Wild Like Us

our hire family.” “But he won't answer the phone,” Jane says strongly. “It's driving me mad.” She looks more stressed than usual. Dealing with our family can have that effect. Love 'em, but all together, we're like a stampede of ...


Author: Krista Ritchie

Publisher: K.B. Ritchie

ISBN: 9781950165247

Category: Fiction

Page: 446

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One is new to love. One is bad at love. One denies love. Twenty-one-year-old, foul-mouthed Olympian, Sullivan Meadows, just made a huge mistake. She told her bodyguards—her buddies, her pals—they could take her virginity. Words forever engrained in her brain. And theirs. Akara Kitsuwon & Banks Moretti are best friends, sworn to protect each other and their client Sullivan. But upon hearing her confession, their reactions aren’t what Sulli expects. They’re all friends anyway. Just friends. Solid, good friends. Right? As the three embark on the road to Yellowstone, tension builds and close quarters leave no secrets behind. Feelings for her childhood friendship with Akara—that teasing, flirty leader—grow hotter, but so do her feelings for Banks, the rugged, heart-melting Marine. While Sulli is out west to free-solo her dad’s old climbing routes, the only true destination the three of them are certain of is Yellowstone. Love & romance are totally up in the air. Wild Like Us is an MFM Romance and Book 8 in the Like Us Series.

The Legal System the U S Forest Service and Human caused Wild Fires

The Role of Law Enforcement in Wildfire Violations number of wildfire reports34 indicates that , although incendiary fires ( the worst human - caused fire problem ) have increased dramatically on U.S. wildlands from 1972-1980 ...


Author: Linda R. Donoghue


ISBN: MINN:31951D02977939G

Category: Forest fires

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Wild Pigs in the United States

Variation in chromosome number among European wild pigs. Cytogenetics, 5:75-81. McKnight, T. 1964. Feral Livestock in Anglo-America. Univ. California Publ. Geol. no. 16. . 1976. Friendly Vermin: A Survey of Feral Livestock in Australia.


Author: John J. Mayer

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 9780820331379

Category: Nature

Page: 336

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With an estimated population of at least 500,000 distributed across nineteen states, the wild-living pig (Sus scrofa) is the most abundant free-ranging introduced ungulate in the United States. Until now, however, little has been known about the wild pig on a national scale, despite its abundance and significance as both a pest and a game animal. Whereas previous studies have been regional in scope, Wild Pigs in the United States is the most comprehensive work available on wild pig history, current status, comparative morphology, and other subjects important to the species' management and control. The information in this volume relates to the country's three prevalent wild pig types: the introduced Eurasian wild boar, the feral (once domestic, now wild) hog, and hybrids of the two. The first section of the book presents a history of wild pigs in this country-their origins; when, where, and by whom they were first introduced; and their subsequent dispersal. John J. Mayer and I. Lehr Brisbin, Jr. then develop specific criteria, based on taxonomic principles, for differentiating between the wild pig types. Employing numerous illustrations, graphs, and tables, they analyze and compare morphometric and discrete characters of the skull, external body dimensions and proportions, coat colorations patterns, and hair structure and form. A report on the status of wild pig populations in the United States (as of 1991) completes the volume. To profile the present ranges, habitats, and morphotypic makeups of wild pigs, the authors conducted two national surveys--in 1981 and 1988--among private individuals and federal and state personnel. Their report is also based on other recent wild pig studies and additional information from survey respondents. The book's reference section is particularly valuable, for its lists all sources consulted as well as the names and addresses of authorities the authors interviewed or with whom they corresponded. Aided by the book's wealth of current data, biologists and wildlife managers can make informed decisions about such issues as state versus private ownership of wild pig populations and the status of wild pigs as pests or game animals. In addition, hunters and sportsmen, zoologists, and even specialized historians and archaeologists will find Wild Pigs in the United States useful and informative.

276 Edible Wild Plants of the United States and Canada

Berries, Roots, Nuts, Greens, Flowers, and Seeds in All or the Majority of the US and Canada Caleb Warnock ... The icy water is populated with slow-moving tiger salamanders and surrounded by hundreds of species of wild flowers and wild ...


Author: Caleb Warnock

Publisher: Workman Publishing

ISBN: 9781641703314

Category: Nature

Page: 320

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Self-sufficiency expert Caleb Warnock shares his expertise on living off the land in 276 Edible Wild Plants of the United States and Canada. Packed with over 800 photographs of over 250 wild berries, roots, nuts, greens, and flowers, this valuable reference will show you which plants are edible, where to find them, how to prepare them, and how to avoid poisonous look-alikes. With a focus on plants found throughout the United States and Canada, it's the most exhaustive reference book of its kind!

Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications

OCLC 5956600 80-8961 X 96-1 : H.doc.199 / pt.4 United States . Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service . Northeast Regional Office . Pine Creek , Pennsylvania , wild and scenic river study : message from the President of the United ...




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Wild Orchids of the Northeastern United States

The horticultural public , both private and professional , has finally learned that very few species collected in the wild can be successfully cultivated . This is not to say that all our native orchids are secure . By no means !


Author: Paul Martin Brown

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 0801483417

Category: Gardening

Page: 236

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The book covers all orchids growing wild in New England, New York and adjacent areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey; includes an illustrated key to the genera, keys to the species, and a checklist of the northeastern orchids; describes 71 orchid species and varieties, provides a drawing of each, and supplies information on more than 50 forms and hybrids; features 192 full-color photographs of the orchids in their native habitats, along with 71 distribution maps; and suggests where to find the orchids.

Wild Medicinal Plants of the United States

Native , perennial herb , 2 to 4 feet high , with showy scarlet flowers ; in moist soil from British America south to Florida and Texas . Part used. ... 45 Magnolia glauca 44 WILD MEDICINAL PLANTS OF THE UNITED STATES .


Author: Alice Henkel


ISBN: HARVARD:32044106380751

Category: Botany

Page: 76

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Edible and Useful Wild Plants of the United States and Canada

Lambkill, 245 Lamb's-quarters, 119, 140 Larrea, 202, 232 Laurel, American, 245 California, 139, 207 Sheep, 245 Leatherwood, 218 Lechuguilla, 169 Ledum, 144 Leek, Wild, 17 Lemon, Wild, 99 Lemonade, Indian, 152 Lettuce, Indian or Miner's, ...


Author: Charles F. Saunders

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486142999

Category: Nature

Page: 336

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This work discusses beverage plants, vegetable substitutes for soap, medicinal plants, and those that can be used as fibers, dyes, smoking material, adhesives, and candles. "Secure a copy of this very enlightening book." — St. Petersburg Independent.

Wild Hearts

Haven't you noticed that Rosemary and I don't hang out on our own time?” They reached his car and he leaned back against ... Mad that he wanted us to make a pretty little family for him now. Just mad, I guess. And keeping myself apart ...


Author: Heather Tullis

Publisher: Jelly Bean Press


Category: Fiction

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Delphi Gifford has nearly given up on finding someone she could love as much as her dead husband, Fallon, who had died while they were still in college. Certainly local photographer Jeremy Litster wasn't at the top of her list, egomaniac that he is--even if he did drive the hottest racing motorbike she'd ever touched. Jeremy knew George DiCarlo had hand-picked him to marry Delphi, but hadn't counted on her not being in the loop. After working together for six months, though, he seriously regrets his misstep and begins a careful campaign to win her over. When someone tries to take the two of them out, he has to figure out what they did or saw that put them both in danger.