Venezuelan Stick Fighting

Venezuelan Stick Fighting: The Civilizing Process in Martial Arts is an ethnographic study of the practice of stick, machete, and knife fighting, or garrote, as it currently practiced in rural Venezuela. First and foremost, garrote has ...


Author: Michael J. Ryan

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781498533218

Category: Social Science

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In Venezuelan Stick Fighting: The Civilizing Process in Martial Arts, Michael J. Ryan examines the modern and historical role of the secretive tradition of stick fighting within rural Venezuela. Despite profound political and economic changes from the early twentieth century to the modern day, traditional values, practices, and imaginaries associated with older forms of masculinity and sociality are still valued. Stick, knife, and machete fighting are understood as key means of instilling the values of fortitude and cunning in younger generations. Recommended for scholars of anthropology, social science, gender studies, and Latin American studies.


Figure 2.6 Stick fighting was popular among slaves in many Caribbean plantation colonies . ' Bataille entre un nègre ... Stick fighting is documented since at least the early nineteenth century in Venezuela . The sugar cane area of El ...


Author: Matthias Rohrig Assuncao

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0714650315

Category: Sports & Recreation

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Capoeira: The History of an Afro-Brazilian Martial Art explores capoeira as a field of confrontation where different struggles that divide Brazilian society are played out. It contains a first English language scholarly account of capoeira's early history and development to the present day.

Early Modern Actors and Shakespeare s Theatre

Although mastering such skills as balancing objects on one's head, learning Venezuelan stick fighting and practising capoeira may seem far removed from the world of the early modern stage, anthropologists studying such practices provide ...


Author: Evelyn Tribble

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472576057

Category: Drama

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What skills did Shakespeare's actors bring to their craft? How do these skills differ from those of contemporary actors? Early Modern Actors and Shakespeare's Theatre: Thinking with the Body examines the 'toolkit' of the early modern player and suggests new readings of the plays of Shakespeare and his contemporaries through the lens of their many skills. Theatre is an ephemeral medium. Little remains to us of the plays of Shakespeare and his contemporaries: some printed texts, scattered documents and records, and a few scraps of description, praise, and detraction. Because most of what survives are printed playbooks, students of English theatre find it easy to forget that much of what happened on the early modern stage took place within the gaps of written language: the implicit or explicit calls for fights, dances, military formations, feats of physical skill, song, and clowning. Theatre historians and textual editors have often ignored or denigrated such moments, seeing them merely as extraneous amusements or signs that the text has been 'corrupted' by actors. This book argues that recapturing a positive account of the skills and expertise of the early modern players will result in a more capacious understanding of the nature of theatricality in the period.

Exploring Research in Sports Coaching and Pedagogy

Venezuelan stick fighting: The civilizing process in martial arts. London: Rowman and Littlefield. Ryan, M. (2011). I did not return a master, but well cudgeled was I: The role of Ibody techniques" in the transmission of Venezuelan ...


Author: Charles L. T. Corsby

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527530812

Category: Sports & Recreation

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This volume of abstracts provides an insight into the contested nature of sports coaching. Detailed, yet concise, this compilation of work recognises the importance of context and the socio-historical learning environments that coaches operate within. The text draws upon the work of a range of scholars varying from doctoral students, to leading international scholars, to provide a critical ‘snapshot’ of the current literature in sport coaching pedagogy. In doing so, this book outlines the challenges and potential developments of sports coaching as a discipline. The gathering of such work provides an insight to a variety of research projects, proposals and findings, varying from professional football and rugby union academies to community coaching and martial arts. This is the first book to present such an array of research projects in this format and, as such, is essential reading for any serious students of sports coaching, sport pedagogy, and for practitioners looking to engage in the study of sports coaching.

Fighting for Honor

Stick fighting was a widespread social practice by Africans and their descendants throughout the Americas . ... and in separate stick - fighting dances , as described by Rugendas.149 In Venezuela a stick - fighting art called garrote ...


Author: M. Thomas J. Desch-Obi

Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press

ISBN: 1570037183

Category: History

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A groundbreaking investigation into the migration of martial arts techniques across continents and centuries

Apprenticeship Pilgrimage

Ryan, Michael J. Venezuelan Stick Fighting: The Civilizing Process in Martial Arts. Lanham: Lexington Books, 2016. Salazar, Noel B., and Kiran Jayaram, eds. Keywords of Mobility: Critical Engagements. Oxford: Berghahn, 2016.


Author: Lauren Miller Griffith

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781498529914

Category: Social Science

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What happens when one’s skill level in dance, the martial arts, or other activities surpasses local training opportunities? Lauren Miller Griffith and Jonathan S. Marion provide a new and exciting apprenticeship pilgrimages model —including local, regional, opportunistic, and virtual—that practitioners undertake to acquire knowledge, skills, and legitimacy originally unavailable.

Steady As She Goes

Venezuelan stick fighting? That little thing?” “It's not the size of the warrior in the fight,” I said. He nodded and pushed the hatch open. “You're right, Jesse. It's the size of the fight in the warrior. Have a good night.


Author: Wayne Stinnett

Publisher: Down Island Press

ISBN: 9781735623122

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Jesse McDermitt is starting a new chapter in his life. As captain of the research vessel Ambrosia, his stated mission is to study the oceans and seafloor, searching for rich oil deposits. His unstated mission is to locate and eradicate the enemies of society on behalf of Armstrong Research, a secretive organization funded by some of the wealthiest people on the planet. When word gets out about a massive drug and human trafficking cartel moving tons of illegal drugs, along with hundreds of slave laborers, out of Venezuela, Jesse is tasked with finding them at all cost. But how can one man find the traffickers amid the thousands of ships coming and going from Venezuela's ports, moving hundreds of thousands of containers every year? Can Jesse close on and engage the traffickers?

All Ahead Full

I turned, reached into the tender, and pulled out the boat hook, a long, wooden pole with a metal tip and small hook for fending a boat away from a dock or grabbing a ... She was supposed to be an expert in Venezuelan stick fighting.


Author: Wayne Stinnett

Publisher: Down Island Press

ISBN: 9781956026023

Category: Fiction


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Jesse McDermitt discovers an environmental nightmare of deception and greed taking place in Central America. A cartel is branching into smuggling things other than drugs. And they’re doing it quite effectively. The Honduran rain forests and its inhabitants are at peril. The cartel needs hidden places to grow coca, used in the manufacture of cocaine. The exotic and endangered hardwood trees are cut and sold on the black market, along with any creature found dwelling deep in the humid jungle. Environmental activists in the area who try to intercede are swiftly dealt with in the manner the cartel deals with anyone who stands between them and the almighty dollar—with a sharp machete. Having so many moving parts and numerous smuggling routes, can Jesse and the crew of Ambrosia, on a dive vacation in the Bay Islands of Honduras, be able to make a difference? Or will the beautiful reef surrounding the island of Utila be Ambrosia’s grave?

Activating the Past

In Rio de Janeiro the stick was a widespread weapon used in capoeira societies, and in Venezuela, a stick fighting art called “garrote” was simultaneously a religious dance in the Tamanangue festival and a form of self-defense used by ...


Author: Andrew Apter

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443817905

Category: History

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Activating the Past explores critical historical events and transformations associated with embodied memories in the Black Atlantic world. The assembled case-studies disclose hidden historical references to local and regional encounters with Atlantic modernity, focusing on religious festivals that represent political and economic relationships in “fetishized” forms of power and value. Although memories of the slave trade are rarely acknowledged in West Africa and the Americas, they have retreated, so to speak, within ritual associations as restricted, repressed, even secret histories that are activated during public festivals and through different styles of spirit possession. In West Africa, our focus on selected port cities along the coast extends into the hinterlands, where slave raiding occurred but is poorly documented and rarely acknowledged. In the Caribbean, regional contrasts between coastal and hinterland communities relate figures of the jíbaro, the indio and the caboclo to their ritual representations in Santería, Vodou, and Candomblé. Highlighting the spatial association of memories with shrines and the ritual “condensation” of regional geographies, we locate local spirits and domestic terrains within co-extensive Atlantic horizons. The volume brings together leading scholars of the African Diaspora who not only explore these ritual archives for significant echoes of the past, but also illuminate a subaltern historiography embedded within Atlantic cultural systems.

Journal of Asian Martial Arts

Persian crucible steel , weaponry • First Kodokan Judo Kata Intl .; katas Fighting technique , visualization 2008 Volume 17 ... Pt 1 Swordmaking : Kingfisher WoodWorks • Venezuelan stickfighting art • Heiho : A tale of strategy • Judo ...




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