When the Sky Breaks

towest air moving in from the Indian Ocean that then encounters the tremendously hot and dry region of the Sahara below. Surges of heat push the air upward into the cooler high atmosphere. This upflow causes a sudden instability in the ...


Author: Simon Winchester

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780425288054

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 96

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New York Times bestselling author Simon Winchester looks at which way the wind blows in this exciting book about giant storms. Simon Winchester is an avid weather watcher. He’s scanned the skies in Oklahoma, waiting for the ominous “finger” of a tornado to touch the Earth. He’s hunkered down in Hong Kong when typhoon warning signals went up. He’s visited the world’s hottest and wettest places, reported on fierce whirlpools, and sailed around South Africa looking for freak winds and waves. He knows about the worst weather in the world. A master nonfiction storyteller, Winchester looks at how, when, where, and why hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, and tornadoes start brewing, how they build, and what happens when these giant storms hit. His lively narrative also includes an historical look at how we learned about weather systems and where we’re headed because of climate change. Stunning photographs illustrate the power of these giant storms.

Domineering Air Breaks the Sky

The Eastern Emperor Bell and the Reincarnation Halberd broke through space at almost the same time, appearing in front of Abbot Whitebrow. However, the energy that erupted from Abbot Whitebrow's body was greatly enhanced, ...


Author: Yi Shi

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781647879594

Category: Fiction


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"This is a world formed by Qi, but the universe is all-encompassing. Strange and wonderful things happen in this world, and in this world, there are many rare treasures, the materials of heaven and earth." Under the nurturing from "Qi", other than the precious mortal rank, there were also the Heaven and Earth Spirit Beast.Luo Qi had used his legendary life in the Qi Training. In this aspect, he was a genius, and he had given up many things in order to cultivate.But when his Qi Training had reached its peak, he was instead at a loss!Especially when Qing Er died, everything that he had been chasing after, suddenly became unimportant, but was already dead, unable to revive.Although this article has not cultivated immortal language, the main point is that the human world itself seeks not the continuation of longevity, but the meaning of life. Roche feels that everything has meaning only when you are with someone you love. "

Break Open the Sky

Break Open the Sky is a book of hope in a worldgripped by a culture of fear. Hope is out there. It may be messy and raw, but it's glorious. Life isn't about living with an absence of fear; it's about taking the risk to love anyway.


Author: Stephan Bauman

Publisher: Multnomah

ISBN: 9781601425874

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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In a World that Thrives on Fear, Have Faith Compared to all previous generations, we are safer, live longer, hurt less, and earn more. Yet we are more afraid than ever. Fear has slipped into our souls, leaving us on edge and constantly anxious. No longer a safe harbor, a source of strength, or a bastion for love, faith has fallen prey to a culture of fear. We face a defining moment. Will we cave to fear or rise in faith? Stephan Bauman, the former president of World Relief, has seen firsthand in some of the most difficult places in the world how it is possible to embrace love in the face of fear. Break Open the Sky is an invitation to live in authentic faith, free from fear and its debilitating symptoms. By embracing Jesus’s core yet counterintuitive teachings on truth, love, and risk, you can find freedom from the fear of the unknown, release from the uncertainty of the other, and liberation from the anxieties that hold you back. Are you ready to pursue a countercultural kingdom of grace and love rather than safety and comfort? If so, here is your guide for changing the atmosphere of your culture, church, and world. It will only happen as you take risks big enough to break open the sky.

Break The Sky

Roots of the kava are nourished by its land, but when reverently dug they emerge into the air, and the air covers all the lands and all the seas. The air, the air. Something seemed to be shaking him to make him understand.


Author: David Luders

Publisher: The eBook Sale

ISBN: 9781849610520

Category: Drug traffic


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Break the Sky

Jack fell down And broke his crown, And Jill came tumbling after. Mother Goose's Melody, John Newbery, 1765 Oh, Fek! Jak thought as she tumbled through the air. She turned her body like a caline in mid-air, looking for something, ...


Author: Karen Harris Tully

Publisher: Blue Zephyr Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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Welcome to the universe of Galactic Dreams, where fairy tales are reimagined for a new age—the future. Years after an apocalyptic attack radiated planet Epiphany, pick-pocket Jakarta “Jak” Moon wants nothing more than to protect her younger brother—and survive. But when an old ally steals her last prized possession, Jak is out of options. Desperate, she breaks into the Tower, the home of Epiphany’s winged dictator, the Godmother, and ends up on a dangerous mission—to climb the enormous elevator and retrieve the last working transport to the giant space stations in orbit. If successful, the Godmother promises Jak one life-changing wish, a wish Jak is determined to win or die trying. Forced to team up with Gill Cuvier, the hunky crush she’s not sure she can trust, Jak ascends the elevator three times, each with a mission more dangerous than the last. Can Jak and Gill retrieve the treasures the Godmother demands, discover the secret of the Golden Eggs, and protect their planet from an evil, time-travelling scientist? Can they learn to trust the love they’ve found to escape the giant space station and certain death? Or is that all too much for a pick-pocket to ask? Galactic Dreams is a unique series of science-fiction novellas from Blue Zephyr Press featuring retellings of classic tales from different authors, all sharing the same universe, technology, and history. If you liked Marissa Meyers’ Lunar Chronicles or James S.A. Corey’s The Expanse, you’ll love Galactic Dreams.


Sometimes , when the sky breaks for a moment , we get a glimpse at the composition of this cloud ; we then see that it differs much from pure rocky cumulus , by reason of its flatness and comparative thinness .


Author: Ralph Abercromby



Category: Meteorology

Page: 472

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Professional Photoshop

The clouds are near 0B and the sky itself is negative. That's the clear break we've been looking for. We can explain to Photoshop that we don't want to use the top layer anyplace that formerly was neutral or negative in the B channel.


Author: Dan Margulis

Publisher: Peachpit Press

ISBN: 0132712040

Category: Computers

Page: 528

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The commonsense, by-the-numbers approach of Professional Photoshop has shaped the workflows of a generation of Photoshop experts. This new edition, the first in nearly five years, is completely updated for the age of digital photography. It continues the book’s tradition of introducing astoundingly effective, previously unknown methods of image enhancement. The original photographs found in the book come from a variety of professional sources, and all correction exercises are on the included CD. Professional Photoshop has changed radically from edition to edition, and this time is no exception—with almost 90 percent new content and completely overhauled coverage of curves, channel blending, and sharpening.Professional Photoshop offers a full explanation of: How curves bring out detail in the most important areas of the imagen A comprehensive strategy for blending channels to create deeper, stronger images The strengths and weaknesses of CMYK, LAB, and RGB, and when to use each one The first detailed look at the Shadow/Highlight command—and even more sophis-ticated ways to enhance contrast in the lightest and darkest parts of the imagen Sharpening strategies, in three full chapters, including the innovative hiraloam method (High Radius, Low Amount). Plus, a fiendishly effective method of merging hiraloam and conventional unsharp masking The realities—and the politics—of preparing files for commercial offset printing and how to deal with colors that are out of the press’s gamut What Camera Raw and similar acquisition modules can offer Typical problems of digital captures that were not found in the age of film— and how to correct for them

The Sun maid

again ; and then the sky breaks , the clouds lift from the summit of the mountains , rapidly and suddenly , as on that first night when Gilbert , wonderingly , beheld them — and lo ! the snow is nearly gone . Winter has passed away in ...


Author: James Grant


ISBN: ONB:+Z258748106


Page: 302

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Break the Chains

Detan couldn't help but wonder how far the girl had advanced in her courtly etiquette training before Pelkaia had whisked her away to the safety of the sky. Detan and Tibs stood at ease, flanking Laella a halfstep behind her on either ...


Author: Megan E. O'Keefe

Publisher: Watkins Media Limited

ISBN: 9780857664945

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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As the city that produces the most selium - that precious gas that elevates airships and powers strange magic - Hond Steading is a jewel worth stealing. To shore up the city's defenses, Detan promises his aunt that he'll recover Nouli, the infamous engineer who built the century gates that protect the imperial capital of Valathea. But Nouli is imprisoned on the Remnant Isles, an impervious island prison run by the empire, and it's Detan's fault. Detan doesn't dare approach Nouli himself, so his companions volunteer to get themselves locked up to make contact with Nouli and convince him to help. Now Detan has to break them all out of prison, and he's going to need the help of a half-mad doppel to do it. File Under: Fantasy

Chasing Clayoquot

The real fierceness has gone from the weather and there is a euphoria in the blue-sky breaks that not even summer can match: crystalline air and no fog to spoil a promising day; the dramatic juxtaposition of sun and storm.


Author: David Pitt-Brooke

Publisher: Greystone Books

ISBN: 9781553656227

Category: Nature

Page: 304

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First published in 2004, and now with a new introduction by the author and a foreword by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., this book of natural history, environmentalism, and politics explores one of the Earth's last primeval places: Clayoquot Sound. Pitt-Brooke takes the reader on 12 journeys, one for each month of the year. Each journey covers the outstanding natural event of that season, such as whale-watching in April, shorebird migration in May, and the salmon spawn in October.