Wildcat Fireflies

Summers in Indy included firefly hunting, catfish dinners, frozen custard, and Wildcat Creek. I was thrilled to write about a setting so dear to my heart, but because it's fiction, I made a few tweaks for story flow and continuity.


Author: Amber Kizer

Publisher: Delacorte Press

ISBN: 9780375898242

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 528

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Meridian Sozu is a Fenestra—the half-human, half-angel link between the living and the dead. She has the dark responsibility of helping souls transition safely into the afterlife. If people die without the help of a Fenestra, their souls are left vulnerable to be stolen by the Aternocti, a dark band of forces who disrupt the balance of good and evil in the world and cause chaos. Having recently lost her beloved Auntie—the woman who showed her what it meant to be a Fenestra—Meridian has hit the road with Tens, her love and sworn protector, in hopes of finding another Fenestra. Their search leads them to Indiana, where Juliet, a responsible and loving teenager, works tirelessly in the nursing home where she and several other foster kids are housed. Surrounded by death, Juliet struggles to make a loving home for the younger kids, and to protect them from the violent whims of their foster mother. But she is struggling against forces she can't understand . . . and even as she feels a pull toward the dying, their sickness seems to infect her, weighing her down. . . . Will Meri and Tens find Juliet in time to save her from a life of misery and illness? And will Meri and Tens' own romance weather the storms of new discoveries?

Crossing Wildcat Ridge

Fireflies In late spring the forest lights up , and those lights remain shining until fall . In May I keep a close eye out for the first sign of my favorite beetle : the lightning bug . Is there anybody who doesn't enjoy the delicate ...


Author: Philip Lee Williams

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 0820320900

Category: Medical

Page: 225

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The author describes how open heart surgery forced him to contemplate his mortality and led him to a search for connections with the natural world

Pieces of Me

Amber Kizer. Also by Amber Kizer A Matter of Days Meridian Wildcat Fireflies Speed of Light Gert Garibaldi's Rants and Raves: One Butt Cheek at a Time Seven Kinds of Ordinary Catastrophes A M B E R K I Z E R.


Author: Amber Kizer

Publisher: Delacorte Press

ISBN: 9780375984297

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 304

View: 882

When high school oddball and introvert Jessica Chai is killed in a car accident, her parents decide that Jessica would have wanted her organs donated to those who so desperately need these gifts of life. But Jessica is angry about dying and being dismembered. Taking the idea of cell memory to the next level, not only do the recipients get pieces of Jessica, but gets pieces of their memories and lives moving forward—she knows what they know and keeps tabs on their growth, recovery, and development. This begins her journey to learn her purpose as she begins to grasp that her ties to these teenagers goes beyond random weirdness. It's through their lives that Jessica learns about herself, as she watches the lives she literally touched continue to interlock.

Speed of Light

Sequel to: Wildcat fireflies. Summary: Meridian and Tens continue to grow closer and explore their relationship of Protector and Fenestra, while sixteen-year-old Juliet Ambrose, grasping at any hope of finding her parents, ...


Author: Amber Kizer

Publisher: Delacorte Press

ISBN: 9780375984280

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 544

View: 152

Fans will be thrilled with the final novel in the Meridian trilogy as the romance between Meridian and Tens heats up. And Juliet returns, but her obsessions leave her open to evil exploitation. Meridian Sozu is a Fenestra, an angel infused human, destined to transition souls into the next world. Together with Tens Valdes, her soulmate and Protector, they've made a home in Indiana, making sure the dead safely enter the light and aren't stolen by the Dark, known as the Nocti. Upon rescuing Juliet Ambrose from her terrible childhood, Juliet has become vulnerable without her Protector and grasps at any hope to find her parents, even when it's offered by a proven Nocti, Ms. Asura. Juliet is now faced with the horrible choice between uncovering her past and having a future. Meanwhile, time may be running out for the hundreds of thousands preparing for the festivities surrounding the Indianapolis 500 car race. As centuries of secrets are revealed, the battles will pit Light versus Dark. Not all with survive as Meridian, Tens, and Julie join forces to try to thwart a potential tragedy.

A Matter of Days

Amber Kizer. AL50 BY AMBER KIZER Meridian Wildcat Fireflies 5peed of Light Gert Garibaldi's Rants and Raves: One Butt Cheek at a Time 5even Kinds of Ordinary Catastrophes d matter Of days a novel by AMBER KIZER DELA.


Author: Amber Kizer

Publisher: Delacorte Press

ISBN: 9780375898259

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 288

View: 530

“Gripping and poignant, A Matter of Days takes readers on a heart-stopping journey of love and survival.“ — New York Times bestselling author Carrie Jones Their new reality begins in just a matter of days. On Day 56 of the Blustar Pandemic, sixteen-year-old Nadia’s mother dies, leaving Nadia to fend for herself and her younger brother, Rabbit. Both have been immunized against the virus, but they can’t be protected from what comes next. Their father taught them to “be the cockroach”—to adapt to and survive whatever comes their way. And that’s their mission. Facing a lawless world of destruction and deprivation, Nadia and Rabbit drive from Seattle to their grandfather’s compound in West Virginia. The illness, fatigue, and hunger they endure along the way will all be worth it once they reach the compound. Unless no one is waiting for them . . . “Fans of Rick Yancey’s The 5th Wave, S. D. Crockett’s After the Snow, or Cormac McCarthy’s adult novel The Road will find this a satisfying read.” —SLJ “An exciting apocalyptic road trip.” —Publishers Weekly

Carrier Operations in World War II

842 Squadron 852 Squadron 4 Wildcat (October) 4 Avenger & 4 Wildcat (October) Nairana – 1 operation in January 1945 ... ii – 882 Squadron ii – 746A Flight 10 Wildcat 10 Wildcat 20 Wildcat 2 Firefly Striker – 4 operations – April, May, ...


Author: J. D. Brown

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781783469307

Category: History

Page: 320

View: 310

Between 1939 and 1945 the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm grew from a small force into a powerful strategic weapon. British carrier-based aircraft fought throughout the world and David Brown here describes their activities in the Home, Mediterranean, Eastern and British Pacific Fleets, together with Forces created for specific operations, listing aircraft and units embarked during the various phases.He goes on to describe carrier operations in the Pacific between 1941 and 1945, the greatest maritime war in history. Both the United States and Imperial Japanese Navies watched the Royal Navy's early carrier operations in the European Theatre and benefited from the lessons. American aircrews and sailors learnt quickly in action until, by March 1945, the United States Fifth Fleet with its associated Marine Corps formations was probably the most efficient and effective instrument of war deployed in the pre-nuclear age.This new work contains material from two volumes, first published in 1968 and 1974, merged with notes for a third which David Brown prepared but never published before his death. They appear for the first time together, providing the most detailed single-volume account currently available of the operation of British, American and Japanese aircraft carriers in World War II.

The Fleet Air Arm and the War in Europe 1939 1945

Once the mines were laid the Wildcats strafed the enemy airfield at Gossen, where one Wildcat was damaged by ... twenty-four Seafires of 887 and 894 NAS, which constituted Number 24 Naval Fighter Wing, and twelve Fireflies of 1771 NAS.


Author: David Hobbs

Publisher: Seaforth Publishing

ISBN: 9781526799807

Category: History

Page: 440

View: 917

For the first time, this book tells the story of how naval air operations evolved into a vital element of the Royal Navy’s ability to fight a three-dimensional war against both the Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe. An integral part of RN, the Fleet Air Arm was not a large organization, with only 406 pilots and 232 front-line aircraft available for operations in September 1939. Nevertheless, its impact far outweighed its numbers – it was an RN fighter that shot down the first enemy aircraft of the war, and an RN pilot was the first British fighter 'ace' with 5 or more kills. The Fleet Air Arm’s rollcall of achievements in northern waters went on to include the Norwegian Campaign, the crippling of Bismarck, the gallant sortie against Scharnhorst and Gneisenau as they passed through the Channel, air attacks on enemy E-boats in the narrow seas, air cover for the Russian convoys, air attacks that disabled Tirpitz, and strikes and minelaying operations against German shipping in the Norwegian littoral that continued until May 1945. By the end of the war in Europe the FAA had grown to 3243 pilots and 1336 aircraft. This book sets all these varied actions within their proper naval context and both technical and tactical aspects are explained with 'thumb-nail' descriptions of aircraft, their weapons and avionics. Cross reference with the Fleet Air Arm Roll of Honour has been made for the first time to put names to those aircrew killed in action wherever possible as a mark of respect for their determination against enemy forces on, above and below the sea surface which more often than not outnumbered them. The Fleet Air Arm and the War in Europe completes David Hobbs’ much-praised six-volume series chronicling the operational history of British naval aviation from the earliest days to the present.

We Are the Wildcats

Wildcats. home field is lit with stars and fireflies and moonlight. Phoebe—field hockey stick over her shoulder, the shopping bags pulled from Mel's trunk bunched at the curve of the upturned blade—pauses at the break in the chain-link ...


Author: Siobhan Vivian

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781534439917

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 384

View: 564

A toxic coach finds himself outplayed by the high school girls on his team in this deeply suspenseful novel, which unspools over twenty-four hours through six diverse perspectives. Tomorrow, the Wildcat varsity field hockey squad will play the first game of their new season. But at tonight’s team sleepover, the girls are all about forging the bonds of trust, loyalty, and friendship necessary to win. Everything hinges on the midnight initiation ceremony—a beloved tradition and the only facet of being a Wildcat that the girls control. Until now. Coach—a handsome former college player revered and feared in equal measure—changes the plan and spins his team on a new adventure. One where they take a rival team’s mascot for a joyride, crash a party in their pajamas, break into the high school for the perfect picture. But as the girls slip out of their comfort zone, so do some long-held secrets. And just how far they’re willing to go for their team takes them all—especially Coach—by surprise. A testament to the strength and resilience of modern teenage girls, We Are the Wildcats will have readers cheering.

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a lications : Gert Garibaldi's Rants and Raves : One Butt Cheek at a Time , 2007 ; Seven Kinds of Ordinary Catastrophes , 2008 ; Meridian , 2009 ; Wildcat Fireflies , 2011 ; Speed of Light , 2012 ; Counting Tens ( forthcoming ) ; Echoes ...




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Fire flies and Mosquitoes

He had scarcely spoken when there sprang from the densest part of the jungle an enormous yellow wild cat , followed by another of about the same size , and then a third . It seemed that a triangular . duel was being fought between these ...


Author: Frank Frankfort Moore


ISBN: OXFORD:590693830

Category: China Sea

Page: 384

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