What s Worth Learning

In simple, jargon-free language, the book explains why the "core curriculum" in near-universal use in America's classrooms was poor when it was adopted in 1893 and why it grows more dysfunctional with each passing year.


Author: Marion Brady

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 9781617351969

Category: Education

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What's Worth Learning? addresses the central question of general education. For learners facing a complex, unpredictable, and dangerous future, it asks and answers the question: What knowledge is absolutely essential for every learner? In simple, jargon-free language, the book explains why the "core curriculum" in near-universal use in America's classrooms was poor when it was adopted in 1893 and why it grows more dysfunctional with each passing year. It then shows how, without changes in staffing, budgets, or bureaucratic boundaries, knowledge can be organized to both radically improve learner intellectual performance and significantly decrease the cost of a general education. Recognizing the difficulty of translating a new idea into classroom instruction, an appendix offers a comprehensive, classroom-tested course of study suitable for adolescents and older students.

Teaching Students to Become Self Determined Learners

It is carried out under the assumption that children are too immature to know
what's good for them or incapable of acting in their own interests. Or because
they don't know what's worth learning or are unwilling or unable to learn what's
worth ...


Author: Michael L. Wehmeyer


ISBN: 9781416628958

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Children are born learning machines who want to learn and can organize and manage their own learning. Unfortunately, today children have little choice over what they do in school and how and when they do it. Children prepared in this "other-determined" manner will be poorly equipped to navigate an adult world requiring that they act autonomously and self-direct learning to acquire skills in rapidly changing environments. In Teaching Students to Become Self-Determined Learners, Michael Wehmeyer and Yong Zhao explore the how and why of self-determined learning--which emphasizes autonomy and choice, turning over ownership for learning to students by supporting them in engaging in activities that are of personal value to them, thus enabling them to act volitionally. You'll learn * How to promote self-determined learning in your classroom or school * The importance of autonomy supports, competence supports, and relatednesssupports * Conditions that enable self-determined learning * Teaching strategies for self-determined learning * Assessment strategies in self-determined learning * The role of technology in self-determined living The practical strategies, case studies, advice, and resources here will help you help your students to motivate themselves and become self-determined learners

Designing Constructionist Futures

However , we constructionists love to live in this space of disrespect - to push on
the narrow boundaries of insular communities and challenge assumptions about
what has value , what's worth learning , and what counts as " correct .


Author: Nathan Holbert


ISBN: 9780262539845

Category: Computer science

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"With contributions from both original visionaries and emergent scholars, this volume extends the educational theory of constructionism, including recent movements in coding and making"--

Nurturing Habits of Mind in Early Childhood

time in the summer at Harvard's Project Zero has helped us to consider questions
such as “What's worth learning?” and “How do we create a culture for that type of
learning to take place?” We've created professional learning communities to ...


Author: Arthur L. Costa

Publisher: ASCD

ISBN: 9781416627104

Category: Education

Page: 208

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In the first years of life, as children observe, imitate, and interact with people and their environment, the brain is structuring a foundation for vocabulary, values, cognitive processes, and social skills. Educators, you can help influence that development by teaching the skills and dispositions of intelligent, creative, effective decision makers and problem solvers. Within these pages, Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick share the authentic stories and experiences of teachers who have taught these Habits of Mind (HOM) to young children: - Persisting - Managing impulsivity - Listening with understanding and empathy - Thinking flexibly - Thinking about thinking - Striving for accuracy - Questioning and posing problems - Applying past knowledge to new situations - Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision - Gathering data through all senses - Creating, imagining, and innovating - Responding with wonderment and awe - Taking responsible risks - Finding humor - Thinking interdependently - Remaining open to continuous learning The practical examples in this book show how anybody who works with young children can introduce the Habits of Mind in entertaining and concrete ways that are developmentally appropriate. By designing learning experiences that reflect the situations and challenges children face in their lives, educators can help our youngest citizens begin to develop the habits of mind that feed a lifetime of learning.

Student Learning in Physical Education

I shall briefly explain each framework and will focus on the following: (a) What's
worth learning?; (b) What "lens" is helpful in creating a curriculum within this
framework?; and (c) What characterizes this framework? TRADITIONAL ...


Author: Stephen J. Silverman

Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers

ISBN: UOM:39015053750561

Category: Education

Page: 403

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In Student Learning in Physical Education, 17 nationally recognized experts highlight the latest research on classroom instruction, curriculum development, measurement and assessment, and teacher education and show you how to apply this knowledge to your daily classroom practices. With up-to-date information on the theories and practices shaping physical education, Student Learning in Physical Education is an excellent graduate-level textbook for pedagogy courses. It's also an outstanding reference for sport pedagogy specialists and physical education administrators, district supervisors, and principals, as well as for teachers who want to enrich their classroom practices.

Global Perspectives on Dance Pedagogy

What's Worth Learning in Dance Pedagogy ? This brings me to the question ,
What's worth learning in dance ? I'll qualify the question by asking , What's worth
learning in dance pedagogy ? Based on the gendered and raced picture the
earlier ...


Author: Congress on Research in Dance. Conference


ISBN: STANFORD:36105133378898

Category: Dance

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Standards based Assessment of Student Learning

These include the following : • We can look for new ways of thinking about
content knowledge and skills by asking new questions : What is fundamentally
worth learning when we consider all that could be learned ? What is the “ bottom
line ...


Author: Leslie T. Lambert

Publisher: Amer Alliance for Health Physical

ISBN: UVA:X030262397

Category: Education

Page: 34

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Billy Grimes Favorite Or Johnny Greenleaf s Talent

1 1 " If anything is worth doing at all , it is worth doing well , ” Johnny remembered
to have heard his teacher say . " Yes , I know , " he thought , " books are good
things , and what's in them is worth learning , I suppose ; but somehow I never ...


Author: May Mannering


ISBN: WISC:89007379266

Category: Boys

Page: 191

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What s Worth Fighting for in Education

The authors argue here that in a world of growing complexity and rapid change, it is vital for schools to forge links with communities outside them in order to promote significant improvements in teaching and learning within schools.


Author: Andy Hargreaves

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group

ISBN: 0335202721

Category: Educational change

Page: 146

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"This book is a welcome addition to the "What's Worth Fighting For?" series by two highly respected authors. It contains practical advice to help prepare the teaching profession for a future which is already here and in which the context for teaching and learning will shed the 19th century factory model on which our schools are based. Headteachers and their teacher colleagues will want to be at the forefront of preparing consciously for the future rather than finding themselves as passive recipients of change and this book provides a guide for that journey." - Rowie Shaw, NAHT In this book, Andy Hargreaves and Michael Fullan argue that in a world of growing complexity and rapid change, it is vital to forge strong, open and interactive relationships with communities beyond schools in order to bring about significant improvements in teaching and learning within schools. Now, more than ever, it is necessary to rediscover the passion and moral purpose that makes teaching and learning exciting and effective. This book makes accessible ideas steeped in research, theory and practice. It will challenge all in education and will provoke thought, elicit debate and encourage action.

What s Worth Teaching

Renowned cognitive scientist Allan Collins proposes a school curriculum that will fit the needs of our modern era.


Author: Allan Collins

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807758656

Category: Education

Page: 160

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Renowned cognitive scientist Allan Collins proposes a school curriculum that will fit the needs of our modern era. Examining how advances in technology, communication, and the dissemination of information are reshaping the world, Collins offers guidelines to help schools foster flexible, self-directed learners who will succeed in the global workplace.

Values in Higher Education Teaching

What's. worth. learning? It remains an interesting fact that the only experience
and qualification needed to teach in a university is the mastery of a subject and
the ability to research and develop new knowledge in that field. Because of this ...


Author: Tony Harland

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136902680

Category: Education

Page: 134

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Values in Higher Education Teaching explores the way in which teaching, research, learning and higher education are a values enterprise and that an exploration of values is necessary to work out the full purposes of a higher education to guide practices and help academics understand academic work. Values inform thinking and actions and although this is well recognized, values are seldom brought to the forefront of inquiries as practices in higher education are developed. This book argues that by putting values firmly on the agenda of those who teach, work and learn in higher education the academic profession can open up new spaces for value conversations and potentially transform the way in which they practice. Values in Higher Education Teaching is key reading for university lecturers, those with responsibility for leadership and management of higher education and postgraduates studying for higher degrees in higher education. There are few books that directly address the broad and complex question of values in teaching in higher education yet at the same time values are widely recognised as permeating all our practices. In this sense an accepted part of academic life remains in the realm of ‘taken for granted’ rather than being consciously and explicitly explored and practiced. The book deals with the idea of values in both a philosophical and practical manner. It is based on original research and uses both empirical data and theory to address teaching values in higher education and the current values of the higher education system. It explores what academics have valued historically in teaching and also addresses the major reforms of the last 20 years. Reforms have essentially changed the nature of western higher education but have made little real difference to the outcomes for student learning and society whereas teaching with values in all subjects has the potential to radically alter student experiences.

A Perfect Education

concern themselves with , none gets more attention than curriculum . Classical
times furnished the trivium ( grammar , logic , and rhetoric ) , and the quadrivium ...


Author: Kenneth Eugene Eble


ISBN: UCSC:32106001271813

Category: Education

Page: 215

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The Teacher You Choose to be

A child can learn what is needed to pass a test and then immediately shed what
he has learned. ... When you become involved in the task of curriculum making,
you will be faced with a very fundamental question: What's worth learning?


Author: William A. Proefriedt


ISBN: UCSC:32106005368896

Category: Teachers

Page: 216

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Adult and Continuing Education Today

In fact , it is the single most important skill which anyone can learn today ,
according to top futurists like John Naisbitt and Alvin Toffler . That skill is learning
How to Learn . " What's the best way to learn this ? " is always worth asking
before ...




ISBN: PSU:000070105001

Category: Adult education


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EDITOR The best teachers don't beg the best ... The best teachers don't beg the
best tools ; the Children are supposed to " learn to read " by best teachers know
what ...




ISBN: UVA:X001583538



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The Way We Were

RETHINK WHAT'S WORTH LEARNING Although it is quite likely that your
district's curricular expectations are something less ... First, pull from the district
curriculum those things that match what you feel is important for students to learn
at the ...


Author: Ann Ross

Publisher: Discovery Press

ISBN: 1878631241

Category: Curriculum planning

Page: 292

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Curriculum Improvement

according to valid principles so that they learn what's worth learning, in the most
effective ways." With this kind of thinking as background, the school's Committee
on Curriculum Planning was ready to design proposals for improving the total ...


Author: Ronald C. Doll

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: UCSC:32106009283315

Category: Curriculum change

Page: 526

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The Ninth Edition of "Curriculum Improvement" is comprehensive, unique, practical, and thought-provoking. Despite the problems it cites, the book offers a message of hope— that schools can help to solve society's problems by impressing upon children and youth that they can achieve and succeed if they act in doing what they know to be right and productive.

The Boy s Yearly Book

However, we soon found out what they had been at, namely, that under the cover
of the fiery storm tieyhad been drawing their siege linos closer to us on the
landward sides, and that the aspect of ... show these Dons a trick worth learning !




ISBN: OXFORD:555044060

Category: Children's literature, English


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Journal of Cooperative Education

... and learning outcomes that are meaningful to all stakeholders in the co - op
process e.g. by asking Faculty to assess if students have learnt anything of value
while on co - op it will raise new questions about “ What's worth learning during
co ...




ISBN: CORNELL:31924084692833

Category: Education


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Excellence Achievement and the Teacher

If anything seems to characterize American education, I think it is this lack of
conviction about what ought to be learned and a frightening laxity in ... agree that
what is worth learning (facts, skills, or processes) is worth learning thoroughly.


Author: Joseph Leese


ISBN: CORNELL:31924013081967

Category: Achievement motivation

Page: 144

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