The Ultimate Guide to Goddess Empowerment

You are honoring the goddess, and Nature is very much a part of the goddess. Start a fire and you lose all goddess privileges for the next few lifetimes. Use candles (of that goddess's color, of course!) and make sure they are in candle ...


Author: Sophia Sargent

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 9780740786624

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 400

View: 845

Every woman could use a little supernatural assistance now and then. With help from renowned psychic Sophia, now you can do as the ancients did and summon the power of a goddess. Need money? Summon Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. Want to advance your career? Call upon Athena, Greek patroness of career women. Having a run of bad luck? Invoke Fortuna, Roman goddess of good luck and help in gambling. For every dilemma, there is a goddess who has the power you seek. Sophia brings the power of the ancients to you in this fun guide designed to help you get what you want out of life. Sophia describes each goddess in detail, listing her sacred color, symbol, element, stone, and scent. She offers a fascinating history of each goddess and her traits, including how she has been worshiped throughout history. Decide which goddess you need, then perform an invocation to summon her powers. Through a visualization exercise, you will "meet" the goddess in a dream. Finally, spells and empowerment charms help you "become" the goddess and bring her aspects into everyday life. With the wisdom of Athena, the prosperity of Lakshmi, and the luck of Fortuna, you can't lose!

Teen Goddess

So What Is a Goddess Anyway ? You Are a Goddess You are a goddess . Did you know that ? All the power , strength , and magic that was available to the ancient goddesses is available to you today . You carry the divinity , beauty , and ...


Author: Catherine Wishart

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 0738703923

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 392

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Combines spiritual practice, guided meditation, and self-improvement techniques to help young women discover and access their hidden goddess powers.

Go Goddess

Well, Goddess. You have picked up this book. Good for you! We know that right now, as you read this, you probably don't feel very Goddessy. Or you WANT to feel Goddessy, but you are not sure why. Or you just know, deep in your heart, ...


Author: Barb Thomas, RHN; Jennifer Rochford

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 145253621X

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 148

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Go Goddess! exhausted: adjective dead-tired, dog-tired, bone-tired, ready to drop, worn out, wiped out, burned out, tapped out, bagged, whipped. Dear, Tired Goddess, We see you there, holding this book, double espresso in your hand, eyelids half open. We know you have just a few minutes to yourself right now, so we plan to make this worth it for you. We want you to stop feeling overwhelmed. But you need simple information—you need gentle changes and practical action that you can incorporate now into your crazy-busy, do-everything-for-everyone-else kind of life. So how ’bout you start here? With Go Goddess!, Book One in the Goddess Revolution Series, you’ll join the simplest, most astonishing revolution around. This book is an indispensable encyclopedia of how-tos: • How to nourish yourself with holistic nutrition and whole foods • How to gain back the energy you’ve lost • How to do things for yourself, guilt-free • How to balance career, motherhood, weight, and a sense of self Preserve your precious energy and become the goddess you were meant to be. We’ve even included whole foods recipes and tips and tricks from our own lives as mothers and business women that have made us feel as goddess-y, as vibrant, and as ready to take on the world as can be. This is your fresh start. This is your life preserver. And we are tossing it to you, Dear Goddess. Grab on and begin your own revolution. Once you Go Goddess, you never go back. With Love, Barb and Jenn

The Goddess of Happiness

A confident and beautiful goddess looking back at you. b. An everyday woman with her good days and bad. c. Nothing—you avoid mirrors at all costs. 6. You're having an operation, and you'll be on crutches for two weeks.


Author: Debbie Gisonni

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781577317890

Category: Self-Help

Page: 176

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Most people consider happiness the most important pursuit in life, yet few seem to find it. Women, in particular, face a constant internal battle between finding their own happiness and ensuring the happiness of others. Debbie Gissoni, aka "The Goddess of Happiness," shows that happiness is a choice that anyone can make, anytime and anywhere. In 44 dynamic entries the author shares her stories, insights, humor, and simple suggestions to bring out the radiant Goddess in every woman. Each entry includes meditations and journaling ideas to help readers transform the pursuit of happiness into a tangible, everyday practice. Gissoni teaches that all women are goddesses — they just need to tap their innate power and reacquaint themselves with their own magic; and that life is meant to be enjoyable — not to be taken so seriously or made too complicated. Each of these chapters ends with five simple ways to have an easier and happier life.


“I told you we should do lunch.” “That was Monday, and you stood me up,” I said and pinched her. She pinched me right back. “Just because you are a goddess doesn't mean you get to abuse me.” The others laughed. “We added more protection ...


Author: Ednah Walters

Publisher: Firetrail Publishing


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 300

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The conclusion of an epic love story between an extraordinary girl and a soul reaper... Cora Jemison has come a long way from her stint in a psych ward and her fear of the dead. A confident Medium, she allows souls to possess her to help them find closure. When she decides to tell her parents the truth, that she still sees the dead and that her fiancé is a soul reaper, the Jemisons reveal secrets of their own. Her world starts to crumble, the ripple effect threatening to destroy the one thing she can always count on. Her relationship with Echo. Cora must sort through the lies to learn the truth about who and what she is. Only then can she embrace her destiny and claim her soul mate, Echo.

Goddess Wheel of the Year

as a sacred house for the Goddess from statues, art prints, to nonhuman symbols. I encourage you to utilize your instinctive, spirit self to help you identify what object feels most right to connect to the goddess.


Author: Katherine MacDowell


ISBN: 9780557363506


Page: 184

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Goddess Wheel of the Year invites each of you to explore the many ways to enrich your spiritual life in ritual celebration of yourself and the Goddess. Learn to match your own developmental, psychological, and spiritual needs with specific Goddess aspects of the Maiden, Mother, Crone and Dark Goddess. Explore ways to celebrate at Solar and Lunar rites, as well as learn how to creatively re-imagine rites of antiquity or develop a unique year of celebration that reflects your own revelation of the Goddess. Whether you are new to the Goddess path or have been a life-long practitioner, you’ll find ample ideas to inspire you and reinvigorate your life.

Center of the Cyclone

Something you learn from and communicate with . ... I know my part of our thing , you know your part of our thing , our thing exists only in us . ... To the little boy in me , I am a God , you are a Goddess . To the little girl in you ...


Author: John Lilly

Publisher: Ronin Publishing

ISBN: 1579511031

Category: Psychology

Page: 216

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In this long-out-of-print counterculture classic, Dr. John C. Lilly takes readers behind the scenes into the inner life of a scientist exploring inner space, or “far-out spaces,” as Lilly called them. The book explains how he derived his theory of the operations of the human mind and brain from his personal experiences and experiments in solitude, isolation, and confinement; LSD; and other methods of mystical experience. It also includes glimpses into Lilly's friendship with such 1960s' notables as Oscar Ichazo, Ram Dass, Timothy Leary, Albert Hofmann, Fritz Perls, and Claudio Narajo. Written for the non-specialist, Center of the Cyclone shows an important, modern thinker at his most personal and profound.

Goddess Of Love

Goddess would be so much more appropriate,' Venus corrected. 'Sorry, you're right. We're goddesses. I should get the words right.' Venus smiled indulgently at her little mortal friend. 'Don't be too hard on yourself.


Author: P C Cast

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780748119011

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 170

International bestselling author P.C. Cast brings us the magical, sensual Goddess Summoning series, which retells ancient myths with a sexy, modern twist - original, enthralling and utterly unputdownable . . . Pea Chamberlain wants some help. Her shoes, hair, clothes, make-up are all disasters and she really needs a makeover - especially if she wants to attract sexy fireman Griffin DeAngelo at the firemen's masked ball. And who better to coax Pea out of her pod than the Goddess of Love, whom she invokes when she gets her hands on a book of enchantments. Sure enough, Venus works her magic on Pea, which is what she has been doing for eons - helping others find love. But who will help the Goddess of Love when she finds herself falling head over heels for the same sexy fireman she is trying to land for Pea? Could it be that Venus needs a love makeover herself?


In so far as our deepest soul goes down to God , and takes its source in God , we are gods . I am the living Huitzilopochtli ... That makes you the living Malinchi , the white goddess , mother of rain . You are the living Malinchi ...


Author: David Herbert Lawrence

Publisher: New Directions Publishing

ISBN: 0811213854

Category: Fiction

Page: 333

View: 333

Kate Burns, widow of an Irish patriot, finds herself caught up in the Mexican revolutionary movement, in an early version of Lawrence's "The Plumed Serpent"

You Goddess

The goddesses here allow us to interrogate female stereotypes† that have endured from ancient times to today: we'll look at the Amazon or 'strong woman', the nurturing selfless mother, the wise or wicked hag, the overweening bitch, ...


Author: Elizabeth Foley

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 9780571359981

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

View: 376

'What guts. What attitude! These are the immortals I wish I'd learned about at school.' OLIVIA COLMAN Channel the feminist power of mythical goddesses in this witty, inspirational gift book. 'Wonderful.' CERYS MATTHEWS Whether it's the Norse warrior goddess Freya breaking all the rules, the Yoruba goddess Oshun being unafraid to ask for what she's owed, or the Japanese goddess Uzume finding humour and playfulness in even the most embarrassing of situations: this fierce and fantastic tour of 25 ancient deities reclaims these feminist icons for a new generation. Why settle for mere mortal excellence when you could be living like a goddess? Divinely illustrated by Georgia Perry, You Goddess! will help you conquer today's world.