Vines of Entanglement

A tangled web of lies characterizes the life Laura Mabry has built for herself and her son after the tragic death of her husband.


Author: Lisa Carter


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No matter how fast you run, the past has a way of catching up with you.

Entangling Vines

HIS BOOK OFFERS “ ENTANGLING VINES ,” but who would wantthemandwhat for? The phrase suggests tough, ... Entanglement inkoans takes twobasic forms, one ofthem praised in Chan and Zen tradition, theother deplored, even ridiculed.



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Entangling Vines, a translation of the Shumon kattoshu, is one of the few major koan texts to have been compiled in Japan rather than China. Indeed, Kajitani Sonin (1914 - 95), former chief abbot of Shokoku-ji and author of an annotated, modern-Japanese translation of the Kattoshu, commented that 'herein are compiled the basic Dharma materials of the koan system." Most of the central koans of the contemporary Rinzai koan curriculum are contained in this work. A distinctive feature of Entangling Vines is that, unlike The Gateless Gate and Blue Cliff Record, it presents the koans "bare," with no introductions, commentaries, or verses. Its straightforward structure lends the koans added force and immediacy, emphasizing the Great Matter, the essential point to be interrogated, and providing ample material for the rigors of examining and refining Zen experience. Containing 272 cases and extensive note material, the collection is indispensable for serious koan training and will also be of interest for anyone drawn to Zen literature. The present translation had its origins in the discussions between three forward-looking modern Japanese Zen masters and Thomas Kirchner, an experienced Zen monk from America. And Kirchner's careful annotation of each koan makes this a brilliant introduction to Buddhist philosophy.

The Vine

Yet that slippery false vine found a beginning. Though they hated the results and influence of the Nicholaitans the Ephesians were not careful to maintain their personal devotion to Christ. Entanglement with the false vine caused them ...


Author: Shirley Harder

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The Vine is not an apologetic. It is not a self-help book, nor is it about saving others. It may be a declaration – an amalgamation of thoughts knit together with the motif of a vine – a theological algorithm leading to the Church’s destiny as the Bride of Christ. The major premise of The Vine is that of God’s overarching plan and purpose for the church, the Bride of Christ. It follows a minor motif of the nature and husbandry of a grapevine. The Vine explores God’s covenants, dispensations, and revelations, upon which the life of the faith-vine depends—a novel approach to the beginning, growth, and destiny of the church. Combining the two premises leads to a fulfilling conclusion.

Devotions from the Lake

If circling the hawk widely tried above to hunt the treetops through in the a freedom forest's trees, its vision would be limited and the branches and vines would entangle it. Instead, as warm air rises, it catches the bird's spread ...


Author: Thomas Nelson

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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Life is better at the lake—but you already knew that. Capture the sweetest parts of lake life with 100 peaceful devotions and gorgeous photography in Devotions from the Lake. This beautiful book offers insight into how God meets us through rest and play, and how to bring all the best parts of “lake life” to everyday life. Life has a way of slowing down and simplifying when you’re by the water. Enjoying long walks, ice cream cones, and watercolor sunsets with your family and friends is a way of life on lake days . . . wouldn’t it be a dream to live like that year-round? Devotions from the Lake includes 100 devotions and beautiful photography.It is a wonderful way to start each day at the lake with quiet devotional time as you gain deeper insight into how God meets us through rest and play and how to bring all the best parts of “lake life” to everyday life. It’s the perfect gift for any lake lover or a happy way to keep a little piece of the lake with you at all times.

Buddhist Philosophy

You must realize that because the seed of an entangled vine has the capacity for liberation, it produces the branches, leaves, blossoms, and fruit that coil around the entangled vines.


Author: William Edelglass

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The Buddhist philosophical tradition is vast, internally diverse, and comprises texts written in a variety of canonical languages. It is hence often difficult for those with training in Western philosophy who wish to approach this tradition for the first time to know where to start, and difficult for those who wish to introduce and teach courses in Buddhist philosophy to find suitable textbooks that adequately represent the diversity of the tradition, expose students to important primary texts in reliable translations, that contextualize those texts, and that foreground specifically philosophical issues. Buddhist Philosophy fills that lacuna. It collects important philosophical texts from each major Buddhist tradition. Each text is translated and introduced by a recognized authority in Buddhist studies. Each introduction sets the text in context and introduces the philosophical issues it addresses and arguments it presents, providing a useful and authoritative guide to reading and to teaching the text. The volume is organized into topical sections that reflect the way that Western philosophers think about the structure of the discipline, and each section is introduced by an essay explaining Buddhist approaches to that subject matter, and the place of the texts collected in that section in the enterprise. This volume is an ideal single text for an intermediate or advanced course in Buddhist philosophy, and makes this tradition immediately accessible to the philosopher or student versed in Western philosophy coming to Buddhism for the first time. It is also ideal for the scholar or student of Buddhist studies who is interested specifically in the philosophical dimensions of the Buddhist tradition.

Dogen and the Koan Tradition

You must realize that because the seed of an entangled vine has the capacity for liberation , it produces the branches , leaves , blossoms , and fruit that coil around the entangled vines . Because these [ parts of vines ] are at once ...


Author: Steven Heine

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791417735

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This book has three major goals in critically examining the historical and philosophical relation between the writings of Dogen and the Zen koan tradition. First, it introduces and evaluates recent Japanese scholarship concerning Dogen's two Shobogenzo texts, the Japanese (Kana) collection of ninety-two fascicles on Buddhist topics and the Chinese (Mana) collection of three hundred koan cases also known as the Shobogenzo Sanbyakusoku. Second, it develops a new methodology for clarifying the development of the koan tradition and the relation between intellectual history and multifarious interpretations of koan cases based on postmodern literary criticism. Third, the book's emphasis on a literary critical methodology challenges the conventional reading of koans stressing the role of psychological impasse culminating in silence.

Stopping by Woods

Grapes can overrun, confuse and entangle farms as well as lives. Fences are sunny (on at least one side) and vines thrive on these human constructions just as they thrive on birches. In “Ghost House,” “O'er ruined fences the grapevines ...


Author: Owen D. V. Sholes

Publisher: McFarland

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""Robert Frost was a practicing farmer, a skilled naturalist and one of America's best-loved poets. This book pieces together Frost's environmental commentary, examining his poems thematically and in a logical order. Frost bemoaned the loss of people from the land but also celebrated the flora and fauna that thrived in fallow fields and empty barns"--

Anchors Aweigh

vines. Most of the tangled up thick vines resembled 'mazes.' Getting in was the easy part. Trying to find our way back out was difficult. I got entangled inside a low overhanging vine more than once. In attempting to get out my feet ...


Author: Norman Edward Robinson

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Events at Pearl Harbor angered 9th grade English teacher Norman Edward Robinson. At the age of 34 he left his teaching job at the school (in Monmouth, Indiana,) and joined the United States Navy. While he was gone, from 1942-1945 the school held his job open. School officials promised that his teaching job would still be waiting for him when he eventually returned from the war. He traveled with the U.S. Navy as a Pharmacist First Mate to many countries, just a few of them being: Bougainville, Guadalcanal, Hawaii, The New Hebrides, New Zealand, Pago Pago, the Panama Canal, Philippines and Samoa. He participated in training exercises on islands such as: Efati and Espirito Santos prior to being sent to Bougainville. Mate Robinson also served (and wore stars) for his service in the battlefields at both Pivi Village and Pivi forks. The opening Biography section explores the permanent relocation of his entire family from Belfast, Ireland to their new residence located at 2515 E. Riverside Drive in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was in the year of (1910.) It delves deeply into his other immediate family members giving explanations of how their relationships intertwined. Outlines of Normans many educational accomplishments prior to those war years appear. It was his long time girl friend (of 9 years, Mary Katherine Mitchell) that waited so patiently for him to return after W.W. II in Indianapolis, Indiana. You will be reading much more about their bitter/sweet relationship in the later part of the book. This book gives some glimpses interspersed with family stories, pictures, weather conditions and recipes describing the everyday routine daily life of those war years from 1941-1945. Narratives of the letters that flew back and forth with his family members, church friends and neighbors while he was serving are also included.

Dogen s Manuals of Zen Meditation

When we destroy our body and lose our life, this is the entanglement of the one figuring.13 At this point, ... "Entangled" here renders kallo [su], Dogen's verbal form of the "vines and creepers" used in Zen to express the spiritual ...


Author: Carl Bielefeldt

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520909786

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Zen Buddhism is perhaps best known for its emphasis on meditation, and probably no figure in the history of Zen is more closely associated with meditation practice than the thirteenth-century Japanese master Dogen, founder of the Soto school. This study examines the historical and religious character of the practice as it is described in Dogen's own meditation texts, introducing new materials and original perspectives on one of the most influential spiritual traditions of East Asian civilization. The Soto version of Zen meditation is known as "just sitting," a practice in which, through the cultivation of the subtle state of "nonthinking," the meditator is said to be brought into perfect accord with the higher consciousness of the "Buddha mind" inherent in all beings. This study examines the historical and religious character of the practice as it is described in Dogen's own meditation texts, introducing new materials and original perspectives on one of the most influential spiritual traditions of East Asian civilization.

Last Age Space in Hand

The moment the jade vine touched him, it felt a constant flow of energy dissipating! ... It shrunk the four green vines and escaped from the entanglement of the branches, preparing to dodge the branches and attack from the side.


Author: Bi Haiyoulantian

Publisher: Funstory

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Country M's top secret service agent, Guo Lin, was framed by her companions during a mission and killed along with her. She was dressed as a match in a book. Guo Lin only wanted to take back everything she had and live on in peace. However, the frontline traverses through the woman sharpens the knife to seize the opportunity, the reborn woman calculates the full pre-revenge. Thus, Guo Lin followed him onto the same path as the female lead. Who said that to become a female lead, one had to sacrifice countless numbers of female partners. If a man did not destroy himself, then Guo Lin did not have such a feeling of devotion.

The Wakeful Body

Meditation is an agriculture of the soul. Reflect: What vines of grasping are wound around my heart, my body, my mind? What patterns in my life keep me entangled? What feeds these vines? How will I start to prune back?


Author: Willa Blythe Baker

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 9780834844087

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A highly practical and approachable guide to somatic meditation with easy practices for accessing the body's inherent mindfulness, from an expert in somatic meditation. Tap into the wisdom of the body with down-to-earth practices like "Surrendering to the Breath" and "Befriending Feelings" that allow the body to become the source of mindfulness. Willa Blythe Baker introduces meditation practice as the cultivation of a way of being, rather than a way of doing. It is a way of being that is self-aware, self-compassionate, and embodied. This way of being is not limited to practice on the cushion or on the yoga mat--somatic mindfulness is available at any moment, activated by attention to the body's wisdom and its teachings. Discover the three layers of embodiment, from the earth body of flesh and blood, the subtle body of sensory experience and emotion, and the awareness body of consciousness. The three parts of this book explore these layers through turning attention to the physical, energetic, and mental dimensions of human experience. By diving deep into the body, readers will find that they already have what they need. Concentration, wisdom, compassion, kindness, and joy are waiting there.

The Tears of Gethsemane

I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears ... False vines are snares that entangle a believer because of selfishness, sin, deception, fear, or lack of faith. This entanglement causes a ...


Author: Deborah Faulks

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781973607854

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Life is full of ups and downs. All believers, at some point or another, will stand at a crossroads whether in our ministries, while weathering a major storm, or while contemplating why our faithfulness to God seems to cause humiliation, betrayal, or gossip. One day we will all have our garden of Gethsemane—the call God has on our lives that will require pain, trials, and sorrow in order for his glory to become evident, and strengthen us to walk in our destinies and build God’s kingdom. In a powerful and unique spiritual guidebook, Deborah Faulks utilizes the story of Jesus’s temptations at the Garden of Gethsemane to educate believers on how to be prepared for the advances of the devil as well as on how to leave the garden successfully and ultimately fulfill God’s destiny and purpose. Faulks includes Christian characteristics that qualify a believer, twelve keys of wisdom, comparisons between the Garden of Eden and the Garden of Gethsemane, ways to prevent getting stuck, why Jesus is the model of prayer, and a detailed explanation of the heart of Jesus in prayer. The Tears of Gethsemane reveals hidden biblical truths while educating the believer standing at the crossroads of a God-ordained ministry to fulfill their spiritual destiny and purpose.

A Land Remembered

The horse crashed headlong into a thick growth of muscadine vines and became entangled. It kicked and bucked, trying to break free, then it threw Tobias right over its head and into the vines, entangling him even worse.


Author: Patrick D. Smith

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781561645824

Category: Juvenile Fiction

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A Land Remembered has become Florida's favorite novel. Now this Student Edition in two volumes makes this rich, rugged story of the American pioneer spirit more accessible to young readers. Patrick Smith tells of three generations of the MacIveys, a Florida family battling the hardships of the frontier. The story opens in 1858, when Tobias and Emma MacIvey arrive in the Florida wilderness with their son, Zech, to start a new life, and ends in 1968 with Solomon MacIvey, who realizes that his wealth has not been worth the cost to the land. Between is a sweeping story rich in Florida history with a cast of memorable characters who battle wild animals, rustlers, Confederate deserters, mosquitoes, starvation, hurricanes, and freezes to carve a kingdom out of the Florida swamp. In this volume, meet young Zech MacIvey, who learns to ride like the wind through the Florida scrub on Ishmael, his marshtackie horse, his dogs, Nip and Tuck, at this side. His parents, Tobias and Emma, scratch a living from the land, gathering wild cows from the swamp and herding them across the state to market. Zech learns the ways of the land from the Seminoles, with whom his life becomes entwined as he grows into manhood. Next in series > > See all of the books in this series

A Whisper of Moonlight

The force ripped him out of the vine entanglement and sent him crashing against the trunk of a tree. The vines returned to bind him by his feet, hands, and neck around the trunk. They tightened as they pulled on every limb, ...


Author: K.J. Dortmans

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781039117839

Category: Young Adult Fiction

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When a two-hundred-year-old dark Oracle that was sealed away for over a century begins to emerge and threaten the lives of a kingdom, fifteen-year-old Tonne discovers magical powers he didn’t know he had. He must embark on a quest to save his twin sister before she succumbs to the darkness. Meanwhile, a young couple, Roland and Evlyn, set out on a journey to the capital city to start a new life, where they encounter politics and betrayals within the royal family in power. Soon the lives of all those who live in this peaceful country are in danger when what's left of the evil djinn, Nivalhir, begins to fester with purpose once again and wreak havoc on a people on the brink of civil war. As corruption spreads throughout the land, a choice must be made by those in charge—a choice between what is right and what is easy.

Nuovo dizionario portatile italiano inglese e inglese taliano

Avviticciare , v . a . to entwine like Avvilirsi , v . r . to lose courage . vine - tendrils . Avviluppaménto , n . entanglement , Avvitire , v . a . to plant vines . confusion . [ fuse . Avvitoláto , ta , a . tortuous ; rough ...


Author: Friedrich Ernst Feller



Category: Italian language


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Forest Management Guidelines for Controlling Wild Grapevines

In stands where grapevines are found , openings often develop in the crown canopy . In these openings , the vines become matted , overtop the trees , and develop an entanglement that primarily is dominated by grapevines .


Author: H. Clay Smith


ISBN: MINN:31951D02986045K

Category: Climbing plants

Page: 15

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S2Grapevines (Vitis spp.) are becoming a major problem for forest managers in the Appalachians, especially when clearcutting is done on highly productive hardwood sites. Grapevines can reduce tree quality and growth, and eventually kill the tree. Silvical characteristics of grapevines are discussed. Forest management guidelines are given for controlling growth of grapevines. The control guidelines are applied to mature and immature stands using herbicides and mechanical treatments. The grapevine-arbor concept is suggested as a means of regulating the control treatments for timber and wildlife interests.S3.

God Descending to Another World

... possessed great strength and endurance, it still needed a lot of strength to be entangled by the mutated vine. ... of the thirteen vines made it impossible for even a late-seventh level mutated beast to escape from the entanglement ...


Author: Luo Yeqiufeng

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781647815899

Category: Fiction


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As a person without a weapon, peerless mental cultivation method, handsome appearance, and a noble background, Ye Xinghe had no place to stand in this world of slaughter and death. His greatest wish in life was to return home. If time and space are irrevocable, I will control the universe to defy the heavens and change fate. If heaven's will cannot be defied, I will use the sword in my hand to shatter the nine heavens. However, when he finally found a way to reverse time and space, he was already surrounded by his wives, looking down at the world from the left!

A Manual on Ground Applications of Forestry Herbicides

Kudzu spreads as the vines grow and send down roots at each Kudzu can grow rapidly even on poor and node , every ... This inspection , if done properly , will permit a more careful plan of attack on The entanglement of kudzu vines in ...


Author: James Howard Miller


ISBN: MINN:31951002982106W

Category: Forest insects


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A bold-foliaged vine allowed to explore the framework of a more finely textured tree or shrub, or the converse, provides the textural ... Often in nature I have seen an entanglement of different vines sharing the same vertical support.


Author: Daniel J. Hinkley

Publisher: Timber Press

ISBN: 9781643260495

Category: Gardening

Page: 280

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“Dan Hinkley is a rare man, generous, inspired, and gifted with an eye for beauty that is given to few people. How I long to wander again in the galloping beauty of his garden at Windcliff. Here it is, in all its inspiring wonder.” —Anna Pavord, author of Landskipping and The Curious Gardener Daniel Hinkley is widely recognized as one of the fore­most modern plant explorers and one of the world’s leading plant collectors. He has created two outstanding private gardens—Heronswood and Windcliff. Both gardens, and the story of how one begat the other, are beautifully celebrated in Hinkley’s new book, Windcliff. In these pages you will delight in Hinkley’s recounting of the creation of his garden, the stories of the plants that fill its space, and in his sage gardening advice. Hinkley’s spirited ruminations on the audacity and importance of garden-making—contemplations on the beauty of a sunflower turning its neck from dawn to dusk, the way a plant’s scent can spur a memory, and much more—will appeal to the hearts of every gardener. Filled with Claire Takacs’s otherworldly photography, Windcliff is spectacular for both its physical beauty and the quality of information it contains.

Empire of Vines

77 As a trope for U.S. empire, the tree colonized with grapevines asserted its own entanglement with aggression and violence. Downing's writings on domestic architecture include many related references to grapevines.


Author: Erica Hannickel

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812245592

Category: History

Page: 312

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Empire of Vines traces the development of wine culture as grape growing expanded from New York to the Midwest before gaining ascendancy in California—a progression that illustrates viticulture's centrality to the nineteenth-century American projects of national expansion and the formation of a national culture.