Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office

A rail of the T form is also repremean , by means adapted to the work the machine is intended sented in position ... Close to these is a cast or raised block nearly as high as the rail , and with its farthest edge also shaped to fit the ...


Author: United States. Patent Office


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Narrow Fairways

Some Evidence on Intergenerational Mobility from India” (Wider Working Papers, Helsinki, 2012); Kaivan Munshi and Mark ... 1998); Janice Fine, Worker Centers: Organizing Communities at the Edge of the Dream (Ithaca: Cornell University ...


Author: Patrick Inglis

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190664787

Category: Social Science

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India remains a country mired in poverty, with two-thirds of its 1.3 billion people living on little more than a few dollars a day. Just as telling, the country's informal working population numbers nearly 500 million, or approximately eighty percent of the entire labor force. Despite these figures and the related structural disadvantages that imperil the lives of so many, the Indian elite maintain that the poor need only work harder and they, too, can become rich. The results of this ambitious ten-year ethnography at exclusive golf clubs in Bangalore shatter such self-serving illusions. In Narrow Fairways, Patrick Inglis combines participant observation, interviews, and archival research to show how social mobility among the poor lower-caste golf caddies who carry the golf sets of wealthy upper-caste members at these clubs is ultimately constrained and narrowed. The book highlights how elites secure and extend class and caste privileges, while also delivering a necessary rebuke to India's present development strategy, which pays far too little attention to promoting quality healthcare, education, and other basic social services that would deliver real opportunities to the poor.

English Patents of Inventions Specifications

Another arrangement of lock - stitch machine consists in the use of a barbed needle working from below upwards through ... one needle working through the fabric near its edge , and the other outside the fabric or within the button hole ...




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The American Stationer

... the experimenter in edge gilding and The difference in the process now to be various methods whereby the foundation of should be treasured up as something extreated upon is mainly in using the " tip " the work is secured . planatory ...




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Anaesthetics of Existence

Essays on Experience at the Edge Cressida J. Heyes ... in an essay with strong resonances with Buck-Morss's work, the “mass physical attenuation” that happens to working populations under late capitalism contrasts with the dominant ...


Author: Cressida J. Heyes

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9781478009320

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“Experience” is a thoroughly political category, a social and historical product not authored by any individual. At the same time, “the personal is political,” and one's own lived experience is an important epistemic resource. In Anaesthetics of Existence Cressida J. Heyes reconciles these two positions, drawing on examples of things that happen to us but are nonetheless excluded from experience. If for Foucault an “aesthetics of existence” was a project of making one's life a work of art, Heyes's “anaesthetics of existence” describes antiprojects that are tacitly excluded from life—but should be brought back in. Drawing on critical phenomenology, genealogy, and feminist theory, Heyes shows how and why experience has edges, and she analyzes phenomena that press against those edges. Essays on sexual violence against unconscious victims, the temporality of drug use, and childbirth as a limit-experience build a politics of experience while showcasing Heyes's much-needed new philosophical method.

On Etruscan Time

Then he saw a group clustered around the trench where he and Ettore had been working the day before, the one that he'd dreamed about falling into ... It was impossible to see past all the bodies crowded around the edge of the trench.


Author: Tracy Barrett

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company (BYR)

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A shadow moved in the doorway of the building. It was a boy. As he hesitated, someone must have pushes him from behind. He stumbled down the short stairway and fell heavily to his knees. He couldn't break his fall, Hector realized, because his arms were tied behind him. A mysterious talisman transports a boy back to ancient Italy No one ever listens to Hector. He wanted to hang out with his friends this summer, but instead he's stuck in Italy at an archaeological dig with his mom. The ancient Etruscan artifacts are interesting, but no one has time for him. Then he makes a discovery of his own-a strange, unsettling stone that looks like an eye. The stone brings nightmares about Arath, an Etruscan boy who died thousands of years ago but now begs for Hector's help. Are these just dreams, or is Arath really in danger? As Hector unearths the truth, he realizes that he can make himself heard when it counts.

Vintage Made Modern

Working from left to right on the edge of the fabric, bring your needle and thread up from back to front through A 4" from the edge of the fabric, and then anchor the stitch by looping it over the edge and bringing it from back to front ...


Author: Jennifer Casa

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 9781611801231

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Create modern heirlooms using vintage materials—a collection of 35 innovative projects showcasing the exceptional beauty in timeworn textiles. Vintage Made Modern is a book devoted to recycling just as generations before us have, utilizing timeworn textiles with histories of their own. With a little resourcefulness, gentle care, and some creative repurposing, the 35 innovative projects in this book breathe life back into these textiles, refresh their beauty, and create new memories. Whether it be Granny's well-worn apron, a threadbare family quilt, or a tattered tea towel you picked up at the thrift shop, each of these textiles has a tale to tell. Vintage Made Modern will have you collaborating with makers from the past and continuing stories composed long ago, with you becoming part of the narrative.

Robert Rauschenberg

Watching Bob Petersen paint—he was famous for taking a straightedge and drawing a line down the edge of a canvas and ... and it's so individual, that I think it's easy for most of us to really overlook the value of that kind of work.


Author: Sara Sinclair

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231549950

Category: Art

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Robert Rauschenberg (1925–2008) was a breaker of boundaries and a consummate collaborator. He used silk-screen prints to reflect on American promise and failure, melded sculpture and painting in works called combines, and collaborated with engineers and scientists to challenge our thinking about art. Through collaborations with John Cage, Merce Cunningham, and others, Rauschenberg bridged the music, dance, and visual-art worlds, inventing a new art for the last half of the twentieth century. Robert Rauschenberg is a work of collaborative oral biography that tells the story of one of the twentieth century’s great artists through a series of interviews with key figures in his life—family, friends, former lovers, professional associates, studio assistants, and collaborators. The oral historian Sara Sinclair artfully puts the narrators’ reminiscences in conversation, with a focus on the relationship between Rauschenberg’s intense social life and his art. The book opens with a prologue by Rauschenberg’s sister and then shifts to New York City’s 1950s and ’60s art scene, populated by the luminaries of abstract expressionism. It follows Rauschenberg’s eventual move to Florida’s Captiva Island and his trips across the globe, illuminating his inner life and its effect on his and others’ art. The narrators share their views on Rauschenberg’s work, explore the curatorial thinking behind exhibitions of his art, and reflect on the impact of the influx of money into the contemporary art market. Included are artists famous in their own right, such as Laurie Anderson and Brice Marden, as well as art-world insiders and lesser-known figures who were part of Rauschenberg’s inner circle. Beyond considering Rauschenberg as an artist, this book reveals him as a man embedded in a series of art worlds over the course of a long and rich life, demonstrating the complex interaction of business and personal, public and private in the creation of great art.

Rockshelter Excavations in the East Hamersley Range Pilbara Region Western Australia

The working edge occurs on both the distal and proximal ends and with either convex or rectilinear delineations. In all but one instance (Artefact 4196, proximal edge) the retouch is dorsal and steep. Both scaled and stepped retouch was ...


Author: Dawn Cropper

Publisher: Archaeopress Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781784919771

Category: Social Science

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This volume offers a detailed study of six exceptional rockshelter sites from the inland Pilbara Region of Western Australia. Consisting of 18 chapters, it is rich with colour photographs, illustrations, and figures, including high-resolution images of the rockshelter sites, excavations, stratigraphic sections, cultural features, and artefacts.

Nerves and Common Sense

The rut has grown so deep, and they have sunken in so far that they cannot look over the edge. It is true that it is easier to do good hard work in the lines to which one has been accustomed than to do easy work which is strange.


Author: Annie Payson Call

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783734015571

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