The Michigan Eco Traveler

... Water Trail, 35–36 Tuscola County Tip of the Thumb Heritage Water Trail, 35–
36 Southeast Michigan Adrian Underground Railroad Bicycle Route, 104–5 Ann
Arbor Radrick Farms Golf Course, 67–68 Underground Railroad Bicycle Route, ...


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The first ever guide to green fun in the Mitten state


Cross Country, Underground Railroad, National Parks, Hawaii, Vermont, Europe
& more. Bicycle ... BIKE RIDE ACROSS SCENIC
UTAH-"BRA-SU* 5 States, 5 National Parks, 5 National Monuments, & 5 Nations.






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Bicycling magazine features bikes, bike gear, equipment reviews, training plans, bike maintenance how tos, and more, for cyclists of all levels.

The Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad, The (Still), 44, 51, 63, 75, 105 Underground Railroad
Bicycle Route, 117 Underground ... 38 Vigilant Committee, 5 Virginia, 100
government, 19, 22, 43 and slavery, 3, 10, 12, 19, 21–22, 24, 36, 42, 62–63, 66,
72, 78, 81, ...


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When the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 was passed by Congress, the flight to freedom for runaway slaves became even more dangerous. Even the free cities of Boston and Philadelphia were no longer safe, and abolitionists who despised slavery had to turn in fugitives. But the Underground Railroad, a secret and loosely organized network of people and safe houses that led slaves to freedom, only grew stronger. Since the late 1700s, blacks and whites had banded together to aid runaways like Maryland slave Frederick Douglass, who disguised himself as a sailor to board a train to New York. Virginia slave Henry Brown packed himself in a box to get to Philadelphia. The minister John Rankin, who hung a lantern to guide runaways to his house by the Ohio River, endured beatings for speaking against slavery. Quaker storeowner Thomas Garrett was put on trial for helping fugitives in Delaware. Meanwhile, the nation marched on toward Civil War. At its height, between 1810 and 1850, these secret routes and safe houses were used by an estimated 30,000 people escaping enslavement. In The Underground Railroad: The Journey to Freedom, read how this secret system worked in the days leading up to the Civil War and the pivotal role it played in the abolitionist movement.

The Cyclist s Bucket List

Ohio, Underground Railroad Bicycle Route, 115, 178–82 Old Fall River Road,
Colorado, 157 Old Man of Storr, Scotland, 215 Old Spokes Home, Vermont, 158–
61 Old Washington, Kentucky, 181 Olleros Trail, Peru, 204–5 Orcutt, Jon,
153,154 ...


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The smell of lavender at a roadside picnic, waiting for the Tour de France to race past. The Pacific Ocean view from the 10,000-foot summit of Hawaii's Haleakalaā volcanic crater (after 5 hours of uphill riding). A fresh Fat Tire ale hitting your lips at the new Belgium brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado. These, and a wide-ranging variety of other experiences, all rooted to a specific location or event, comprise The Cyclist's Bucket List. The book will definitively catalog both the iconic and little known--the accessible and aspirational--sensory and emotional experiences that instill cyclists with a deep passion for the sport. In this book, Ian Dille compiles and showcases the world's quintessential cycling experiences through extensive research and interviews with expert sources, vivid storytelling, stunning photography, and compelling design. The format includes lengthy in-depth descriptions as well as much shorter, easy to consume write-ups, ranging from locations such as Italy and Belgium to Nova Scotia and Texas. The Cyclist's Bucket List will serve as an indispensible, lifelong guide for every cyclist.

Bed Breakfast in the Mid Atlantic States

200 three - room walking bridges ; brook ; paths ; original Victorian Suite ( up to
six people ) . spring - , smoke - , and ... Two more ) , corporate , and government
miles to antiquing , restaurants , bicycle rates and packages available . ... Fast
forward through five years of restoration / discovery , zoning hearings , research ,
and refurbishing , and you arrive at a 28 ... as a stop on the Underground
Railroad , now has period wallcoverings , authentic antiques , refinished wide -
board floors ...


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Academic American Encyclopedia




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A twenty-one volume encyclopedia with 32,000 entries and more than 16,000 illustrations.

Washington DC and the Capital Region


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Gives information on the region's accommodations and restaurants, and explores the many activities and sights in the region, with a special section on Civil War sites

900 Minnesota Street

The proposed ramp access to the project's underground parking garage would
be located on this street . ... The San Francisco General Plan designates Indiana
Street as a Class III bicycle facility ( bike route ) as part of Citywide Bicycle Route
7 ... Commercial Street and designates it a Class III bike route south of Townsend
Street as part of Citywide Bicycle Route 5 . The City and County of San Francisco
is currently installing the Third Street light rail line in the median of this arterial .


Author: San Francisco (Calif.). Department of City Planning


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Electric Railway Review

The following is an approximate summary of the various schemes submitted to
the Commissioners : PARK 32 MAP OF ... ISLAND , SHOWING ROUTE AND
UNDERGROUND SYSTEM ... The Boynton bicycle railway . ... 5. Wegman &
Bates sis track , three decker metallic viaduct . 6. Speer's endless train . 7.
Collett's suspended railway .




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New England 1998


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The perennially popular guide is a big seller in all four seasons. Completely rewritten last year, it's packed with candid reviews of the best country inns and restaurants, antique stores, skiing, hiking, biking, and outdoor adventures. Frommer's takes readers off the beaten track to discover the best small towns and outdoor pleasures New England has to offer.

English Alfa

The boys were able to ride their bikes yesterday, 5. ... The longest electric
railroad is between Moscow and Irkertsk in the U.S.S.R. It is about 5 185 km long.
The first underground railroad in Europe opened in Budapest in 1896. In 1869 a


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Illinois Travel Guide

... PERU STREET Once a stop on the Underground Railroad, the restored
Lovejoy Homestead is on the National Register of Historic Places. ... (ROCK
ILLINOIS ROUTE 5, ROCK ISLAND Visit one of the ... They also have a 20-room
bicycle storage area, which allows bikers to extend biking trips between riverfront
trails on ...




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New England

Rent bicycles at Stowe Hardware Store ( tel : ( 802 ) 253 - 7205 ) on Main St to
bike the paved 5 . 3 - mile Stowe Recreation Path * * along the river , leading past
lodging , dining , gardens and mountain vistas . Walkers , skaters and runners all
enjoy the ... Abolitionist sentiment ran strong before the Civil War , and the state
was a major conduit in the underground railroad . Several of the secret routes
that ...


Author: Tom Bross

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Mobil Travel Guide Southern Great Lakes 2005


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The Mobil Travel Guide star ratings are a 45-year-old consumer advocacy concept originally developed following the introduction of the interstate highway system. The goal of the Guide is not to identify and rate every property in the country, but to recommend only the best in each category, ones that we would send our customers to. We look at the stars from a consumer's point of view, rating lodgings and restaurants across North America from the perspective of the "average traveler."The Guides feature new enhanced descriptions for 2004. Listings include lodgings, restaurants, attractions, and events in established travel destinations, as well as cities and towns on the way to established travel destinations. Our new easy-to-use format makes the Guides even more indispensable to travelers. Each regional guide is organized alphabetically by state, with introductory information about the state followed by city listings in alphabetical order. For each city, the guide lists sites and attractions, lodgings, and then restaurants. One of the features that sets the Mobil Travel Guide apart from its competitors is its proprietary Mobil star rating system. Forty-five plus years of publishing experience and the oldest non-biased rating system in North America make the Mobil Travel Guide series a must-have for travelers wanting up-to-date ratings of hotels and restaurants.

Lands and Peoples Europe

5 : 348 Underdeveloped countries see Developing countries Underground
Railroad ( U.S. history ) 5:75 , 274 Undset ... see National Union for the Total
Independence of Angola UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 2 : 136 , 138–39 illus . flag 2
: vii map ...




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