Kicking The Big But Syndrome

—Victor Benoun —Author of Your Castle, No Hassle “Author Eddie Conner
empowers his readers to get off their ass and kick The BIG BUT Syndrome by
leaving their BUTs behind and making their dreams come true with simple tools
and ...


Author: Eddie Conner


ISBN: 059532181X

Category: Self-Help

Page: 176

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Healing America's real crack problem--one but at a time--Kicking the BIG BUT Syndrome is a humorous guide offering hi-frequency tools to amplify your love, money and career. Laugh your but off!

Wonder Bread Hill

He didn't get those bruises in a fall ; those bullets couldn't travel down his length if
they were shooting eyeball to eyeball . God , please ... I'll slide my peter in your
castle . I'll provide blue heaven , spirits , angel dust — no hassle now ! " Spread ...


Author: Ricard Marx Weinraub

Publisher: La Editorial, UPR

ISBN: 0847701344

Category: Fiction

Page: 90

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"Political thriller based on the events that occurred in 1978, when two young independence activists were shot in Cerro Maravilla (Wonder Hill)."

Great Preaching on Fathers

Then there is no hassle about it , for there is nothing to decide . The decision has
NEEDED Joshua said it for his family : “ As for me and my house we will serve the



Publisher: Sword of the Lord Publishers

ISBN: 0873983327

Category: Fathers

Page: 249

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I think it is unfortunate that we sometimes fall short in our honor to fathers. God gives a very special place in the Bible to fathers. My beloved predecessor Dr. John R. Rice said that man, as God's deputy, is head of the home. The father is a picture of God to the children. When we pray, we are taught to say, "Our Father, which art in heaven."--Jacket flap.

Shadow of the Castle

explanation that they were going home – no arrest and no hassle - was too
confusing for Mark to wrap his head around and so loud that it brought the officer
on the desk running to the holding cells. 'What's going on here?' All four inside
the ...


Author: Matthew Macleod


ISBN: 9781365541483

Category: Fiction

Page: 202

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People go missing every day in the Scottish capital, where Luke Calvin treads the tightrope between the law and order of the police and the harsh realities on the streets. Existing in his own personal grey area and plying his trade as a private investigator in the shadows of Edinburgh, he operates at the behest of the ""office"" - nothing more than some semi-official voices on a phone and a steady paycheque for doing the work that they can't be seen to do. When a local magistrate requires his services to locate an errant son, Luke has to rely on every contact he has made on both sides of the law to find his man before time runs out. Family ties, the bonds of friendship, and the tether of a man to his employer are all tested to the limit and beyond as he does his best to stop another name from ending up as a footnote in the list of those that have been lost in the shadow of the castle.

Forthcoming Books

Your Career Adventure . Miller . Date not set . text 42.50 ( 0-314-69753-5 ) West
Pub . Your Career in Travel . D. W. Davidoff . ( C ) . Jan. 2000 . 48.00 ( 0-13-
192543-1 , Macmillan Coll ) P - H . Your Castle , No Hassle : How to Buy a House


Author: R.R. Bowker Company. Dept. of Bibliography


ISBN: 00158119

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Echoes Poetic Essay

If I had a muscular body in a white skin If I were a perfect man without sin If I were
a wealthy king living in a castle If I could satisfy your wants and needs with no
hassle Would you treat me like a clown And walk away from the crown? If I had
all ...


Author: Roosevelt Desrosiers

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469142357

Category: Poetry

Page: 135

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Echoes is one of the newest and best adventures in contemporary poetry. DR. NICOLAS L. PAUYO, professor of Roman Literature, author, critic of human sciences and philosophy Reading Roosevelt is like handling plutonium; it is like scratching an itch I didnt even know I had. But once I started, it felt sooooo good and I couldnt stop. MICHAEL PORRAZZO, PH.D. International published author and well-known Scientist and Inventor. He has taken a break from his best-selling Dream Warrior series, with his new Kingdom trilogy Roosevelt is adept at writing poetry that brings beautiful simplicity and joy to the readers. He is what a poet should be. RENDA WRITER, poet, arts activist,


W.I.N.N.E.R.'s Mentality PART 6 Make Your Home Your Castle (Not Your Hassle)
WAY 18 H.O.U.S.E. = Hold the Phone ... with the QTC Triangle C.L.E.A.N. =
Engage C.L.E.A.N. = Assign and Share Chores C.L.E.A.N. = No Muss, No Fuss ...


Author: Sam Horn

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781466824348

Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

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If you ever feel: cluttered, scattered, distracted, unfocused, disorganized, preoccupied, overwhelmed, out of control, out of your mind... you can change your life! ConZentrate shows you how to master the art of paying attention, in thirty-five clear, practical, simple ways. Whether it's how to focus on a tedious task when the office is buzzing around you, or how to stop procrastinating, or how to keep your home from being a place of overwhelming clutter-- or ever how to tackle the challenges of A.D.D.-- Sam Horn's user-friendly book will inspire you to learn how to conzentrate, and discover the key to peak performance.

Finding the Key to Your Castle

Sometimes the stark realization of the cost and hassle of litigation puts the
dispute into perspective . The matter may no longer seem important enough to
pursue in court . Mediation is often successful in turning enemies into allies .
Even where ...


Author: Beth A. Grimm

Publisher: Authors

ISBN: 0964811707

Category: Apartment houses, Cooperative

Page: 200

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Top Tips For Life

TRAVEL or Hire car offices are God's way of telling us that he meant it about the
trial and tribulation stuff I did this in Turkey every time I bought something ... Easy
negotiating, with no hassle whatsoever! ... JILLAROO95 How to build the perfect
sand castle with your children Damp sand (not wet) makes the best sand castles.


Author: Kate Reardon

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780755360321

Category: Self-Help

Page: 162

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Following the bestselling Top Tips For Girls, this book is brimming with more brilliant and essential suggestions on how to do absolutely anything. A compilation of the very best tips from the hugely popular website, this book can help you out with everything from getting gum out of your hair to preventing wrinkles around your eyes, from beating cellulite to discovering the secret of happiness itself. Ever wondered.... How to stop a ladder in your tights? How not to look tired? How to slice an onion without crying? How to find the joy in housework? How to survive Christmas? How to feel more confident? Then look no further! This is THE essential guide to life, those annoying things that men don't seem to notice, and everything.

The Hassle Free Walt Disney World Vacation

Just before the fireworks , Tinker Bell floats down from near the top of Cinderella
Castle to a rooftop in Tomorrowland . You can ... Oine - Day Touring Plans for
Seniors These plans include no fast , scary , or spinning attractions . If you enjoy


Author: Steven M. Barrett


ISBN: 1887140581

Category: Travel

Page: 254

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An expert at touring Disney shares the fruits of his experience, urging would-by travelors to the world famous entertainment city to plan for flexibility, while offering useful tips on dining out and hotel reservations. Original.

Around the World with No Hassles

Although we were committed to a policy of no deadlines and no big cities , life is
always better if a few exceptions are ... missed castle , and in our second day of
sightseeing , we got to see Tewkesbury Abbey and the Worcester Cathedral .


Author: Hunter S. Frost


ISBN: 0960357815

Category: Voyages around the world

Page: 157

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Consumers Digest

FLOMAX is a prescription medication that is specifically designed to help relieve
the signs and symptoms of an enlarged ... In his book Your Castle, No Hassle:
How to Buy a House, Find a Good Mortgage ... and Keep Your Sense of Humor ...




ISBN: STANFORD:36105112743666

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Hostels European Cities


Author: Paul Karr

Publisher: Falcon Guides

ISBN: 0762729929

Category: Travel

Page: 448

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Candid, colorful, detailed descriptions of all hostels to be found in the 31 most popular cities--including Paris, Rome, London, and Madrid--throughout Europe. Ratings for hospitality, cleanliness, and party potential help readers make the decision on where to stay.

Hostels U K


Author: Paul Karr


ISBN: 0762708700

Category: Travel

Page: 318

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Whether you're looking to party or looking for a clean, quiet, affordable place to crash, this guide will get you exactly where you want to go. The authors tell it like it is with their at-a-glance rating system and candid descriptions. Entries include their opinions on cleanliness, safety, hospitality, party potential, favorite hostels, what to do and see in the area, and especially good bargains. They'll also tell you which hostels provide 'extras' like Internet access, kitchen and laundry facilities, bike storage and more. (4 3/4 x8 1/2, 336 pages, maps, black-and-white photos, icons)

Are We There Yet

the. Thames. Picture yourself, your family and your friends in a boat, floating
gently down the beautiful River Thames. ... Visit the world of“Wind in the Willows”
and “Three Men in a Boat” or explore the history and pageantry of Hampton Court
Palace and Windsor Castle. ... No stress, no hassle—just complete relaxation.


Author: Alison Byerly

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 9780472051861

Category: History

Page: 254

View: 293

An unusual approach to the Victorian phenomenon of virtual travel and realism through the lens of contemporary conceptualizations of media and its effects

From ma Boy to a King

M A man ' s home is his castle and there shouldn ' t be no hassle , 114 . Married
life you may have seen is a rope around your neck , 116 . Me brudda lef home ,
he ran away , 28 . Music was sweet as usual , dress code was informal , 98 .


Author: Elizabeth F. Watson


ISBN: UTEXAS:059173010057982

Category: Calypso (Music)

Page: 174

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Levensbeschrijving en discografie van de calypso zanger uit Barbados.

Myall Road

It was the gas works in Lawson Street opposite the Glengarry Castle Hotel .
There was no hassle when I fronted the personnel officer and secured the job
working on the top floor of a three or four storey old brown brick building right
down the ...


Author: Keith B. Saunders


ISBN: UVA:X006076057

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 254

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A vivid recalling Saunder's family life in Sydney in the 1950s and 1960s. Best known boxer, here we read hilarious episodes as well as poignant and moving events from his knockabout life.

If Blindness Strikes don t Strike Out

YOUR. CASTLE. ,. NOT. YOUR. HASSLE. Jt had been a frantic search , the
frenzied tearing - thehouse - apart hunt that only a woman ... Lady , ” he pleaded
in self - defense and bewilderment , “ No , I didn ' t take your purse , nor do I see it


Author: Margaret M. Smith

Publisher: Charles C Thomas Pub Limited

ISBN: UVA:X001046676

Category: Social Science

Page: 302

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The Hassle Free Walt Disney World Vacation 2008

If you want to sleep in, just pick up the non Early Entry plan around step five. If the
park is crowded and you ... When the rope drops, or if the rope is not up, head up
either walkway and through Cinderella Castle to Fantasyland. Walk past Snow ...


Author: Steven M. Barrett


ISBN: 1887140735

Category: Travel

Page: 256

View: 682

A frequent visitor to Walt Disney World provides tourist itineraries for each theme park that are tailored to the specific needs of adults, teens, families with young children, and seniors, in an insider's guide that includes a description of hundreds of popular attractions, restaurant and hotel guides, and insider tips. Original.