Twelve Tribe Nations and the Science of Enchanting the Landscape

Phanes (fa-nays) means "manifester" or "revealer", and is related to the Greek words "light" and "to shine forth".


Author: John F. Michell

Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser

ISBN: 0933999496

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Phanes (fa-nays) means "manifester" or "revealer", and is related to the Greek words "light" and "to shine forth". Phanes Press was founded in 1985 to publish quality books on the spiritual, philosophical, and cosmological traditions of the Western world. Since that time, we have published 45 books, including five volumes of Alexandria, a book-length journal of cosmology, philosophy, myth, and culture. The year 2000 marks our fifteen-year anniversary, and we are working to bring out more interdisciplinary works, including books on creativity, psychology, literature, and the intersections between science, spirituality, and culture. Study of ancient zodiacal societies and the enchantments which kept them in harmony with the cosmos.

Twelve Tribe Nations

Baptist, was the idea of preparing the lost tribes of Israel for their destined ... The most intriguing aspect of these studies in 12-tribe nations is the ...


Author: John Michell

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781594777578

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The symbolism and use of the number twelve in organizing ancient societies • Connects the zodiac, the twelve months of the year, and the political divisions of ancient nations • Explores the sacred geography of ancient landscapes in Europe and Israel Throughout the world--in countries as far apart as China, Ireland, Iceland, and Madagascar--there survive records and traditions of whole nations being divided into twelve tribes and twelve regions, each corresponding to one of the twelve signs of the zodiac and to one of the twelve months of the year. Best known are the twelve tribes of Israel under King Solomon, but there have been many others. Wherever they occur, they are associated with an ideal social order and a golden age of humanity. Exploring examples of these twelve-tribe societies, John Michell and Christine Rhone explain the blueprint for this organizational structure and look at the musical, mythological, and astronomical enchantments that kept these societies in harmony with the cosmos. They also examine the astrological landscapes of classical Greece, the aligned St. Michael sanctuaries of Europe, and the true site and function of the Temple in Jerusalem. They show that the sacred geography of these sites was part of an ancient code of knowledge that produced harmony between nature and humanity and is as relevant to our present and future as it was to our past.

Worlds at War Nations in Song

The scene continues as John hears a roll call of the sealed: 144,000 people total, with twelve thousand from each of the twelve tribes of Israel.


Author: Kendra Haloviak Valentine

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781498204880

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Rather than representing the book of Revelation as a single "apocalyptic" genre, Kendra Haloviak Valentine demonstrates that the work in fact reflects several genres--apocalyptic, prophetic and liturgical--within the overall framework of an epistle. This study focuses on the sixteen hymns, a largely neglected part of the literary construction of the work. Responding to the insight of Mikhail Bakhtin that literary genres carry ways of thinking about the world, this important study calls attention to the multiple voices within the text that need to be heard--voices that soften the book's transcendent, future focus so that it is not allowed complete dominance. Hymns, as the sites of colliding and collaborating genres, engage the reader. Worlds at War, Nations in Song explores the role of these liturgical elements within the moral enterprise to suggest that the book of Revelation provides readers with a moral vision linking the future with the present. Readers are called to respond in worship and witness. By calling attention to the multiple voices within Revelation, Haloviak Valentine demonstrates the invalidity of seeking "one" correct interpretation. Recognizing this dialogic approach may help prevent the misinterpretations that led to such tragedies as Waco and Jonestown.

The National Restoration and Conversion of the Twelve Tribes of Israel

17 , 21 , 32 , it clearly means the twelve tribes , for their national sins are in those verses alluded to ; therefore ... nations , " _ such a scene of famine , pestilence , and sword , that its inhabitants were sure to be destroyed .


Author: Walter Chamberlain


ISBN: UOM:39015068134413

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The Origins of Democracy in Tribes City States and Nation States

Thus the number “twelve” in the twelve tribes of Israel is not a real number, but an ideal number. That is why there were never really twelve tribes exactly ...


Author: Ronald M. Glassman

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319516950

Category: Social Science

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This four-part work describes and analyses democracy and despotism in tribes, city-states, and nation states. The theoretical framework used in this work combines Weberian, Aristotelian, evolutionary anthropological, and feminist theories in a comparative-historical context. The dual nature of humans, as both an animal and a consciously aware being, underpins the analysis presented. Part One covers tribes. It uses anthropological literature to describe the “campfire democracy” of the African Bushmen, the Pygmies, and other band societies. Its main focus is on the tribal democracy of the Cheyenne, Iroquois, Huron, and other tribes, and it pays special attention to the role of women in tribal democracies. Part Two describes the city-states of Mesopotamia, Syria, and Canaan-Phoenicia, and includes a section on the theocracy of the Jews. This part focuses on the transition from tribal democracy to city-state democracy in the ancient Middle East – from the Sumerian city-states to the Phoenician. Part Three focuses on the origins of democracy and covers Greece—Mycenaean, Dorian, and the Golden Age. It presents a detailed description of the tribal democracy of Archaic Greece – emphasizing the causal effect of the hoplite-phalanx military formation in egalitarianizing Greek tribal society. Next, it analyses the transition from tribal to city-state democracy—with the new commercial classes engendering the oligarchic and democratic conflicts described by Plato and Aristotle. Part Four describes the Norse tribes as they contacted Rome, the rise of kingships, the renaissance of the city-states, and the parliamentary monarchies of the emerging nation-states. It provides details of the rise of commercial city states in Renaissance Italy, Hanseatic Germany and the Netherlands.

The national restoration and conversion of the twelve tribes of Israel or Notes on some prophecies believed to relate to those two great events

... 22 , 37 , belong nationally to the same twelve tribes . But if the application of the prophecy to all Israel be not yet clear , let us note the characteristic description of the land . A land that “ devoured and bereaved its nations ...


Author: Walter Chamberlain


ISBN: OXFORD:600090836


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Great Britain s Rank Among the Nations

An Answer to Objections Urged Against a Belief in Our Nation's Claim to Israel's Birthright R N. Adams ... Every one knows that each of the twelve tribes was called by its father , the son of Jacob . The tribe of Joseph , owing to the ...


Author: R N. Adams


ISBN: OXFORD:600041082

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Israel A Different Version

From these twelve sons came twelve tribes of people, each tribe named for a son. ... The twelve tribes continued as one nation while they were in Egypt and ...


Author: Eljay King

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781606470466

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Have you ever wondered what the future holds for the United States and also for Israel? Surely a righteous God will not allow this country to continue in the downward spiral that is prevalent now. The bible gives a good foretelling of the events that await both of these countries. But there are so many different verses to contend with and they are scattered all through the bible. Also, there are so many different speakers who give an intelligent guess of what these events predict? I just don't understand. They all cannot be correct. Question, if THE WHOLE HOUSE OF ISRAEL will return, how will the people know that they are members? How will Israel feed the whole world? Will the sicknesses that the whole world is experiencing at this time ever be cured? How will the false messiah fool so many people into accepting him as a god? In 1953, I started listening to different preacher on the radio. Those messages on Israel seemed to have more guessing of future events than fact. The messages also changed with the preacher. In 1986, I started reading the bible and making notes of the verses that referred to Israel in the latter days. I ended up with ten pages front and back of scripture verses. I bought my first computer with an orange screen and started compiling and writing. In 1993, I sent a copy to a publisher but never heard anything back. My time for studying ceased due to my outside workload. My house burned in 2001 with a complete loss of everything including my orange computer. I started reading and compiling notes again. The book that you are reading is the end results of the four following years.

Identity Ethics and Ethos in the New Testament

... past where the people of Israel looked forward to the restoration of their nation and the reestablishment of God's rule over their twelve-tribe nation.


Author: Jan G. van der Watt

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110893939

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The book deals with the relation between identity, ethics, and ethos in the New Testament. The focus falls on the way in which the commandments or guidelines presented in the New Testament writings inform the behaviour of the intended recipients. The habitual behaviour (ethos) of the different Christian communities in the New Testament are plotted and linked to their identity. Apart from analytical categories like ethos, ethics, and identity that are clearly defined in the book, efforts are also made to broaden the specific analytical categories related to ethical material. The way in which, for instance, narratives, proverbial expressions, imagery, etc. inform the reader about the ethical demands or ethos is also explored.

The Dragon S Beasts

Himself, above all the nations on the Earth (Deuteronomy 14:1–3; Genesis 12, ... Typically, out of the twelve-tribe nation of Israel, we find the remnant of ...


Author: Fred A. Wilson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781524577704

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The book of Daniel 2 reveals by symbols the successive empires/kingdoms of the world with a statue of a human figure of a head of gold, chest of silver, thighs of bronze, legs of iron, and feet of a mixture of clay and iron. Daniel 7, which describes four beasts (a lion, a bear, a leopard, and a terrible beast with ten horns), covers the same period in world history as in chapter 2. While the king of Babylon saw the majestic power and grandeur of the Gentile empire/kingdoms, Prophet Daniel saw their real character, beastly conduct, wicked rule, and profligate government. All the beasts (empire/kingdoms) were destroyed by the Messiah, Immanuel (the Stone), who the builders of the nations of man rejected and who is the cornerstone of the holy nation of believers. Revelation 12 describes the great dragon thrown down, the age-old serpent that is called the devil and Satan, he who continually deceives and seduces the entire inhabited world. He was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him. This usurping dragon would form successive compacts with mankind for the dominion of the earth. Revelation 13 shows the final compact between the nations of man and the man of sin, Satan (the dragons beasts), engulfing even the holy people (Israel, the churchthe woman on the beast in Revelation 17). When the stone finally destroyed the lawless kings of the nations/kingdoms, their rule was dispersed to the lots of nation-states created by the common peoplethe rule of commoners. These are the nation-states of democratically elected commoners. Revelation 13 (and 17) shows the rebellion and apostasy of our Christendom/Queendom of Babylon, the great nation-states of man setting themselves up against the son of man, Immanuel. Why the stone is about to crush Christendom of Babylon the great! And the stone that smote the image became a great mountain or rock and filled the whole earth (Daniel 2:3435). Yes, he is the rock of ages!

Exodus 1 15

Twelve Tribes or Seven Foreign Nations The use of such lists becomes understandable once it becomes clear that they are related to the contrary conception ...


Author: Helmut Utzschneider

Publisher: Kohlhammer Verlag

ISBN: 9783170253377

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On the one hand, the commentary interprets the final form of the traditional Hebrew text "synchronically" by means of form criticism and modern literary methods. On the other hand, it "diachronically" reconstructs the predecessors of the final form, from its origins in an exodus composition that opposes political domination to the text's final form as a dramatic narrative about the transfer of sovereignty from the Pharaoh to the God of Israel. Concluding syntheses examine the relationship between these two interpretive approaches while adding reflections on traditional and contemporary concerns.

Nearly All and Almost Everything

There were originally twelve tribes of Israel, and the legend of the ten lost ... an enlightening in-depth study of this subject, see Twelve—Tribe Nations, ...


Author: Mitzi DeWhitt

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781413482829

Category: Philosophy

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This musicological study, by persuasive explanation, shows how, adhering to certain exact ratios and proportions, music gains objective power. The inquiry is scientific, the solutions ingenious. Following unexplored and unconventional lines, the author brings together what, on the surface, appear to be three separate lines: Judaism, Hinduism, and the Gurdjieff Work. Their link is musical harmonics, or the magical science of connection between sounds. The failure of modern musicians to achieve the magical effects long ascribed to music by the ancients is due to the prevailing ignorance of those who know nothing about the objective laws on which music is based. Ancient cultures knew how the laws of harmonics (or what comes in between the tones) could evoke metaphysical correspondences of a spiritual nature, as did Gurdjieff. The Hebrews encoded harmonics in their Tree of Life diagram, the Hindus incorporated the potent musical information in a secretive "Music of the Path," and Gurdjieff enshrined it in the Enneagram symbol of the Work. In this groundbreaking book, the author presents a provocative and engaging picture of how these laws work. The wealth of new information will have a profound impact on modern views of music and its laws.

Bible Bombshell

Twelve thousand of each of the twelve tribes of Israel are to be sealed by a ... But the twelve-tribe nation of Israel had been blessed by Almighty God.


Author: J. P. Waitz

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781452017051

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BIBLE BOMBSHELL! provides an astonishing new look at the Holy Scriptures, and what they're REALLY saying. Highly significant events have been easily "read over" by millions without being understood. This penetrating new study throws a bright light on the Scriptures, revealing things that have gone unnoticed before - the stunning capabilities of God ... why 12 tribes of Ishmael were created to balance the 12 tribes of Israel ... why Israel got great blessings and power, while Ishmael got only camels, desert --- and OIL ... why Ishmael and Israel have been opposed for thousands of years ... why God favors the l2 tribes of Israel and blessed them greatly ... why Israel is called "God's Fighter" ... why God has brought cursings on Israel, and will do so again, unless they keep God's commandments ... who are the l2 tribes of Israel in today's world? ...What are their modern identities ... by what names are they known in today's world? How U.S. President Barack Obama may figure in Bible prophecy ... what lies ahead when four powerful angels destroy one third of humanity! Why the ENTIRE BIBLE from Genesis 35 to Revelation 21 concerns ISRAEL!

Anglo Israel Or The British Nation the Lost Tribes of Israel

Dr. makes quite a flourish over Ezra vi , 17 , where it is said : “ And for a sin oftering for all Israel , twelve he goats , according to the number of the tribes of Israel . ' “ This , ” he said , “ proves that the whole nation were ...


Author: William Henry Poole

Publisher: [s.l. : s.n.], 1879 (Toronto : Bengough Bro's)

ISBN: HARVARD:32044018821009

Category: Anglo-Israelism

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The Little Book

We have copied the illustration of the twelve houses as used by the ... the twelve nations of Europe being described as the twelve tribes of Israel .


Author: Ludwig B. Larsen

Publisher: Health Research Books

ISBN: 0787305359


Page: 280

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1919 the mystery of the ages revealed. Contents: Creation & the Philosophy of the Universe; the Ages of Heaven & Earth; Recorded history for 6,000 Years; Bible Prophecies; Heavenly Conditions of Earth; the Universal Law. Illustrated - Maps of the.

James the Just and Christian Origins

... man at all: some of the Twelve Tribes were destitute as a result of oppression (cf. ... but it is still the Law that defines this Twelve-Tribe nation.


Author: Bruce D. Chilton

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004267480

Category: Religion

Page: 312

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The lack of serious and sustained investigation of the historical figure of James "the Just," brother of Jesus, is one of the curious oversights in modern critical study of Christian origins. "James the Just and Christian Origins" addresses this problem. The questions that surround this exceedingly important, yet largely ignored figure are several and complicated. Was he really the brother of Jesus? How influential was he in the early church? What was the nature of his relationship to the other apostles, especially to Paul? How did James understand Christianity's relationship to Judaism and to the people of Israel? Out of this grows a very important question: In its generative moment, was Christianity in fact as well as in its self-awareness, a species of Judaism? Contributors from several countries are currently engaged in collaborative study in James and early Jewish Christianity. "James the Just and Christian Origins" is the first of several planned volumes to be published.

History of the Israelitish Nation

The Union of the Nation . — The Israelitish nation consisted of twelve independent tribes , which should form a confederacy without being exposed to the consequences of consolidation . The means to secure a union of the twelve tribes ...


Author: Isaac Mayer Wise



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The Scattered Nation

In the review we hope to be able to take Mysterious truth ! but truth that cannot be of the twelve tribes , our object is not so gainsayed ! much to inquire into their history , as to We begin with Jacob's first - born trace the descent ...




ISBN: HARVARD:32044020599981

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