Vietnam in My Rearview

Told with honesty and vulnerability, the book combines gripping combat with personal reflection, and the author hopes that his story will help other veterans escape the shadow of the war.


Author: Dennis D. Blessing, Sr.

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476677767

Category: History

Page: 223

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In this heartfelt memoir, Dennis Blessing, Sr., shares his experiences as a grunt in the First Cavalry Division in 1966 and 1967. Blessing's story is drawn from his own remembrance and from the 212 letters that he wrote to his wife while deployed. Among his many combat experiences was the battle of Bong Son in May 1966, in which his platoon was nearly wiped out, going from 36 to only 6 troopers in just a few hours. Told with honesty and vulnerability, the book combines gripping combat with personal reflection, and the author hopes that his story will help other veterans escape the shadow of the war.

Dak To and the Border Battles of Vietnam 1967 1968

I got in my auto and they decided to pursue. I guess their objective was to stop my car and beat me up just because I was a U.S. soldier. I had the better car, and in my rearview mirror I watched them disappear.


Author: Michael A. Eggleston

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476664170

Category: History

Page: 223

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In 1967, the North Vietnamese launched a series of offensives in the Central Highlands along the border with South Vietnam--a strategic move intended to draw U.S. and South Vietnamese forces away from major cities before the Tet Offensive. A series of bloody engagements known as "the border battles" followed, with the principle action taking place at Dak To. Drawing on the writings of key figures, veterans' memoirs and the author's records from two tours in Vietnam, this book merges official history with the recollections of those who were there, revealing previously unpublished details of these decisive battles.

Footprints in My Rearview Mirror

During the War in Vietnam, the Ford Motor Company supplied a forty mm rotary mortar that was fired from a helicopter. This weapon was not too effective because the rapid-fire recoil caused the helicopter to vibrate excessively and spray ...


Author: George Oiye

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781591605324

Category: Religion

Page: 274

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The Nam A Marine s Memoir Of Vietnam

Mortars were flying both in and out the fort at the same time exploding around us. ... booking through one of the villes I can remember feathers flying up from the road in my rear view mirror and getting cussed at in Vietnamese.


Author: Richard D. Preston


ISBN: 9781304164230

Category: Vietnam War, 1961-1975

Page: 177

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These writings are the true experiences of this former Marine. The chronological order of things: I can't guarantee. It's been over forty years since my tour in Vietnam and my mind is a little foggy on some aspects and crystal clear on others. I have spent the last few years writing bits and pieces about my tour in the Nam down on paper. They are written with no particular rhyme or reason. You will find these pages seasoned with poetry that I have penned over the past few years. Sometimes I can't find the words to explain my thoughts and rhyming seems easier for me to explain what I feel. When I started my memoirs I had no forethought of ever piecing them together. I have only recently decided to make these writings public.

Boxer of the Year

A couple weeks later I told my girlfriend that next Sunday I would be going to Vietnam. She was really hurt. ... She reached for her necklace and took it off and placed it around my rearview mirror. Then she gave me her address.


Author: Elmo Hudson

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781410719409

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 238

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The benefits of this book is to inform the public how General Motors treat their black employees that files a Civil Rights complaint and lawsuit against them. They will commit fraud and conspiracy before the courts. This has been going on since August 19, 1983 to the present. This book is about all the pain and hardship I have to go through as a result of this ordeal. This will inform the blacks of what to do and say. And how they can be victorious against a large Corporation. I have experience everything that I am talking about for twenty years and still trying to get some closure from this ordeal. I have experience seeing a psychiatrist and psychologist since May 15, 1985. I was taken off work in July of 1992 and was placed on total and permanent disability with Social Security. This also tells about me leaving home and moving south to Arkansas and having to go to a all black school. I also had to plow the white man field with two mules and a plow. I also won several titles in Golden Gloves Boxing and was the number one boxer at one hundred and twenty six pounds featherweight here and I was nominated for all Army boxing. I would say to pursue your goals until you get the justice you so deserve.

Nam A Rama



Author: Phillip Jennings

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781621577195

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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From Publishers Weekly (starred review): “This highly entertaining, provocative lampooning of the Vietnam War is reminiscent of Catch-22 and David Mamet's Wag the Dog. Marine helicopter pilot Gerard Finnigan Gearheardt, in the Oval Office on CIA pizza delivery duty ("They don't let freckle-faced teenagers deliver pizza to the White House, you know"), overhears President Larry Bob Jones and the Joint Chiefs of Staff brainstorming the idea of escalating the American advisory presence in Vietnam into a full-fledged shooting war to enhance Larry Bob's image and beef up a flagging peacetime economy. To make sure the situation doesn't get out of hand, Larry Bob concocts a loony-tunes scheme to parachute Gearheardt and his buddy Lt. Jack Armstrong, along with antiwar movie sex kitten Barbonella, into Hanoi to meet with Ho Chi Minh and negotiate peace just in time to get Larry Bob reelected. The two hapless Marines rendezvous with Barbonella, but, thanks to the meddling of an American agent and a Cuban operative, the zany scheme goes haywire and Armstrong and Gearheardt wind up flying for the CIA in Laos. In this wonderfully irreverent novel, evocative of vintage Max Shulman, hearty belly laughs contrast with chilling insights into high level political machinations."

Delta Dawn

It seemed Blackjack Creek had almost taken on mythical status in my mind as my soul was slowly dying in Vietnam. ... out of my daydream to the flashing of red lights and the front of a black and white squad car in my rearview mirror.


Author: John Kershaw

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781468572650

Category: Religion

Page: 154

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White Rose of Yorkshire

Unforgotten in the Gulf of Tonkin

through my body, and I looked obsessively in my rearview mirror to make sure no one was bearing down on me. ... A decade before the term post- traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) was introduced to the American public, the Vietnam Veterans ...


Author: Eileen A. Bjorkman

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9781640123656

Category: History

Page: 256

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On November 18, 1965, U.S. Navy pilot Willie Sharp ejected from his F-8 fighter after being hit while positioned over a target in North Vietnam. With a cloud layer beneath him, he did not know if he was over land—where he would most certainly be captured or killed by the North Vietnamese—or over the Gulf of Tonkin. As he ejected, both navy and air force aircraft were already heading toward him to help. What followed was a dramatic rescue made by pilots and other airmen with little or no training or experience in combat search-and-rescue. Told by former military flight test engineer Eileen A. Bjorkman, this story includes nail-biting descriptions of air combat, flight, and rescue. Bjorkman places Sharp’s story in the larger context of the U.S. military’s bedrock credo—No Man Left Behind—and calls attention to the more than eighty thousand Americans still missing from conflicts since World War I. She also explores the devastating aftershocks of the Vietnam War as Sharp struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder. Woven into this gripping tale is the fascinating history of combat search-and-rescue missions that officially began in World War II. Combining the cockiness and camaraderie of Top Gun with the heroics of Sully, Unforgotten in the Gulf of Tonkin is a riveting tale of combat rescue and an unforgettable story about the U.S. military’s commitment to leave no man behind.

Sunset over Happy Farm

Looking into my rearview mirror I observed demon driver flashing his headlights at me over and over, ... Words of wisdom floated back to me, from the perimeter, from the bunkers, from my buddies in Vietnam as we chuckled from another ...


Author: Mark Thomas McDonough

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781728306872

Category: Fiction

Page: 318

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On the surface, Derrick James is a mild mannered socially awkward attorney, who works a modest federal government job. While Derrick lacks any particular legal acumen or academic prowess, and possesses modest legal writing skills, everywhere he goes and whatever he does, Derrick inevitably and always makes his way to the top of the pyramid. Possessing an unflappable mental skill set and seldom suffering fools lightly, he accomplishes what needs to be done and he does it superbly well, much to the chagrin of his peers. In the twilight of his legal career, Derrick finds himself working in perhaps one of the most boring brain-numbing federal legal jobs one can possibly imagine, but it’s inside work – no heavy lifting – and the pay is pretty good too. Finally! Derrick relaxes satisfied with who he and where he is. Life reaches a comfortable working rhyme. Both daughters are in college. After many down years, he is finally setting aside some extra money for retirement. Life is good, that is, right up to the very moment that a group of jealous federal supervisors and co-workers ban together forcing him to accept a forced early retirement. Now having abundant free time, Derrick travels the world, begins a ‘get out of debt’ project and ponders how he got to ‘here’. In doing all of this, he constantly runs into the ghosts of his past most of which is rooted in his ill-fated youth spent growing up in a Catholic Orphanage, which he facetiously nicknames “The Happy Farm”. Within the realm of his forced retirement and even as life’s ghosts taunt him, Derrick finds that truth and hindsight are not necessarily friends, but with enough time and grit, he finds that, by accepting his past, he can finally accept his present, and in doing so he finally says good bye to all the enemies, all the friends and all the ghosts that haunt him, as the sun sets over The Happy Farm.

Confessions of a Surviving Alien

not be celebrating the completion of this memoir with my lifetime good buddy. I went out myself and had Mexican and four beers. ... In the end it matters not how I may define my life, as Vietnam is forever etched in my rear view mirror.


Author: Jon Meade

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781490768359

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 504

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More than a book, more than a non-fiction read, more than a memoir, CONFESSIONS OF A SURVIVING ALIEN will engage the reader like most have never experienced. It will take them through a maze of lifes pathos, and elicit the emotions of sadness, joy, pain, regret, guilt, remorse, pride, fear, revenge, happiness, forgiveness, evil, good, and much uniquely intertwined with humor, often times outrageously so. Although defined by the premise of Vietnam, it is much more than another war account, to the contrary. It is more often the dredge of a neophyte Marine trying to get more into the war and action, than out of it. It is more about his disillusionment in practically every aspect of that officially declared police action, but not in ways one might expect. It is more about his evolution and regression as a human being and inner torment, including feelings of alienation. The book starts at the end, and ends with the start, with a chronological account in between, covering four parts: Before Vietnam (BV), During Vietnam (DV), After Vietnam (AV), and finally, After Marines (AM). The story covers the life of a young American, and follows his incredible journey through the decades to find himself, to explore every possibility of livingand nearly dyingand reach some hopeful level of success, however that is defined. From having a unique tour in Vietnam, to escorting deceased Marines to their families and final resting place, to his life threatened by a mob guy, to learning about a deeply held family secret concerning his father, to experiencing a profound spiritual experience in the unlikely locale of Beverly Hills, California, and much more, author Jon Meades biggest challenge may be getting readers to believe his surreal story. He merely shrugs and says, I am just a very ordinary guy, with an extraordinary life to convey. It is nothing less, nor more than that. Maybe, he admits, in the end analysis, success in life is merely surviving life, failures and all. With that admission and a very personal and engaging approach and writing style, the genre of Memoirs may never be the same.