ulster VI. The High King of Ireland VII. Fate of the Sons of Usnach VIII. Dream of Angus Og IX. Cruachan X. The Wedding of Maine Morgor XI. The War for the Bull of Cuilagne XII. Awakening of Ulster XIII. The Two Bulls XIV. The Only Jealously of Emer XV. Advice to a Prince XVI. Sons of Doel Dermait XVII. Battle of Rosnaree XVIII. The Only Son of Aoife XIX. The Great Gathering at Muirthemne XX. Death of Cuchulain Note by W.B. Yeats Notes by Lady Gregory The Destruction of Da Derga's Hostel The Cattle-Raid of Cooley Gods and Fighting Men- Lady Gregory The Celtic Twilight- W. B. Yeats Legendary Fictions of the Irish Celts by Patrick Kennedy Preface Dedication Household Stories Jac and His Comrades The Bad Stepmother Adventures of Gilla na Chreck an Gour Jack the Master and Jack the Servant I'll be Wiser the next Time The Three Crowns The Corpse Watchers The Brown Bear of Norway The Goban Saor The Three Advices which the King with the Red Soles gave to his Son Legends of the 'Good People' The Fairy Child The Changeling and his Bagpipes The Tobinstown Sheeoge The Belated Priest The Palace in the Rath The Breton Version of the Palace in the Rath The Fairy Nurse The Recovered Bride Faction-fight among the Fairies Jemmy Doyle in the Fairy Palace The Fairy Cure The Sea Fairies The Black Cattle of Durzy Island The Silkie Wife The Pooka of Murroe The Kildare Pooka The Kildare Lurikeen The Adventures of the 'Son of Bad Counsel' Witchcaft, Socery, Ghosts and Fetches The Long Spoon The Prophet before his Time The Bewitched Churn The Ghosts and the Game of Football The Cat of the Carman's Stage Cauth Morisy looking for Service Black Stairs on Fire The Witches Excursion The Crock found in the Rath The Enchantment of Gearhoidh Iarla Illan Eachtach and the Lianan The Misfortunes of Barrett the Piper The Woman in White The Queen's County Ghost The Ghost in Graigue Droochan's Ghost The Kiranelagh Spirit The Doctor's Fetch The Apparition in Old Ross Ossianic and Early Legends Fann Mac Cuil and the Scotch Giant How Fann Mac Cuil and his Men were Bewitched Qualifications and Duties of the Fianna Eirionn The Battle of Ventry Harbour The Fight of Castle Knoc The Youth of Fion Fion's First Marriage How Fion selected a Wife Pursuit of Diarmuid and Grainne The Flight of the Sluggard Beanriogain na Sciana Breaca Conan's Delusions in Ceash The Youth of Oisin The Old Age of Oisin Legend of Loch na Piasta The King with the Horse's Ears The Story of the Sculloge's Son from Muskerry Fios Fath an Aaon Sceil An Broan Suan Or The Children of Lir Lough Neagh Killarney Legend of the Lake of Inchiquin How the Shannon acquired its Name The Origin of the Lake of Tiis The Building of Ardfert Cathredral How Donagh

World of Trouble

A week after the British entered the city, Elizabeth admitted that she had “not ... “plundering at a great rate such things as wood, potatoes, turnips, etc.


Author: Richard Godbeer

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300248906

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 480

View: 690

An intimate account of the American Revolution as seen through the eyes of a Quaker pacifist couple living in Philadelphia Historian Richard Godbeer presents a richly layered and intimate account of the American Revolution as experienced by a Philadelphia Quaker couple, Elizabeth Drinker and the merchant Henry Drinker, who barely survived the unique perils that Quakers faced during that conflict. Spanning a half†‘century before, during, and after the war, this gripping narrative illuminates the Revolution’s darker side as patriots vilified, threatened, and in some cases killed pacifist Quakers as alleged enemies of the revolutionary cause. Amid chaos and danger, the Drinkers tried as best they could to keep their family and faith intact. Through one couple’s story, Godbeer opens a window on a uniquely turbulent period of American history, uncovers the domestic, social, and religious lives of Quakers in the late eighteenth century, and situates their experience in the context of transatlantic culture and trade. A master storyteller takes his readers on a moving journey they will never forget.

Hamhocks Turnip Greens Blackeyed Peas

English always gave me trouble, though. Never could understand why. ... Now that came from people living in a town having only one traffic light.


Author: Jack Jones

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595316434

Category: Fiction

Page: 220

View: 181

Lee Robert Jackson's ability to detect spoken lies by the odor emitting from the speaker brings a rush of federal agents to Farmers Mill in an effort to hire the young farmer or to prevent him from being used against their agencies. Seedy characters mingle with FBI agents and CIA operatives in a battle of wits. Fear of lie detecting creates conspiracies from the White House to Congress. Bureaucrats fear the orderly function of their activities hangs in the balance. Jackson must earn money to regain Four Oaks, Lucy Crabtree's family farm before the fiery redhead will agree to marry him. CIA's beautiful McCoy twins set a trap for him as Sherry, the judge's daughter initiates a campaign of her own to acquire Four Oaks for herself.

Water from Turnips

So, by default, I avoided a lot of the trouble that others kids in my neighborhood got into, and unconsciously faded out those elements that weren't in ...


Author: Quanstar

Publisher: First Team Music

ISBN: 9781438962139

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 312

View: 790

How do you get something from nothing; forge a path where there was none; build an empire among ruins despite everything stacked against you? Water From Turnips is the first hand account of this written in heart wrenching, conversational prose covering dreams and goals, love and loss, heartbreak and triumph. Quanstar tells his story with unbridled candor while baring his innermost thoughts of where he has come from, what life changing moments and experiences have shaped him, the dreams he’s chasing, and the driving forces behind those dreams; and eventhough it is evident that this particular turnip is as dry as it gets, as the pages turn you witness the heart and thoughts of a true fighter. Juggling jobs to pay the bills and fund his music career, organizing his own tours and promotions, and raising a son, Quanstar remains one of underground Hip Hop’s hardest working and most prolific icons that you will ever meet or read about, which in his words, makes him "...the greatest emcee to never be signed". "Water From Turnips" is the story about how far conviction can take you, and shows that every turnip has its share of water if you only squeeze hard enough.

Zack Files 14 Elvis the Turnip and Me

The second I got offstage I ran to the studio entrance. A security guard was standing there. ... They shouldn't have too much trouble finding him in that.


Author: Dan Greenburg

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101078464

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 64

View: 341

Late one night when Zack hears strains of "Heartbreak Hotel" coming from the fridge, he discovers the possibility that Elvis lives a turnip! Talk about getting back to musical roots!