Water in Plain Sight

A timely and compelling collection of stories from around the globe, Water in Plain Sight is an inspiring reminder that changing the future of our drying planet requires understanding our most precious natural resource and the natural ...


Author: Judith Schwartz

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 9781603589161

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

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Water scarcity is on everyone's mind. Long taken for granted, water availability has become dependent on economics, politics, and people's food and lifestyle choices. But as anxiety mounts--and even as a swath of California farmland has been left fallow, and extremist groups worldwide exploit the desperation of people losing livelihoods to desertification--many are finding new routes to water security with key implications for food access, economic resilience, and climate change. Water does not perish, nor does it require millions of years to form as do fossil fuels. However water is always on the move and we must learn to work with its natural movement. In this timely, important book, Judith D. Schwartz presents a refreshing perspective on water that transcends zero-sum thinking. By allying with the water cycle, we can revive lush, productive landscapes, like the river in rural Zimbabwe that now flows miles further than it has in living memory thanks to restorative grazing; the fruit-filled food forest in Tucson, Arizona, grown by harvesting urban wastewater; or the mini-oasis in West Texas nourished by dew. Animated by stories from around the globe, Water In Plain Sight is an inspiring reminder that fixing the future of our drying planet involves understanding what makes natural systems thrive.

Rethinking Evolution The Revolution That s Hiding In Plain Sight

At colder temperatures, hydrogen bonding causes water molecules to solidify in crystals that are less dense than liquid water. ... of water are so important for life 20 Rethinking Evolution: The Revolution That's Hiding in Plain Sight.


Author: Levinson Gene

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9781786347282

Category: Science

Page: 500

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Rethinking Evolution links Darwin's early insights to the molecular realm inside living cells. This updated evolutionary synthesis provides an accessible explanation for biological complexity that cuts through the confusion surrounding evolutionary theory in a practical way.In addition to a wide-ranging survey of proposed updates to the modern synthesis, this title provides extraordinary new insights including emergent evolutionary potential and the generative phenotype. Drawing on well-characterized empirical facts, Rethinking Evolution transcends classical Darwinian natural selection while retaining those core principles that have stood the test of time.The updated synthesis brings a broad spectrum of specialized research together to provide a more plausible naturalistic explanation for biological evolution than ever before. Perspectives ranging from the role of energy in the origin of life to the networks of protein-DNA interactions that govern multicellular development are woven together in a robust conceptual fabric consistent with 21st century cutting-edge research.Inspired in part by the surprising ways that DNA sequences change — such as his early discovery of a fundamental mispairing mechanism by which DNA sequences expand — and drawing on a career's worth of experience both as a research scientist as well as a biology and chemistry tutor — the author provides an engaging account that is essential reading — both for the public awareness and understanding of the science of evolution and for students and professionals in the biomedical sciences.

In Plain Sight

You walk, talk, and eat thinking about water. You dream water. You wonder, “Do I have enough water?” “Am I drinking enough water?” “Where is the water?” But you stay calm. You know water. You know how much water you. 211 In Plain Sight.


Author: R Curtis Royal, Dr, PhD

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781481711289

Category: Philosophy

Page: 358

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IN PLAIN SIGHT - SEARCHING FOR A MORE EXCELLENT WAY, addresses the ongoing exodus from western churches. Census records remind us there are two to three times more Christians than go to church. Interestingly, the increase of Christianity in third world countries is remarkable. Western churches are suffering a massive dislocation from both society and from Christianity in general. What is suggested in this book is exactly the sort of process God enables/allows while preparing the next stage of a grand plan in the drama of human redemption. We must search for a more excellent way. "Tolerant Spirit" is paramount in hearing the voice of the Spirit along the spiritual journey. IN PLAIN SIGHT extends the sacred conversation to all fellow travelers aspiring to discover or regain their spiritual compasses in being faithful to a true and living God who rules and reigns beyond our many fallible conceptions of divine governance in the world, and the interaction of divine initiative and human responsibility. The problem of forging a new paradigm in the churches for a new age is a sacred conversation about rethinking divine activity and personal and corporate faithfulness. We must become much more intentional about developing a theology of grace which thoroughly encompasses serious crises and problems of all spiritual pilgrims, travelers, and persons of sincere faith.

Lie in Plain Sight

She watched him walk along a narrow path, disappearing from sight as he got closer to the water. She looked balefully at the sneakers on the passenger seat next to her, sitting beside the crumbly muffin in its waxed paper bag, ...


Author: Maggie Barbieri

Publisher: Minotaur Books

ISBN: 9781466885196

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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It's a busy day at the bakery Maeve Conlon owns when she receives a phone call from the high school saying Maeve's employee's daughter, Taylor Dvorak, is ill. Taylor's mom is out on a delivery and Taylor has her own car, so harried Maeve gives the school nurse permission to send Taylor home on her own. But Taylor never makes it: Somewhere between the school and her house, she just vanishes. Not only does Maeve feel responsible, but she can't shake the feeling that there's more to Taylor's disappearance than meets the eye. So Maeve decides to take matters into her own capable hands. She finds that Farringville has a lot more to hide than most small towns, from the secretive high school girls' soccer coach to Taylor's estranged father and her troubled mother, and she gets to work shining a light on all these mysteries. Balancing this dark undertaking and her relationship with a local policeman, Maeve will have to walk the fine line between justice and revenge carefully if she hopes to prevail in the next suspenseful novel from Maggie Barbieri.

A Demon in Plain Sight

Maggie shakes everything off running the water in the tub undresses climbs in the water to wash the long night from her body. With the water covering her body her mind drifts again, “Tony seems so convinced it is Hollander but he is ...


Author: Paul T. Barnhill

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781463446529

Category: Fiction

Page: 392

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Welcome to the world of John Hollander; a man born into wealth, and prestige. A man to be envied for the world he controls; risen to be one of the wealthiest persons upon the earth; someone with the world at his feet; a loving wife; thought of as a saint, among the people of the world, but he also has a darker side, that he keeps hidden from everyone; an alter ego; driven for violence, and pursued by an agent (Tony Steele).Don, his other side; has taken everything from him. Can he stop him, or will he keep up his killing ways? Follow his day by day thoughts, and how he functions in a normal society, but every day is joined by a mad man. Will Cindy Hollander (his faithful wife) figure out that she sleeps with a butcher of women? Read, and find out inside “A Demon in plain sight!!!”

In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight waters in Alberta. They also will cause acute infections of the intestines and will present symptoms similar to giardiasis. So, bring your water from home and bring sufficient quantities to keep yourself properly hydrated ...


Author: Neil L. Jennings

Publisher: Rocky Mountain Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781897522783

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 268

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In Plain Sight highlights a selection of natural wonders and outdoor adventures located in southern Alberta. The places featured in this book have been chosen for their utter uniqueness, beauty and splendour. Some are easy to get to and easy to get around in; others require a bit more time and energy. Overall, you will be stimulated, enlightened, delighted, amazed, uplifted and broadened by the experience. These are truly awesome places, in the very real denotation of that adjective. All are in plain sight, though they are little visited by locals or tourists. The book contains chapters on Waterton Lakes National Park, Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, Dinosaur Provincial Park, the Whaleback and a number of other special places. The narrative covers the geological record and the natural and human history of the places in order to explain how each locale is unique and worthy of further investigation.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Pausing momentarily, I listened to the water's soft trickle above the intermittent rush of traffic below. Some springs once widely used are now hidden in plain sight. It took several passes before I finally found the one I was looking ...


Author: David K. Leff

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press

ISBN: 9780819572820

Category: Travel

Page: 264

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In the course of the mundane routines of life, we encounter a variety of landscapes and objects, either ignoring them or looking without interest at what appears to be just a tree, stone, anonymous building, or dirt road. But the “deep traveler,” according to Hartford Courant essayist David K. Leff, doesn’t make this mistake. Instead, the commonplace elements become the most important. By learning to see the magic in the mundane, we not only enrich daily life with a sense of place, we are more likely to protect and make those places better. Over his many years working at the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and writing about the state’s landscape, Leff gained unparalleled intimacy while traveling its byways and back roads. In Hidden in Plain Sight, Leff’s essays and photographs take us on a point-by-point journey, revealing the rich stories behind many of Connecticut’s overlooked landmarks, from the Merritt Parkway and Cornwall’s Cathedral Pines to roadside rock art and centuries-old milestones.

Paradise in Plain Sight

He said we were killing them with too much water in some places and too little water in others. The trunks were soaked and the roots were starved. Top-heavy overgrowth blocked sunlight from reaching spindly undergrowth.


Author: Karen Maezen Miller

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781608682539

Category: Self-Help

Page: 192

View: 149

Come See the Garden That Is Your Life When Zen teacher Karen Maezen Miller and her family land in a house with a hundred-year-old Japanese garden, she uses the paradise in her backyard to glean the living wisdom of our natural world. Through her eyes, rocks convey faith, ponds preach stillness, flowers give love, and leaves express the effortless ease of letting go. The book welcomes readers into the garden for Zen lessons in fearlessness, forgiveness, presence, acceptance, and contentment. Miller gathers inspiration from the ground beneath her feet to remind us that paradise is always here and now.

Elements Incarnate A Concealed Inferno In Plain Sight

He pulls and pulls for what feels like an eternity until the entire length of hose floats on the water's surface around him. That should be enough for me to reach the bottom here and hopefully the city of the Merfolk he thinks as he ...


Author: Timothy E. Forck

Publisher: Timothy E. Forck

ISBN: 9781499160079

Category: Fiction

Page: 148

View: 591

Book Two of Elements Incarnate Series. Twenty years have come and gone since four elemental warriors were born to the world by the light of the Creator. Twenty years free from the tyranny of the demon Xhenidrix and his army of the undead. Peace and unity has washed over the continent as the ways of the world were rewritten by the four exceptional beings blessed with wisdom beyond fathom. Times are good, but the lingering question lurking in the back of everyone's mind is the same. Will this season of fellowship last? Firabreeze, a young woman conceived in the unexpected union of air and fire, has lived a sheltered life as the sole princess of Eurathia. When Firabreeze is plagued by strange dreams of a tropical land awash in blood-red light, reports of strange creatures begin to surge in from all around the countryside. All the while, a treacherous plot is unfolding with a foe thought long gone. Are all these events random acts of darkness, or will disaster envelop the lives of the elements incarnate once more?

Die in Plain Sight

Her artistic conscience wanted her to include a painting from each of the three kinds of death—fire, water, and earth/car wreck—but she hadn't been able to bring herself to do it. She'd settled on one of the water paintings with its ...


Author: Elizabeth Lowell

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061743276

Category: Fiction

Page: 544

View: 841

New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Lowell creates another masterpiece of excitement and chills, passion and surprise Die in Plain Sight When Lacey Quinn inherits the striking landscapes done by her late, much-loved grandfather, she believes they are as good as anything hanging in museums. But the paintings now in her possession are more than the works of a talented master. They are anguished voices from the grave . . . crying murder! Lacey begins researching her grandfather's past -- and is rocked almost immediately by a strange series of violent events. Someone wants to steal her inheritance, to reduce the paintings to unrecognizable ashes in a suspicious blaze. Someone wants to prevent Lacey from examining her grandfather's work too closely . . . by any means necessary. Ian Lapstrake, a security specialist, has taken an interest in Lacey's inheritance . . . and in her. Troubled by what he sees, he becomes Lacey's shadow, as her search for answers leads them both down an ever-darkening road paved with lies, blood, and devastating secrets.