True Knowledge of the Christ

It is only then that you would understand the deed of Christ Jesus who in his death united with the earth and became the spirit of the earth where before he had been the regent of the sun. And the words `He who eats my bread has lifted ...


Author: Rudolf Steiner

Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press

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‘All existence is spirit. Just as ice is water, so matter is also spirit. Mineral, vegetable, animal or human – all are a condensed form of spirit.’ – Rudolf Steiner. In the two lecture courses featured in this volume, Rudolf Steiner presents a radical new paradigm. Tackling the central dilemma of modern civilization – the polarisation of science and spirituality – he seeks to broaden natural science through a comprehensive spiritual science. Rather than harking back to old spiritual forms or religions, Steiner’s approach is based on a conscious and systematic intensification of thinking and perception. Rudolf Steiner approaches this spiritual-scientific task from two perspectives. In Kassel, Germany, he deepens insight into theosophy and Rosicrucianism, showing their relationship to science and religion. Although presented as an ‘introduction’, Steiner was never interested in simply providing information – not even in the form of new revelations – and his insights are from fresh angles and with new illustrative examples. These lectures deepen and develop key elements found in his fundamental works Occult Science, An Outline and Theosophy. Also featured are the fascinating question-and-answer sessions from the Kassel lectures. In Basel, Switzerland, Rudolf Steiner discusses that most esoteric of the accounts of the life of Christ: the Gospel of John. Whilst the focus is on the gospel, basic tenets of spiritual science, human existence and world evolution are considered, as is the concept of karma and the true nature of Christianity. In both sets of lectures Steiner dwells on the Prologue to the Gospel of John (given in his own translation), which offers a meditative approach to gaining insight into both the gospel and Christianity as a whole. Rather than distancing us from life, each of the lectures in this volume brings us closer to reality. As Rudolf Steiner states: ‘Rosicrucian theosophy... does not make us into eccentrics, outsiders, but into friends of existence, for it doesn’t look down on everyday life, alienating us from our mission on earth; it brings us closer.’

A Short Discourse of the True Knowledge of Christ Jesus

Let us labour to understand aright the Doctrine of Christ Jefus , and get the knowledge of Him as our Lord ... Truth . The pleasure that ariseth from the most accurate discourse concerning Christ Jesus , is as much short of what a ...


Author: Samuel Bold


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Dirk Philips A Sixteenth Century Dutch Anabaptist

Dirk does not appear to allow any possibility of truly knowing about Jesus Christ without faith in Jesus Christ. ... One of two treatises in which Dirk mainly deals with Christ is “Concerning the True Knowledge of Jesus Christ.


Author: Insung Jeon

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

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The purpose of this book is to shed light on the thought of Dirk Philips, who was a Mennonite leader in the sixteenth century, and to argue that his various doctrines, including his Christology, ecclesiology, soteriology, and anthropology, are interrelated with his view of the visible church. This book explains that Dirk Philips’ view of the visible church is much closer to the ecclesiology of Augustine’s tradition rather than to the ecclesiology of the Donatists’ tradition. Although Dirk Philips had excellent theological abilities and he was a leader who made a significant contribution to the development of the Mennonites camp, he did not receive much attention in the study of Anabaptists, and there has not been much research on this sixteenth-century Mennonite leader. Thus, this book will help you discover a great sixteenth-century leader who has been forgotten in church history. Is it true that the Radical Reformers are disciples of Donatus, that the Anabaptists thought that the failed believers cannot be forgiven because the church is a gathering of pure souls? This book will probe the idea that the Radical Reformation is closer to the ecclesiology of Augustine’s tradition than to the ecclesiology of the Donatists’ tradition.


711 But Paul goes one step further by stating that “all” the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are in Christ. This truly comprehensive vision of truth has its focal point in Christ (J. M. G Barclary 1997: 77), with the strong ...


Author: David J. Landegent

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Some people cant see the forest for the treesthey get so bogged down in details that they lose sight of what its all about. Others cant see the trees for the forestthey miss the wondrous details all around them. So why not look instead at both the forest and the trees? This commentary on Pauls letter to the Colossians guides you in doing just that. Even though we will be exploring ancient biblical cultures and learning plenty about the Greek language, no prior academic training is needed. Technical terms have been set aside. Instead, with everyday language we will discover the big picture and revel in the fine details of this stunning letter, amazed by how God is still speaking these same words today to contemporary personal and social challenges. We will not then be tourists rapidly zipping through Colossians as if on a monotonous interstate highway. Instead we will be hiking our way through this letter, step by step, phrase by phrase, finding joy in Gods truth and growing in our faith. Come and join the journey.


The Philippians knew the difference between the true God , and the false gods they had worshipped . 2. It is the knowledge which christians have of the real and supreme excellency and glory of God , that lays them under moral obligation ...


Author: Nathanael Emmons


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your profound Chapter containes , whicla comprehends in it the knowledge of Jesus Christ . ... now though true faith in God do alwayes containe faith in Jesus Chrift ; it is not necessary that a true knowledge of God , i ... of his ...


Author: George Kendall


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An Apology for the True Christian Divinity

But the Revelation of Jesus Christ , and the true and saving Knowledge of him , is Spiritual : Therefore the Revelation of Jesus Christ , and the true and saving Knowledge of him , can only be known and discerned by the Spirit of God .


Author: Robert Barclay


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The Truth as it is in Jesus

Our Lord did not put the question for his own knowledge , but he put it for the use of all , and for all time . ... Now the doctrine taught in the text before us is , that the true knowledge of Jesus Christ is a revelation of God the ...


Author: Charles Gordelier



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