Hitchhiking Across America

As we were driving I spotted the weatherman walking along the shoulder but he didn't see us because he was looking down. I felt a little bad that I'm passing him by but if he only knew that I was in an unmarked sheriff's jeep he ...


Author: Doug Van Gorder

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 9781432719678

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 539

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Today I will hope for a ride This is how I survive I need to bury my pride And pray to God I stay alive.


Anyway, we were walking along and Sherman said, "Today would be a good day to make a bird. What do you guys think?" Denny said, "Yeah, you're right." Weatherman agreed and asked Joe Zawtocki his opinion. Joe was reluctant.


Author: Zalin Grant

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393242508

Category: History

Page: 360

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This book may well be the most unusual document to come out of the Viet Nam war. It is the moving story of nine American soldiers and pilots who were captured and held prisoner for five years. It could only be told in their own words; and so the author interviewed each of the nine men, and edited and wove their accounts together to form a single, compelling narrative of war and survival. For three years these Americans were held in a Viet Cong jungle prison, where they struggled against starvation- and themselves. They describe the details of their daily existence as the war ebbed and flowed around them: the rats, the terror of American bombing raids, the sickness. Through juxtaposition of their individual stories we see the subtle, destructive tensions that operate on a group of men in such desperate circumstances. Then they marched up the Ho Chi Minh trail to Hanoi, where their physical ordeal gave way to an agonizing moral dilemma. Should they join the "Peace Committee", a group of POW's protesting the war? Or should they resist their captors by all possible means as ordered by the secret American commander of the Hanoi prison? After three years in the jungle on the edge of survival, each man had to answer the questions: Who am I? What do I believe? These nine men form a cross section of the army we sent to Viet Nam. Their words illuminate not only their individual background and experience, but also the meaning of the war for us all.

We Don t Dig Dinosaurs

I was delighted to be a guest on BBC Wales's Weatherman Walking, where our very dear Welsh weatherman Derek visits some of Wales's most interesting landscapes. Soon after, I was in charge of a visit from the fabulous Gok Wan, ...


Author: Sue T. Carter

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781499007718

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 190

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There is a wide held misconception that archaeologist dig up dinosaurs - we don't, we leave that to the palaeontologists. Archaeology is the study of the human past and there is an approximate gap of 64 million years between the extinction of the dinosaurs and human evolution. This book holds insights into what archaeologists from around the world really do in their work life, and why they chose archaeology as a career. Stories ranging from animals, the environment, sacrifice, human remains, community involvement and even fantasy related archaeology, this book in an insight into the many aspects of life in the interesting and diverse career of archaeology. Whether you are a student looking at studying archaeology, an armchair critic, someone who finds the subject interesting, or think that archaeology involves just three days of 'digging', this book will open up a whole new world of what is involved in the eclectic career of an archaeologist.

My Best Friend and Other Illusions

P: He was a well-known weatherman on TV. “You named your doll after a weatherman?” Miles said. “I don't know. Maybe I admired the weather.” “At least we don't have an imaginary weatherman walking around our apartment now.


Author: Suri Rosen

Publisher: Scholastic Canada

ISBN: 9781443146838

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 240

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What if your imaginary friend from childhood suddenly reappeared . . . only this time he’s no figment of your imagination. Charlie, a budding acrobat, is desperate to attend a gymnastics camp that will qualify her for a spot in the renowned travelling circus Circo Circo. But her mom can barely make ends meet and Charlie knows she must find a way to earn the money on her own. The solution seems to come when the perfect gymnastics partner mysteriously appears and they can put on shows. There’s just one small thing though . . . this perfect partner is someone Charlie knows well. He’s Rudy, her imaginary childhood friend — only this time he’s real. The problem with imaginary friends is that they know things about you . . . things that can jeopardize not only Charlie’s acrobatic dreams, but also threaten to tear her family even farther apart. This truthful and often funny story is the mark of a rising new voice in Canadian children’s literature, and a moving exploration of how to reconcile memory, family, forgiveness and the search for belonging.

Blood Binds the Pack

The miners clanked as they walked, shackled. One, a dark young woman whose hair hung lank around her head, ... He tugged at Mr Yellow's hand to get the Weatherman walking. As they headed toward the dining tent, the low hum of osprey ...


Author: Alex Wells

Publisher: Watkins Media Limited

ISBN: 9780857666482

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

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Join the fight for the people and power of Tanegawa’s world in this “enormously fun” space western and sequel to the award–winning Hunger Makes the Wolf (Tor.com) War is coming to Hob Ravani’s world. The company that holds it in monopoly, TransRift Inc, has at last found what they’re looking for—the source of the power that enables their Weathermen to rip holes in space and time, allowing the interstellar travel all of human society now takes for granted. And they will mine every last grain of it from Tanegawa’s World no matter the cost. Since Hob Ravani used her witchy powers to pull a massive train job and destroy TransRift Inc’s control on this part of the planet, the Ghost Wolves aren’t just outlaws, they’re the resistance. Mag’s miner collective grows restless as TransRift pushes them ever harder to strip the world of its strange, blue mineral. Now Shige Rollins has returned with a new charge—Mr Yellow, the most advanced model of Weatherman, infused with the recovered mineral samples and made into something stranger, stronger, and deadlier than before. And Mr Yellow is very, very hungry.

The A Z of Curious Flintshire

She, first of all, told Jamie that she always watched the BBC Wales news, and his wonderful travel programmes, then turned to Derek and made similar comments about watching the weather and his programme The Weatherman Walking.


Author: David Rowe

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 9780750964395

Category: History

Page: 176

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Flintshire, the northern gateway to Wales, is a county rich in heritage. It is home to ancient artefacts, medieval buildings and country houses, and has had many fascinating residents such as the grand old man of politics, W.E. Gladstone, and the famous naturalist and writer, Thomas Pennant. As with much of Wales, Flintshire is also a place of myth and legends, from missing monks to maids in wells. This wonderful compendium of curious anecdotes and curiosities relates tales from the county’s rich history. Splendidly illustrated, it is great for dipping into, but can equally be enjoyed from cover to cover.

Over the Beach The Air War in Vietnam

“Not a fucking thing,” deadpanned the weatherman, walking off the podium. The room erupted into laughter at the unexpected joke, breaking the tension. The intelligence briefing followed. Missile sites were numbered and displayed on a ...


Author: Zalin Grant

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393242461

Category: History

Page: 320

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"The Right Stuff without the hype, Yeager without the ego."—Washington Post Book World "While the jet-jockey competitiveness, the undercurrent of fear, the victories and foul-ups of jet sweeps have been described many times, few such chronicles have done it so grippingly and with such a ring of accuracy. Mr. Grant explores the emotions felt not only by the men in battle but by the wives and others left behind, and the questions the war raised in their minds. To put in larger context the war's impact on individual participants, the author periodically reviews the high-level struggles over how to fight the air war. "What is most impressive is to find an analysis so clearly stated, so seemingly on track in locating the weak spots in the policies of various political and military officials....Written in a straightforward yet stylish prose, Over the Beach carries tremendous conviction."—Richard Witkin, New York Times Book Review

The Public World Syntactically Impermanence

WEATHERMAN walking in some other location, no longer in the train. News-people, now the illuminated dog, with pink rubber strand of entrails from coat, rolls and writhes on the floor as if being beaten: I was walking on a line with the ...


Author: Leslie Scalapino

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press

ISBN: 9780819572226

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 158

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The Public World / Syntactically Impermanence is a brilliant consideration of the strategies of poetry, and the similarities between early Zen thought and some American avant-garde writings that counter the "language of determinateness," or conventions of perception. The theme of the essays is poetic language which critiques itself, recognizing its own conceptual formations of private and social, the form or syntax of the language being "syntactically impermanence." Whether writing reflexively on her own poetry or looking closely at the writing of her peers, Leslie Scalapino makes us aware of the split between commentary (discourse and interpretation) and interior experience. The "poetry" in the collection is both commentary and interior experience at once. She argues that poetry is perhaps most deeply political when it is an expression that is not recognized or readily comprehensible as discourse.

The Weatherman Turns Himself in

Weatherman walking in some other location , no longer in the train . News - people , now the illuminated dog , with pink rubber strand of entrails from coat , rolls and writhes on the floor as if being beaten : I was walking on a line ...


Author: Leslie Scalapino

Publisher: Zasterl Press

ISBN: STANFORD:36105020373143

Category: Drama

Page: 39

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Media in Wales

... BBC2W 13 Source: BBC Wales/BARB Figure 22: BBCWales – selected programmes Programme Scrum V Live X-ray Belonging Coming Home Iolo's Welsh Safari Weatherman Walking Source: BBC Wales/BARB Av. audience 133,000 142,000 121,000 193,000 ...


Author: Geraint Talfan Davies

Publisher: Institute of Welsh Affairs

ISBN: 9781904773344

Category: Mass media

Page: 64

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Mae'r adroddiad hwn yn edrych ar adroddiad Ofcom i ddarlledu cyhoeddus. -- Cyngor Llyfrau Cymru