Ultimate Scrapbook Style

VICTORIAN STYLE المرار VICTORIAN SAMPLES AND INSPIRATION was 2 ? They were je. SECTION I with an embossed leather cover , it was a VELVET CURTAINS trimmed with tassels , tufted fainting couches , and wallpapers of bursting cabbage roses ...




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Bird Lovers Journal

... 1897; valentine postcard from Germany Robins with nest: Robins, die-cut scrap from original Victorian scrapbook; pink bow, 1900s postcard greeting; floral border, 1900s Victorian valentine Old woman: 1890s Victorian calling card; ...


Author: Angela Cooke

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781452581170

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

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The beautifully illustrated Bird Lovers Journal, Writing Journal Featuring Antique Bird Art offers an artistic channel for inspiration and self-reflection. The unique historic bird graphics surround your journal entries and motivate you to journal from the heart. It provides a beautiful and private place to document thoughts, feelings, and personal experiences. Collection pieces used to create the art include: antique sheet music Victorian valentines antique cards antique catalog illustrations postcard greetings Victorian trade cards Victorian calling cards antique atlas maps antique French labels authentic German scrap

The Routledge Companion to Victorian Literature

... as is examined in two essays on scrapbooking, Ellen Gruber Garvey's “Scissoring and Scrapbooks: NineteenthCentury Reading, Remaking, and Recirculating” ... the latter a part of Lynch's larger project on Victorian scrapbook culture.


Author: Dennis Denisoff

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429018176

Category: Literary Criticism

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The Routledge Companion to Victorian Literature offers 45 chapters by leading international scholars working with the most dynamic and influential political, cultural, and theoretical issues addressing Victorian literature today. Scholars and students will find this collection both useful and inspiring. Rigorously engaged with current scholarship that is both historically sensitive and theoretically informed, the Routledge Companion places the genres of the novel, poetry, and drama and issues of gender, social class, and race in conversation with subjects like ecology, colonialism, the Gothic, digital humanities, sexualities, disability, material culture, and animal studies. This guide is aimed at scholars who want to know the most significant critical approaches in Victorian studies, often written by the very scholars who helped found those fields. It addresses major theoretical movements such as narrative theory, formalism, historicism, and economic theory, as well as Victorian models of subjects such as anthropology, cognitive science, and religion. With its lists of key works, rich cross-referencing, extensive bibliographies, and explications of scholarly trajectories, the book is a crucial resource for graduate students and advanced undergraduates, while offering invaluable support to more seasoned scholars.

Making Pictorial Print

Following a brief overview of the late-Victorian scrapbooks as an object categorically distinct from but related to a number of print and personal paper media, I identify scrapbook characteristics that show how their makers applied ...


Author: Alison Hedley

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781487506735

Category: Literary Criticism

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Applying media theory to late-Victorian print, Making Pictorial Print shows how popular illustrated magazines developed a new design interface that encouraged dynamic engagement and media literacy in the British public.

Children s Bookmarks in Full Color

PLATE 6 ( top to bottom ) Pictures from a Victorian scrapbook . Picture from a Victorian scrapbook . “ Hunt the Slipper " ( top ) , “ Enjoy a Good Dinner , Surrounded by Happy Faces ” ( middle ) , “ Blind Man's Buff " ( bottom ) ...


Author: Carol Belanger Grafton

Publisher: Courier Corporation

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Colorful collection of bookmarks embellished with famous fairy tale and nursery rhyme illustrations will add joy to any youngster’s reading experience. 30 full-color bookmarks.

Victorian Christmas Gr 5 8

Joy to the World, A Victorian Christmas. Workman Pub. Co., N.Y.; 1990. Hart, Cynthia; Grossman, John; Dunhill, Priscilla. Parlor Cats. Workman Pub. CO..N.Y.; 1990. Hart, Cynthia; Grossman, John; Dunhill, Priscilla. A Victorian Scrapbook ...



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The Victorian Gardener

Cover design & photography by Peter Ashley; back cover detail: Victorian scrapbook item (author's collection). ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS My thanks to Philip Norman at the Garden Museum for all his help with the illustrations, to Rebecca Graham ...


Author: Caroline Ikin

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780747814580

Category: Gardening

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Over the course of the nineteenth century, gardening came to be considered a respectable profession, providing a means to an education, a good chance of advancement and decent working conditions. The hierarchy of the garden staff became just as regimented as that of domestic servants, and progression was attained by hard work, self-improvement and ambition. Training courses and apprenticeships prepared young gardeners for their trade and horticulture became recognised as a skilled profession, with the head gardener commanding a position of influence and respect and women overcoming social barriers to join their peers on equal terms. This book explores the gardening profession within the complexities of Victorian society and the advances in science and technology that pushed the gardener further into the limelight.

Advertising and Popular Culture

The intact Victorian scrapbook is a valuable source for understanding late nineteenth century domestic life . ... I have entertained thoughts about putting the cards back into a scrapbook of sorts , a computerized HyperCard stack ...


Author: Sammy Richard Danna

Publisher: Popular Press

ISBN: 0879725281

Category: Business & Economics

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Advertising and marketing scholars offer some of their most instructive, stimulating, and entertaining works on subliminal perceptions in advertising; nineteenth-century trade cards; T-shirt messages; advertising in the twenty-first century; and the changing male image in advertising.

Gilded Age Norfolk Virginia

One example of their leisurely time that has survived is a Victorian scrapbook. The Victorian version of a scrapbook is not something today's crafters would recognize as a typical scrapbook. With the absence of mass photography, ...


Author: Jaclyn Spainhour

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781625855572

Category: History

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Norfolk's rise as a premier seaport brought with it an increase in power, wealth and industry in the nineteenth century. Local prominent families lived in exquisitely crafted homes and owned flourishing local businesses. Cobblestone lined the Freemason District and downtown streets. The area's elite participated in numerous social clubs, religious groups and philanthropic organizations. One family, the Hunters, lived so luxuriously that they became one of the most fashionable families in the city. Join author Jaclyn Spainhour as she explores Norfolk's social customs, cosmopolitan soirées and more that truly embodied the Gilded Age.

The ABCs of Victorian Antiques

SCRAPBOOKS Pasted patchwork quilts , Victorian scrapbooks are really memory books from a century ago . The scrapbook was an important part of Victorian life and concealed between the often bulging pages were chronicled the life and ...


Author: Dan D'Imperio


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A handbook for all Victorian antique lovers covering all phases of antique collecting from 1837 to 1901 including china, glass, silver, furniture and collectibles that are fun but hard to categorize.