Two Thousand Notable American Women

Honors and Awards : Sigma Theta Tau , 1966 ; Alpha Lambda Delta , 1960 ;
Outstanding Volunteer Work , American Red Cross , 1980 ; Listed in Outstanding
Young Women of America , Who ' s Who in American Nursing , Who ' s Who of ...




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Notable Black American Women

Spencer was also a member of the board of directors of the National Committee against Discrimination in Housing. ... Who 's Who of American Women, 1974-75.


Author: Jessie Carney Smith

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Provides brief biographies of business executives, writers, journalists, lawyers, physicians, actresses, singers, musicians, artists, educators, religious leaders, civil rights activists, politicians, aviators, athletes, and scientists

Adult Subject Catalog


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American Women s History

What does U.S. history look like with women at the center of the story?


Author: Susan Ware

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"This Very Short Introduction explores the major transformations in American women's lives, ranging from political activism to popular culture, the workforce, and the family. Beginning in early America, it places gender at the center of American history, making it clear that women's experiences were not always the same as men's. Susan Ware shows how women's domestic and waged labor shaped the northern economy and how slavery affected the lives of both free and enslaved southern women. She moves through the tumultuous decades of industrialization and urbanization, describing the nineteenth-century movements led by women (temperance, moral reform, and suffrage). The book culminates in twentieth-century female activism for civil rights and successive waves of feminism. From Anne Bradstreet to Ida B. Wells to Eleanor Roosevelt, this book recognizes women as a force in American history and, more important, tells women's history as American history." -- Front cover flap.

American Women Writers 1900 1945

(Novel) Studies of Pearl S. Buck Bellman, Samuel I. "Popular Writers in the Modern Age: Constance Rourke ... American Women Writers: Bibliographical Essays.


Author: Laurie Champion

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Women writers have been traditionally excluded from literary canons, not until recently have scholars begun to rediscover or discover neglected women writers and their works. This reference includes alphabetically arranged entries on 58 American women authors who wrote between 1900 and 1945, a period that embraces two major artistic movements, Modernism and the Harlem Renaissance. Each entry is written by an expert contributor and includes a biography, a discussion of major works and themes, a review of the author's critical reception, and extensive primary and secondary bibliographies. The volume reflects the diversity of American culture through its coverage of African American, Native American, Mexican American, and Chinese American women writers.

American Women s Autobiography

From Woman with Arthritis : The True Story of a Recovery to " Mo " : A Woman ' s View of Watergate , they signal a special perspective grounded in gender .


Author: Margo Culley

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This is the first collection of essays to focus exclusively on the contribution of American women to the writing of autobiography. The Authors trace traditions of women's life-writing through three and a half centuries, from the narratives of Puritan women to contemporary multicultural literature. Contributors to the volume are major scholars in their fields: Sidonie Smith, Catharine Stimpson, Ann Gordon, Mary Mason, Nancy Walker, Kathleen Sands, Arlyn Diamond, and others whose essays all appear here for the first time. Reflecting recent theoretical approaches to autobiography, these essays draw upon work in literature, history, American studies, and religion, and treat both canonical writers of autobiography--Harriet Jacobs, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Gertrude Stein, Mary McCarthy, Maxine Hong Kingston, and others--as well as lesser known and unknown writers. Through these lives we glimpse the wider worlds of which they were a part, including the abolition and suffrage movements, western frontier life, and the struggle for civil rights in the twentieth century. In her introduction, Margo Culley traces the dominant tradition of American women's autobiography back to the Puritan practice of "reading the self." Writing as women and expecting to be judged as such, authors from all periods exhibit ambivalence about the first person singular, yet give themselves "permission" to write in the hope that their stories will be useful to others, particularly other women. Such purpose allows these writers to indulge all the pleasures of autobiography--pleasures of language and imagination, of narrative, of reminiscence, and even egotism. Together these essays explore gender and genre as culturally inscribed, the construction of self within language systems, the nature of female subjectivity, and the shaping forces of memory and narrative as writers engage in the making of meaning and the making of history. Grounded in the multicultural reality that is America, these essays celebrate women's lives, women's autobiographical writing (including criticism), and the fea(s)ts of reading women's writing.

The Religious History of American Women

Bat mitzvah has earlier origins in nineteenth-century Europe; see Norma Baumel Joseph, ... Women and American Judaism, 223–34, quotation, 223; Paula Hyman, ...


Author: Catherine A. Brekus

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

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More than a generation after the rise of women's history alongside the feminist movement, it is still difficult, observes Catherine Brekus, to locate women in histories of American religion. Mary Dyer, a Quaker who was hanged for heresy; Lizzie Robinson, a former slave and laundress who sold Bibles door to door; Sally Priesand, a Reform rabbi; Estela Ruiz, who saw a vision of the Virgin Mary--how do these women's stories change our understanding of American religious history and American women's history? In this provocative collection of twelve essays, contributors explore how considering the religious history of American women can transform our dominant historical narratives. Covering a variety of topics--including Mormonism, the women's rights movement, Judaism, witchcraft trials, the civil rights movement, Catholicism, everyday religious life, Puritanism, African American women's activism, and the Enlightenment--the volume enhances our understanding of both religious history and women's history. Taken together, these essays sound the call for a new, more inclusive history. Contributors: Ann Braude, Harvard Divinity School Catherine A. Brekus, University of Chicago Divinity School Anthea D. Butler, University of Rochester Emily Clark, Tulane University Kathleen Sprows Cummings, University of Notre Dame Amy Koehlinger, Florida State University Janet Moore Lindman, Rowan University Susanna Morrill, Lewis and Clark College Kristy Nabhan-Warren, Augustana College Pamela S. Nadell, American University Elizabeth Reis, University of Oregon Marilyn J. Westerkamp, University of California, Santa Cruz

American Women

There Was Woman, hence, and men can not live With her or Without her. ... If you pay attention and look closely at American Women, you Will see the serpents ...


Author: Maj

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98.9% of American women are nothing but predators not deserving the respectful nomenclature of a prostitute. American women have proclaimed to the world that they are going to have sex (oral and on their backs) with whomever they want and as many times as they like. There is no argument against American women wanting their own jobs or standing on their own two feet, but they also like to hold on to the old system.

Notable American Women 1607 1950

Contains biographical sketches of women whose achievements have contributed to the nation's history


Author: Edward T. James

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Contains biographical sketches of women whose achievements have contributed to the nation's history

The Poetry of American Women from 1632 to 1945

14 One major difference, however, between H. D.'s treatment of mythological characters and their use by earlier American women poets is the complex, ...


Author: Emily Stipes Watts

Publisher: University of Texas Press

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American women have created an especially vigorous and innovative poetry, beginning in 1632 when Anne Bradstreet set aside her needle and picked up her "poet's pen." The topics of American women poets have been various, their images their own, and their modes of expression original. Emily Stipes Watts does not imply that the work of American men and that of American women are two different kinds of poetry, although they have been treated as such in the past. It is her aim, rather, to delineate and define the poetic tradition of women as crucial to the understanding of American poetry as a whole. By 1850, American women of all colors, religions, and social classes were writing and publishing poetry. Within the critical category of "female poetry," developed from 1800 to 1850, these women experimented boldly and prepared the way for the achievement of such women as Emily Dickinson in the second half of the nineteenth century. Indeed at times—for example from 1860 through 1910—it was women who were at the outer edge of prosodic experimentation and innovation in American poetry. Moving chronologically, Professor Watts broadly characterizes the state of American poetry for each period, citing the dominant male poets; she then focuses on women contemporaries, singling out and analyzing their best work. This volume not only brings to light several important women poets but also represents the discovery of a tradition of women writers. This is a unique and invaluable contribution to the history of American literature.

American Women in Transition

Cain, Glenn, 130n41, 132, 132n42, 1321143, l66n40, 2161122, 218, 218n24 Cain, Virginia S., 81n123, 228, 228n20 California Family Law Act (1970), 29 Call, ...


Author: Suzanne M. Bianchi

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This is the first in a series of eighteen projected volumes, to be published over the next two years, aimed at converting the vast statistical yield of the 1980 Census into authoritative analyses of major changes and trends in American life. A collaborative research effort, funded by public and private foundations, this series revives a tradition of independent Census analysis (the last such project was undertaken in 1960) and offers an unparalleled array of studies on various ethnic, geographic, and status dimensions of the U.S. population. It is entirely appropriate that the inaugural volume in this series should document trends in the status of American women. Dramatic social and demographic changes over the past two decades make American Women in Transition a landmark, an invaluable one-volume summary and assessment of women's move from the private domain to the public. Clearly and in detail, the authors describe women's increasing educational attainment and labor force participation, their lagging earning power, their continued commitment to marriage and family, and the "balancing act" necessitated by this overlap of roles. Supplementing 1980 Census data with even more recent surveys from the Census Bureau and other federal agencies, Bianchi and Spain are able to extend these trends into the 1980s and sketch the complex challenges posed by such lasting and historic changes. This definitive and sensitive study is certain to become a standard reference work on American women today, and an essential foundation for future scholarship and policy concerning the status of women in our society. A Volume in the Russell Sage Foundation Census Series

Women s Contribution to Nineteenth century American Theatre

The imagination , particularly women ' s , was feared and maligned in the nineteenth century , for it could conjure images not found in nature .


Author: Miriam López Rodríguez

Publisher: Universitat de València

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Esta colección de ensayos muestra los múltiples aspectos de la contribución que hizo la mujer, al teatro americano del siglo XIX. En este estudio se enseñan diversos tipos de mujeres y los roles que desempeñan, así como refleja la manera en que Susan Glaspell y Sophie Treadwell ayudaron a dar forma al teatro, entre muchas otras que escribirían décadas más tarde.

American Women and the Repeal of Prohibition

Edward T. James, Janet Wilson James, and Paul S. Boyer, Notable American Women, 1607–1950: A Biographical Dictionary (Cambridge, Mass.


Author: Kenneth D. Rose

Publisher: NYU Press

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Of crucial strategic importance to both the British and the Continental Army, Staten Island was, for a good part of the American Revolution, a bastion of Loyalist support. With its military and political significance, Staten Island provides rich terrain for Phillip Papas's illuminating case study of the local dimensions of the Revolutionary War. Papas traces Staten Island's political sympathies not to strong ties with Britain, but instead to local conditions that favored the status quo instead of revolutionary change. With a thriving agricultural economy, stable political structure, and strong allegiance to the Anglican Church, on the eve of war it was in Staten Island's self-interest to throw its support behind the British, in order to maintain its favorable economic, social, and political climate. Over the course of the conflict, continual occupation and attack by invading armies deeply eroded Staten Island's natural and other resources, and these pressures, combined with general war weariness, created fissures among the residents of “that ever loyal island,” with Loyalist neighbors fighting against Patriot neighbors in a civil war. Papas’s thoughtful study reminds us that the Revolution was both a civil war and a war for independence—a duality that is best viewed from a local perspective.

American Women Historians 1700s 1990s

During Eaton's professional career, she was head of the history department at State College for Women in Columbus, Missouri, professor of history at Lake ...


Author: Jennifer Scanlon

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313296642

Category: History

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Profiles numerous women historians from diverse backgrounds. Explores women historians' motivations, accomplishments, and above all, rich legacies.

Black American Women s Writings

Through Nettie«s letters Walker holds the African and American worlds in a ... from an account of her denial of access to an imprisoned woman, Dessie Woods, ...


Author: Eva Lennox Birch

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315504070

Category: Literary Criticism

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This work discusses a range of novels, short stories and essays by black American women writers from the Harlem Renaissance to the present time. It begins with a survey of 19th-century black women's slave narratives, early sentimental novels and autobiographies and then focuses on six writers: Zora Neale Hurston, Paule Marshall, Audre Lorde, Toni Morrison, Alice Walker and Maya Angelou. The text shows how these writers have developed the preoccupations, themes and narrative strategies of their literary ancestors.

Asian Pacific Islander American Women

She is currently working on projects related to minorities and women in higher education. Madhulika S. Khandelwal is the Director of the Asian/American ...


Author: Shirley Hune

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Clarence Thomas is one of the most vilified public figures of our day. To date, however, his legal philosophy has received only cursory treatment. First Principles provides a portrait of Thomas based not on the justice's caricatured reputation, but on his judicial opinions and votes, his scholarly writings, and his public speeches. The paperback edition includes a provocative new Afterword by the author bringing the book up to date by assessing Justice Thomas's performance, and the reaction to his decisions, during the last five years.

Fertility of American Women

The standard error of the difference between two sample estimates is ... Suppose in 1994 that 7,340,000 ever - married women 25 to 29 years old in 1994 had ...




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