Mathematics across the Iron Curtain

Weyl's influence is plain to see in Clifford's publications list: in 1937, Clifford
produced two papers on representations induced in a normal subgroup by an
irreducible representation of the whole group. Around this time, Clifford also
helped ...


Author: Christopher Hollings

Publisher: American Mathematical Society

ISBN: 9781470414931

Category: Mathematics

Page: 441

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The theory of semigroups is a relatively young branch of mathematics, with most of the major results having appeared after the Second World War. This book describes the evolution of (algebraic) semigroup theory from its earliest origins to the establishment of a full-fledged theory. Semigroup theory might be termed `Cold War mathematics' because of the time during which it developed. There were thriving schools on both sides of the Iron Curtain, although the two sides were not always able to communicate with each other, or even gain access to the other's publications. A major theme of this book is the comparison of the approaches to the subject of mathematicians in East and West, and the study of the extent to which contact between the two sides was possible.

Philosophical Problems of Space and Time

We must now turn to the ramifications of that articulation both for the metric itself
and for the curvature properties of empty space-time. 3. THE ONTOLOGY OF


Author: Adolf Grünbaum

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401026222

Category: Science

Page: 884

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It is ten years since Adolf Griinbaum published the first edition of this book. It was promptly recognized to be one of the few major works in the philosophy of the natural sciences of this generation. In part, this is so because Griinbaum has chosen a problem basic both to philosophy and to the natural sciences - the nature of space and time; and in part, this is so because he so admirably exemplifies that Aristotelian devotion to the intimate and mutual dependence of actual science and philosophical understanding. More than this, however, the quality of his work derives from his achievement in combining detail with scope. The problems of space and time have been among the most difficult in contemporary and classical thought, and Griinbaum has been responsible to the full depth and complexity of these difficulties. This revised and enlarged second edition is a work in progress, in the tradition of reflective analysis of modern science of such figures as Ehrenfest and Reichenbach. In publishing this work among the Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science, we hope to contribute to and encourage that broad tradition of natural philosophy which is marked by the close collaboration of philoso phers and scientists. To this end, we have published the proceedings of our Colloquia, of meetings and conferences here and abroad, as well as the works of single authors.

Lives of Northern Worthies Lady Anne Clifford Roger Ascham John Fisher The Rev William Mason Sir Richard Arkwright

... hoarse strain ; While from the north the sullen gale With hollow whistlings
shook the vale ; Dismal notes , and answered soon By savage howl the heaths
among , What time the wolf doth bay the trembling moon , And thin the bleating
throng .


Author: Hartley Coleridge


ISBN: UOM:39015016891189

Category: Lancashire (England)


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Clifford Geertz in Morocco

Of time and the city: Clifford Geertz on urban history Susan Gilson Miller
Department of History, University of California at Davis, Davis, CA, USA This
paper explores Clifford Geertz's thinking about cities and modernity in the
Moroccan context.


Author: Susan Slyomovics

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317988175

Category: Social Science

Page: 248

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Between 1963 and 1986, eminent American anthropologists Clifford and Hildred Geertz - together and alone - conducted ethnographic fieldwork for varying periods in Sefrou, a town situated in north-central Morocco, south of Fez. This book considers Geertz’s contributions to sociocultural theory and symbolic anthropology. Clifford Geertz made an immense impact on the American academy: his interpretative and symbolic approaches reoriented anthropology analytically away from classic social science presuppositions, while his publications profoundly influenced both North American and Maghribi researchers alike. After his death at the age of 80 on October 30, 2006, scholars from local, national, and international universities gathered at the University of California, Los Angeles, to analyze his contributions to sociocultural theory and symbolic anthropology in relation to Islam; ideas of the sacred; Morocco’s cityscapes (notably Sefrou’s bazaar or suq); colonialism and post-independence economic development; gender, and political structures at the household and village levels. This book looks back to a specific era of American anthropology beginning in the 1960s as it unfolded in Morocco; and at the same time, the contributions examine new lines of enquiry that opened up after key texts by Geertz were translated into French and introduced to generations of francophone Maghribi researchers who sustain lively and inventive meditations on his Morocco writings. This book was published as a special issue of Journal of North African Studies.

Calendrical Calculations Millennium Edition

-Clifford Geertz : The Interpretation of Cultures ( 1973 ) The Pawukon calendar of
Bali is a complex example of a calendar based on concurrent cycles ( see
Section 1.11 ) . ... They don't tell you what time it is ; they tell you what kind of time
it is .


Author: Edward M. Reingold

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521777526

Category: Computers

Page: 422

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This new edition of the successful calendars book is being published at the turn of the millennium and expands the treatment of the previous edition to new calendars and variants. As interest grows in the impact of seemingly arbitrary calendrical systems upon our daily lives, this book frames the world in a completely algorithmic form. The book gives a description of twenty-five calendars and how they relate to one another: the Gregorian (current civil), ISO (International Organization for Standardization), Egyptian (and nearly identical Armenian), Julian (old civil), Coptic, Ethiopic, Islamic (Moslem), modern Persian (both astronomical and arithmetic forms), Baha'i (both present and future forms), Hebrew (Jewish), Mayan (long count, haab, and tzolkin), Balinese Pawukon, French Revolutionary (both astronomical and arithmetic forms), Chinese (and nearly identical Japanese), old Hindu (solar and lunisolar), and modern Hindu (solar and lunisolar). Easy conversion among these calendars is a by-product of the approach, as is the determination of secular and religious holidays. Calendrical Calculations makes accurate calendrical algorithms readily available for computer use with LISP, Mathematica, and Java code for all the algorithms included on the CD, and updates are available on the Web. This book will be a valuable resource for working programmers as well as a fount of useful algorithmic tools for computer scientists. In addition, the lay reader will find the historical setting and general calendar descriptions of great interest.

Clark Clifford

But irrespective of how much control Abedi and BCCI wielded, Clifford believed
that he was in charge, and he took great ... 15 Around the same time Clifford and
Altman were the beneficiaries of a suspicious stock transaction that would land ...


Author: John Acacia

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 9780813139258

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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One of the most renowned Washington insiders of the twentieth century, Clark Clifford (1906--1998) was a top advisor to four Democratic presidents. As a powerful corporate attorney, he advised Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Jimmy Carter. As special counsel to Truman, Clifford helped to articulate the Truman Doctrine, grant recognition to Israel, create the Marshall Plan, and build the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). After winning the 1960 Democratic presidential nomination, Kennedy asked Clifford to analyze the problems he would face in taking over the executive branch and later appointed him chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. Johnson named Clifford secretary of defense in 1968, but their warm relationship was strained when Clifford concluded that there was no plan for victory in the Vietnam War and that the United States was in a "bottomless pit." Even Carter, who kept his distance from Washington insiders, turned to Clifford for help. In Clark Clifford: The Wise Man of Washington, John Acacia chronicles Clifford's rise from midwestern lawyer to Washington power broker and presidential confidant. He covers the breadth and span of Clifford's involvement in numerous pivotal moments of American history, providing a window to the inner workings of the executive office. Drawing from a wealth of sources, the author reveals Clifford's role as one of the most trusted advisors in American history and as a primary architect of cold war foreign policy.

Mrs Keith s crime by L Clifford

Lucy Clifford. do not see . I am much better . . . . What is that light ? They have
brought in the lamp at last , doctor ; what time is it ? ” “ It is nearly seven . ” He
goes round to Molly and looks at her . “ She is better , ” he says — “ she is better
than ...


Author: Lucy Clifford


ISBN: OXFORD:555043676



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Exploring Time Tense and Aspect in Natural Language Database Interfaces

One can store events A and B as a se- quence of contingently related events
without assigning them specific times; here ... In terms of syntactic coverage of
time- related phenomena, Clifford's grammar is similar to the grammar of Chapter


Author: Ion Androutsopoulos

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027249906

Category: Computational linguistics

Page: 306

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Advances in temporal databases make it increasingly easier to store time-dependent information, creating a need for facilities that will help end-users access this information. In the context of natural language interaction, significant effort has been devoted to interfaces that allow database queries to be formulated in natural language. Most of the existing interfaces, however, do not support adequately the notion of time. Drawing upon tense and aspect theories, temporal logics, and temporal databases, this cross-discipline book examines relevant issues from the three areas, developing a unified theoretical framework that can be used to build natural language interfaces to temporal databases. The framework features an HPSG mapping from English to a formally defined meaning representation language, and a corresponding mapping to a temporal extension of the SQL database language. The book is accompanied by a freely available prototype interface, built according to the framework, and implemented using Prolog and ALE. This is the first in-depth exploration of the notion of time in natural language database interfaces. It will be particularly interesting to researchers working on natural language interaction, tense and aspect, HPSG, temporal logics, and temporal databases, especially those who wish to learn about time-related issues in other disciplines.

Judicial and Testamentary Business of the Provincial Court 1637 1683 1679 1680

... blows given or uttered upon his then return , or at any time to the Said Clifford
by the Said M. Brooke his Master or by any other , only that their Said Master ,
then openly in the house , and thereupon told the Said Clifford , that he would
remitt ...


Author: Maryland (Colony). Provincial Court


ISBN: CORNELL:31924082451067

Category: Law reports, digests, etc


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Sparkling Greed

I checked the caller ID but no number was registered.' Clifford sat bolt upright
saying: 'You too what time was it?' 'I had the same thing happen to me about one
o'clock.' Elaine confirmed that was about the same time she received her ...


Author: David Wilde

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781467007580

Category: Fiction

Page: 164

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Clifford and Elaine Jessop were a suburban couple living in a penthouse in Chelsea. Not exactly high flyers but nevertheless they were career minded. Clifford held an important position with HM customs and Immigration. Elaine had just been promoted to Personal assistant to the MD of her company which specialised in processing and distributing high quality gems and diamonds. Their world was turned upside down when murder, kidnapping and mayhem suddenly shattered their peaceful lives. David has attempted to produce an "easy reading" story without omitting the suspense. Not exactly a "who done it" more of a "how will it end".

A Drama in Six Acts Entitled Hazel Hampden

Harold , lad you thought that it was time Clifford was here ? In twenty minutes the
wedding party will be due here . We have not seen him since Christmas , Miss
Wilton . He studies law in Chicago , won't he be a big , handsome lawyer ? Clyde


Author: Elouise Forrester




Page: 27

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Clifford Algebras

Partial differential equations in mathematical physics describe time-dependent
physical processes. In cooperation with several people from the Clifford analysis
group such as K. Giirlebeck [7, 8], S. Bernstein [2, 3], U. Ka'hler [5] and M. Shapiro


Author: Pertti Lounesto

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0817635254

Category: Mathematics

Page: 626

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In addition, attention is paid to the algebraic and Lie-theoretic applications of Clifford algebras---particularly their intersection with Hopf algebras, Lie algebras and representations, graded algebras, and associated mathematical structures. Symplectic Clifford algebras are also discussed. Finally, Clifford algebras play a strong role in both physics and engineering. The physics section features an investigation of geometric algebras, chiral Dirac equations, spinors and Fermions, and applications of Clifford algebras in classical mechanics and general relativity. Twistor and octonionic methods, electromagnetism and gravity, elementary particle physics, noncommutative physics, Dirac's equation, quantum spheres, and the Standard Model are among topics considered at length.


About that time in my life, a wonderful Lady by the name of Miss Munday made
herself known to me. She was a Christian and had somehow heard about me
and my friend Jack. She introduced herself to my mother and to Jack's mom as
well, ...


Author: Cliff Clarke

Publisher: Frank Neumann

ISBN: 9780978450304

Category: Businessmen

Page: 287

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Multivectors and Clifford Algebra in Electrodynamics

In the space - time formulation of electrodynamics , one may also introduce force
surfaces if the electromagnetic bivector F is simple . Their definition is analogous
to that given in $ 1.1 : they are oriented surfaces to which the field F is tangent at


Author: Bernard Jancewicz

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9971502909

Category: Science

Page: 316

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Clifford algebras are assuming now an increasing role in theoretical physics. Some of them predominantly larger ones are used in elementary particle theory, especially for a unification of the fundamental interactions. The smaller ones are promoted in more classical domains. This book is intended to demonstrate usefulness of Clifford algebras in classical electrodynamics. Written with a pedagogical aim, it begins with an introductory chapter devoted to multivectors and Clifford algebra for the three-dimensional space. In a later chapter modifications are presented necessary for higher dimension and for the pseudoeuclidean metric of the Minkowski space.Among other advantages one is worth mentioning: Due to a bivectorial description of the magnetic field a notion of force surfaces naturally emerges, which reveals an intimate link between the magnetic field and the electric currents as its sources. Because of the elementary level of presentation, this book can be treated as an introductory course to electromagnetic theory. Numerous illustrations are helpful in visualizing the exposition. Furthermore, each chapter ends with a list of problems which amplify or further illustrate the fundamental arguments.

Clifford at the Circus

Norman Bridwell. Bull's-eye! But Clifford got there in time. Good old Clifford.


Author: Norman Bridwell

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 9780545215848

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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When the circus owner laments that everything is going wrong and he will not be able to put on a show, Clifford the giant dog thinks of ways to save the day.

Clifford Geertz by His Colleagues

Clifford Geertz and Islam N AFTER BABEL , George Steiner ( 1975 , 24 )
observes that a " text is embedded in specific historical time , " so that reading a
text fully involves restoring " all that time can of the immediacies of value and
intent in ...


Author: Clifford Geertz

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226756092

Category: History

Page: 145

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Clifford Geertz is the most influential American anthropologist of the past four decades. His writings have defined and given character to the intellectual agenda of a meaning-centered, nonreductive interpretive social science and have provoked much excitement and debate about the nature of human understanding. As part of the American Anthropological Association's centennial celebration, the executive board sponsored a presidential session honoring Geertz. Clifford Geertz by His Colleagues compiles the twelve speeches given then by a distinguished panel of social scientists along with a concluding piece by Geertz in which he responds to each speaker and reflects on his own career. These edited speeches cover a broad range of topics, including Geertz's views on morality, cultural critique, interpretivism, time and change, Islam, and violence. A fitting tribute to one of the great thinkers of our age, this collection will be enjoyed by anthropologists as well as students of psychology, history, and philosophy.

Clifford Chance

During his time in the RAF , Clifford - Turner had met Robert Whitehead , then a
squadron leader in Bomber Command . Whitehead , who had been a member of
the Oxford University Air Squadron as an undergraduate , joined the RAF in 1939


Author: Judy Slinn

Publisher: Granta Editions

ISBN: 0906782988

Category: Law firms

Page: 229

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Clifford Algebras and their Applications in Mathematical Physics

This is remarkable as three generations of physicists have calculated time
reverted wave functions. In a complete Clifford algebraic image of the Dirac
equation, those wave functions do not exist because time reversal, when carried
out in the ...


Author: Rafał Abłamowicz

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0817641823

Category: Mathematics

Page: 461

View: 319

Leading experts in the rapidly evolving field of Clifford (geometric) algebras have contributed to this comprehensive two-volume text. Consisting of thematically organized chapters, the volume is a broad overview of cutting-edge topics in mathematical physics and the physical applications of Clifford algebras. Volume I 'Algebra and Physics' is devoted to the mathematical aspects of Clifford algebras and their applications in physics. Algebraic geometry, cohomology, non-commutative spaces, $q$-deformations and the related quantum groups, and projective geometry provide the basis for algebraic topics covered. Physical applications and extensions of physical theories such as the theory of quaternionic spin, Dirac theory of electron, plane waves and wave packets in electrodynamics, and electron scattering are also presented, showing the broad applicability of Clifford geometric algebras in solving physical problems. Treatment of the structure theory of quantum Clifford algebras, twistor phase space, introduction of a Kaluza--Klein type theory related to Finsler geometry, the connection to logic, group representations, and computational techniques--including symbolic calculations and theorem proving--round out the presentation. Volume 2 'Clifford Analysis' is an up-to-date survey of most aspects of modern-day Clifford analysis. Topics range from applications such as complex-distance potential theory, supersymmetry, and fluid dynamics to Fourier analysis, the study of boundary value problems, and applications to mathematical physics and Schwarzian derivatives in Euclidean space. Among the mathematical topics examined are generalized Dirac operators, monogenic and hypermonogenic functions and their derivatives, Euclidean Beltrami equations, Fourier theory under M\'{o}bius transformations, and applications to operator theory and scattering theory. Given the careful balance of mathematical theory and applications to physics, the two volumes are accessible to graduate students and specialists in the general area of Clifford algebras and their applications.

Clifford fo ever O P and no P B The Trial between H Clifford plaintiff and J Brandon defendant for an assault and false imprisonment etc

There have been some minor considerations of law in the course of the present
case , but the first great question for your determination is , whether Mr. Clifford
was instigating or encouraging the riots , at the time he was arrested . It has been


Author: Henry CLIFFORD (Barrister-at-Law)


ISBN: BL:A0018126168


Page: 27

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Library of Congress CataloginginPublication Data Pickover, Clifford A. Time: a
traveler's guide/by Clifford A. Pickover. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references
ISBN 9780195130966 1. Space and time. 2. Time. 3. Time Travel. I. Title.


Author: Clifford A. Pickover

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199929924

Category: Science

Page: 304

View: 968

"Bucky Fuller thought big," Wired magazine recently noted, "Arthur C. Clarke thinks big, but Cliff Pickover outdoes them both." In his newest book, Cliff Pickover outdoes even himself, probing a mystery that has baffled mystics, philosophers, and scientists throughout history--What is the nature of time? In Time: A Traveler's Guide, Pickover takes readers to the forefront of science as he illuminates the most mysterious phenomenon in the universe--time itself. Is time travel possible? Is time real? Does it flow in one direction only? Does it have a beginning and an end? What is eternity? Pickover's book offers a stimulating blend of Chopin, philosophy, Einstein, and modern physics, spiced with diverting side-trips to such topics as the history of clocks, the nature of free will, and the reason gold glitters. Numerous diagrams ensure readers will have no trouble following along. By the time we finish this book, we understand a wide variety of scientific concepts pertaining to time. And most important, we will understand that time travel is, indeed, possible.